Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Local Girls Do Good In Elk Grove...and taking care of my Tree Trunks for Legs!

(wait a few seconds the music will start soon)

First off...I have some really wonderful news! Remember when I posted about 'Free Hugs'?! Someone who is in my local area, Elk Grove, saw my blog. She is one of the nurses I used to work with a while back. She just emailed me on what her daughter just did this Monday! It was glorious out almost spring like (here in EG it was 79-80degrees...really lovely and guess who had to*sigh*) and her daughter saw the video on my blog as her mom showed her. My friend's daughter felt compelled to go out and do this too! A group of 5 young friends got together and took turns holding signs and doing the recording! They went to Target and Chipotle and Costco and some other places! WOW! ELK GROVE YOU ROCK...! I have enjoyed the video and wanted to show you how this has spread to my neck of the woods! Also thanks Dolly for the sweet email and I am glad that the video touched you. And to your darling are a wonderful inspiration to us all! Bless you both and thanks for letting me share your experience with my blogger friends!

Now on to the CELLULITIS!

Can I just saw it SUCKS! Today was really painful. I have never experienced something like this ever before. All today I had my legs elevated and took all my Keflex(4 times a day) and my Lasix (once in the morning) and my Motrin w/Codiene(every 6 hours)! AAGGHHHH! it is bad enough that I have to take Thyroid meds for the rest of my life, but taking all of this is just a big pain in the A-S-S!

As, you can see from the pics I posted. This is excatly how my legs look. Expect 2 times bigger (swollen). My legs look like tree trunks...really...NO ANKLES! It is gross and freaks me out everytime I look at them. It creeps me out! I return to work for 2 days and then off for 5. God help doctor didn't think this was an excuse to take work off. WOW! Oh well...she works in the industry and so do I. So, she knows that if I call in sick, my floor will FALL APART! Yes, I am that DAMN GOOD! LOL! ok...just me letting my ego take over! Hopefully once the Keflex kicks in all will be well with my TREE TRUNKS! :)

The doctor feels that because I work 12 hour shifts and sit with legs always down for 10 hours of the shift, this didn't help me with fighting the blood disease. It can start with the tiniest cut or scratch. I don't see any marks but who knows. My doctor wants me to try to elevate my legs at work whenever I can...YEA right! I guess I will be using the trash can as my prop up! That should fly well with managment! LMAO! I can't wait to see their faces when they come to the front desk and see me kick'd back, legs propped up on the trash can! Oh my! That will make my day for sure!
I will try to catch up with all my FAVS this weekend! Sorry not leaving comments on most people's blogs. Soon my friends that will all change, and I will back to me myself. And begin to leave volumes of text on most of my comments. Miss you all and keep me in your thoughts with me going back to work...this should prove entertaining at the most!
With much love,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A small VICTORY!

Friday, 2/22/08 will be burned in my brain. That day was the most important day for me in my career at the hospital. I had to summons my union to lead me into battle. My reputation (and the simple fact that they broke my contact) was on the line. I had been accused of misspeaking to an employee. Which in turn upset a patient. I can't get in to all the details but trust me when I say. Once they pulled me in the office to explain things to me, I knew I had to get my union involved. It caused me great pain to be accused of certain things, and KNOW them to be so untrue. I did just that,pulled my ACE and called my union in and that was before Christmas.

Friday was my day to say what unjustices were brought upon me. I had organized my paperwork, retyped notes and tried to steady my nerves. I had to work Friday on top of that. Once, I got to work I jumped right in to my work with both feet. Soon, that tightening in my throat disappeared. The phone rang at 1230pm, I answered. It was Barb, my union rep. The lump reappeared. She said to come down to the cafe to go over things a bit. I did just that. Barb, instructed me to not over talk. And not over explain things. I nodded. She stood up and said...let's get over there.

My feet felt like lead weight. I began to make my way across the street to the HR office. The walk seemed long and full of dread, I thought to myself...this must be how a new prisoner feels on their walk to their cell! I too, felt this would be a make or break deal. Before I opened the door, I sighed so loud I am sure the people who were walking their dog turned around. The head of HR met us at the door, with a look that certainly was meant to intimidate. He shook my hand (thank god I just had wiped them on my scrubs). We moved past him to the conference room.

My union rep, Barb, began to set up her laptop to take notes. I sat like I was a school girl with my hands clenched together and sitting atop my typed notes, looking straight forward. I very thin bead of sweat began to form on my forhead. I was letting my nerves get the better part of me.

