Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What a Glorious Day for Auntie!

What a glorious day for me...Auntie Ra Ra! I offered to watch my beautiful neice and the littest in the bunch my youngest nephew for a couple hours so my darling sister could enjoy a relaxing massage. We all played and my neice loves cute, pink things! So! And I found a Hello Kitty wallet at goodwill awhile ago and saved it for her when she got a bit holder...she loves as you can see!
And the baby was in on the act with his new kicky pad...not really sure what they are called. But he loved it and kicked and kicked and giggled!

My sister came to pick up the children and I open the door and SURPRISE she has bought me new mugs (that match my kitchen) and some yummy tea as a thank you! I loved it! We packed up the childrena and picked up my oldest nephew from Montersorri school (preschool). And off we went to Ikea! So we all could look at some furniture ideas for Auntie's new house! We had so much fun...we dropped off one at the play area (which is just fab! Have you seen!). Then the 2 youngest off with us! We looked and looked and then were pooped and went picked up the one who was playing and went and had lunch in the dining area! And we all shared MEATBALLS! Yummy! And chocolate milk!

Then back to drop Auntie back home, with soar feet and a VERY happy HEART!


Lisa said...

You are so nice to babysit! I bet they had fun with Auntie! Thanks for your comments Robyn!

Terri and Bob said...

What a fun time! I loved that they call you Ra Ra!

Sandy McTier said...

What a fabulous Auntie Ra Ra you are. Very sweet and I'm sure your sister appreciated the time to relax.
Have a great day!

EE said...

IKEA...I'm soooo jealous! I think the closest one to me is 7 hours away:(
Your niece and nephew are absolutely adorable!!!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

How cute are they..???? Beautiful children.

Belle-ah said...

What sweeties!!! You are a good Auntie to make memories like that! BTW, does your DH have any relatives living currently in DH has a really good friend who is a Linden Haas and when I read your name immediately wondered (wouldn't that be a small world thing?).

Kim said...

You are SO sweet, and what an amazing Auntie you are!!!

The kid's are SIMPLY adorable~

Jen said...

What very sweet little ones!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. The necklace you were asking about was not made by me. I've developed no talent in that area as of yet!