Then the head of HR came in to tell us, that one my manager had called in sick that day and the other manager would be 15 minutes late. I slumped back in my chair by then. I was deflated. I soon grew angry. They make me wait...NO WAY! I had to get a few things off my chest. Damn it I was going to say what I needed to say.

Soon the other manager emerged from her dark hole, she calls an office. She sat there all perfect and wearing too much perfume, it had my stomach churning. And on top of that it was cheap perfume. She looked relaxed. She began small talk with Barb. They were smiling. HR manager, cleared his throat and said, shall we begin. He spoke to Barb, Why are you here? And what actions are you trying push forward?

Barb said her thing, then the other manager said her thing. Then he turned to me...I was not done and I had to say what was on my mind. I didn't believe that I deserved a written warning for what had happened. It was a first in my 10 years at the hospital and it certainly wasn't started by me. And I should have never been PULLED out of my lawful, clocked out, lunch. To be given the written warning. When it did happened I was floored, just floored. And my manager speaks of RESPECT. He must not realise that for one to get respect, one must earn it first.

The Head of HR couldn't believe that they pulled me out of lunch to do this. He was very angry. He asked me point blank if I had signed a 'no break' voucher. I said had no idea what he was talking about. He made note. Soon the meeting was over. Head of HR said thank you for coming and he would let my union rep know what was deceided. She gave me the cue not to say anymore in that room.

We both walked out and I sucked in a big glup of fresh air. Barb turned to look at me, and gave me a hug. She were brillant in there, nervous my ass! She was right, I had held up my head high, I spoke firmly but pleasantly. I made the other manager uncomfortable. By the way she kept shifting in her chair and what she kept saying..."no way did I say that" "come on Robyn you know that was not the case!"
I never let my eyes cast downward, I laid them directly on the person I was speaking to. Barb, turned back to me and said these words to me..."we have had our small VICTORY today, remember Robyn, you ARE a person of value, not just another person who gets a paycheck....truly someone of worth, and today they KNOW IT too!"

I have missed you all, but kept you all close to me with all the kinds words you wished upon me. That night a doctor friend gave me free tickets to see his band. I took them gleefully, I knew I would need an outlet. Jim and I and my bestfriend, Adrien, went to the Folsom PO'Boyz Bar and Grill. What great music and great beers! I had dressed up and moved to the music and shared some great laughs with two (of many) wonderful, supportive people in my life! friends I was celebrating my small VICTORY that night!
With much love,

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pure Beauty and Suprise Visit!

There he was standing so silent, looking on as I transcribed doctor orders in a chart. I was so focused on my work, I had no idea that he was there. Soon, I felt a pair of eyes on me, beaming right on me. Suddenly, I smelled a familiar scent in the air. Images were soon flooding my memories. Oh, those wonderful memories. My head shot up...I gasped.

I saw the most wonderful sight...

I saw the love of my life, Jim, holding these wonderful roses, while standing RIGHT in front of the nurse's station. JIM WAS HOME! Jim had drove from Monterey after just working a 16 hour shift, to bring something so beautiful to me (Jim is a Correctional Officer and works almost 3 hours from where I live, and on top of that he works alot of overtime, some mandated some coveted. But I don't usually see Jim for weeks on end. Jim and I are waiting for the transfer freeze to be lifted one day. Just to give you WHY this moment is so special.). But, instead of having them delivered, he choose to hand carry them up to me on my floor where I work at the hospital. I was moved to tears. I literally jumped up from my chair into his waiting arms. We hugged as if our souls depended on it. GOD, how I have missed him (and his warm feet *wink*). We moved away from the desk, so as not to bring anymore attention on us. I brought Jim into my breakroom where I could give Jim a passionate kiss. That kiss recharged both of us. We needed each other, we craved each other. (yes, ladies and gentlemen this is where is gets past this if you must). He touched my face so tenderly, brushed my hair away from my eyes. He bent down a bit, looked me square in the eyes and said..."God, how I have missed you!". Hugh tears were slowly making their way down my cheeks. I was happy...truly happy. The space where I was standing was fuzzy around the edges, as we were the only two around. As quickly as he appeared, he quickly slipped away, with a kiss on my forhead...mouthing "I love you" to me as the door slowly shut behind him.

WHAM! All the sounds of the hospital came rushing around me once again. I was out of my fog, but not totally done walking on cloud nine. If I could have skipped back to my desk (and not look retarded doing it) I so would have. As, soon as I got back to my front desk. Man, did those nurses let me have it. All of them hating on me because I thought I was so deserving. I just smiled like a Cheshire Cat, which made them more resentful. I knew they all wanted a good,decent man like my Jim. But, this crew that was on (not one of my favorites as you can tell) WOULD NEVER get to experience something as beautiful as what Jim and I have because of just that...being such hateful people.

Hours before that I had a wonderful visit from my darling niece. First, I heard these darling words...."Is this where my Auntie Ra Ra works...she has the funnest ride (refering to the elevator in the hospital)". I jumped from my seat to go investigate. What should I see when rounding the corner, but my niece in the prettiest party dress and my sister holding my youngest nephew. As soon as my niece saw me, she was in a full run. I got down on both knees and waiting for the impact of her hug. She squeezed me around the neck so was lovely! She then began to talk so fast I didn't think her little mouth would be able to keep up. My niece presented me with a handmade card (that her and her older brother made) and a fantastic chocolate covered strawberry! What more could a girl ask for...(see beginning of the this :) post).

Yes, friends Valentine's Day this year will always hold a special spot in my heart. I was truly blessed on Feb. 14th, not only did I get to see my sweet baby niece but my darling husband as well. It was a wonderful Day. Hoping that all of your Valentine's Days were just as fulfilling and rewarding.

P.S. I want to thank each of you who have come here and posted comments on my blog. I truly love seeing and visiting with each of you. I have enjoyed very much the comments. I am inspired by you all. I hope to continue to see you on my blog. I wish you happiness and love!

With much love,

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free HUGS!

Since I am trying to reach a number of people out there in 'Blogger' land. And trying to get my numbers of viewers increased. I truly love meeting new people and hearing their stories...because as we all know, everyone has a story. I thought this would be perfect. Who doesn't like a 'HUG'! And one that is free, with no strings tied to it. Just a simple,heart-felt,bear HUG! Here they free hugs to all of my beautiful friends and to all the new friends! To all those who are hurting today and need a place to come and feel renewed. Remember a HUG is a very powerful thing. I for one love giving them and receiving them. I enjoy giving full hugs, none of those tap you on the back type. But a full body hug, one that screams out 'Love ya'! Turn on your speakers and sit back & Enjoy!

With much love,

Saturday, February 9, 2008

For 'My Buddy' Brian! Love ya! & Dear Suzanne!

My blogger friend Brian is in the throws of some serious studying! And also getting ready to dig deep into composing a wonderful new book. This man writes so beautifully. Full of wit and passion. I am encouraged by him every time he posts. I find solace at his blog. I feel I can write my words and they seem 'free' for the first time. No walls. I always find my 'Flow' on his blog. Which brings me to one of his posts where he wrote a post on finding one's 'Flow'. He was wanting to know what some of us do to get in the 'Flow'. Of course, the term 'listening to music' came up...and he posed the question to us. What do we listen to, to reach good 'Flow'?! I suggested this beautiful man - Joe Satriani. He is a guitar GOD. And since my friend and I love ROCK/Heavy Metal...just good music in genereal. This song is titled 'Until We Say Good Bye' and played live in San Francisco. I wanted Brian to hear my muse! So, here he is Brian for your listening pleasure. Turn up your speakers and lean back in the chair, close your eyes and really listen to the music. I hope you enjoy this...*wink*

And this one is for a wonderfully warm, endearing woman. Whom I have come to adore because of the openness of her friendship to a complete stranger. She reached into my soul and touched my core! Suzanne, we are struggling and wondering of others in our lives and how they have touched our very being. I love this artist because of her passion, just as yours. I dedicate this to you dear friend. 'Keep Holding On'!

Since I have taken the lead from my friend Brian on posting videos, this might become a new form of expression for me...So, hang on friends, this should prove to be quite a!
With much love,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I left my heart in San Franciso!

I wanted to share a wonderful, fun day I had with my bestfriend, Adrien. January was my month to plan our monthly mystery trip. I picked the Exploratorium. But along the way we found this hidden treasure. A rest spot where you could look out over the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay and see this!

Isn't that stunning! I could have stayed up there all day. It was just how I like it with the sun peeking through the clouds and lots and lots of clouds. Damp and the smell of the ocean blowing in. Everything was fresh smelling and looked like a fine painted canvas.

Our final stop was here!
Truly a fun and bizarre place. There were times I felt we were children discovering things. And laughing sometimes with glee. Adrien and I had smiles on our faces all day. Taking in the sights and touching everything (if you are a germ-a-phobic...really not the place for Getting into everything. I learned alot and so did Adrien. We both agree the best exhibit was the area where they were demostrating sound. It was the best, and the one her and I really got into.

I found art work everywhere in this building. The square footage in this place is incrediable. I will be showing you pieces that I had stop and look at again to take it in. Here is a piece...What do you see? An old lady? or perhaps a young woman? or both?

In this one, do you see Goblets? or do you see people's profiles? or both?

I found this piece of artwork over head. It was simply just paper. But showing how much vloume is used everyday, showing how much waste, office buildings have daily!

This one is titled 'The masks worn'. Showing what masks people wear daily! Most people walked past these and didn't stop to take in the beauty of these pieces. The ones I did see stop and take it in, were most notably people who knew art when they saw it. LOL!
It was a wonderful day, I thought. It was wet out and a perfect day for a muesum trip! I loved the easiness of the day and loved that my face hurt (from smiling) after the day was done. A sign of a good day.


Talking about art, I have received some of my swaps for the Jan.Dotee Doll and Winter Dotee Doll. As some of you know, I love these little dolls. They are addicting. I love owning these little pieces of art. I am working on putting them on a cork board in my craft room, so I may enjoy their smiling faces daily. The time and enery that goes into these are incrediable. This one is all the way from Italy. The January Dotee Dolls were to reflect creativty. Whatever form that is for the person. This person does stamping, so she stamped her fabric and put a lovely quote on the front. It reads "Believe in your dreams..." I think she is perfect!
Here is my interperation of the creativity theme.

On my doll I used lots of beads. I love using beads and buttons. And I wrote "ART" on her front, why? because I love Art! I made 2 almost the same, just little changes on each. Both are on the way to their new homes.

And this one was for the Winter Dotee Doll swap. Her creator hand painted her face and sewed on her a lovely winged charm. I call her IcedWing. I really love how nothing takes away from her face and eyes. Those eyes seem to have a story. I am all into eyes. I love her! She came all from Ontario, Canada. So there you are, my little pieces of hanging art. I love art and how it makes me feel. Enjoy!
With much love,

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Them good ol' days!

I was missing my 'hunky' hubby today! So, I posted a trip we did to Davis (Whispering Horses Golf course) a little while ago to play golf! Yes, it was beautiful that day as you can see. It was a cool 68 degrees. I wore a jacket while my crazy husband and his bestfriend, Bert wore shorts, die hard Californians! Jim is a great golfer...he has been playing since he was a child. Ever spare moment he likes to go play or practice at the putting green or driving range. I have just recently joined in the 'maddness' because of trying to spend more time outdoors and doing a sport I look good at! Yes...I am vain, don't really like seeing women running, bouncing all around, so unbecoming! LOL! And not really keen on major sweating either. Plus I get to wear really cute clothes too! Ok, enough about me. And all my vainness (is that a word). Back to missing hubby! I won't see Jim for 2 weeks, 2 long weeks! And then I will see him soon after that towards the 11th of the month. I do like my time to myself but not at long periods of time. He calls me 2-3 times a day between shifts (he works doubles, 16 hours a day, 5-6 days in a row). He knows I love to hear what he has been up too, and he talks to the machine as if it was me. It is sometimes my only thing that brings me true joy in my day! Today was like that. I miss him more when I can't cuddle up when it is cold or have him keep my footies warm in bed! Today is a very cold and dark day. So yes, I miss Jim alot today! It is freezing here in Elk Grove and very rainy! As I love the rain, I don't like the wind so much!

Well tomorrow is the Super Bowl, something like 27 different countries are watching! Can you believe that...FOOTBALL! I for one am heading over to my bestfriend's parents house for Game Day Gumbo and watching the game! Neither of teams playing is my team (, 49ers my hubby, Cowboys,my bestfriend) but I am rooting for the Patriots! I would like to see them take the whole thing! Wouldn't that be phenomenal?! Well my blogger friends take care and sorry so many days in between posts, I will try to do better! Just got caught up with swaps and such! I will take some photos of tomorrow and post about the day! Watch for those TOUCHDOWNS!

With much love,