Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sending Love in the Mail...

Here she is! My first Dotee Doll. Isn't she just too cute?! I had a blast making her, trying out the beading and sequins. I wanted her to look like she was wearing a fab beaded hat! I will had a bit of blush to her cheeks before I mail it out. Just to add a bit of color. And her lashes look a bit Tammy Fayeish but still cute for the first time out. So on to the Wonderful World of Dotee Dolls, wondering what a Dotee Doll is? Well here is the creator of this sweet craze...Dot @ Dot's Life and Art! Once you get to Dot's blog, you must read up on how she came about making the Dotee Doll. And how many people it has touched in the process.

I joined a online swap site and found Dot's blog that way. Seeing all her creations really inspired me to step out of my normal crafting realm and try something really different! This wonderful little gem is for a swap called...Valentine Dotee Doll Swap. The doll had to have a least one heart on her. As you can see I have done more than one heart! Hearts Galore is her name.

In each swap you have a partner whom you send out to, then you have one you receive from. Each of those are completely different people. Who you send to is not who you receive from. Tricky I know...but thank goodness the computer does the picking!

The person I received from is a wonderful woman by the name of (her online name) Emerald Touch, Charly (her real name). She made this fab Valentine Dotee Doll for me! Isn't she precious, and because she read my profile she knew I collected Crowns and Tiaras. So, Emerald Touch, Charly, added one accordingly.

With much love,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 Times Tagged! Come play...

Well friends I have been tagged twice *rubbing arm where I got tagged*! These are sometimes very funny to read so I will do my best to humor you all! Here goes it:

Tagged from Suzanne over at Rose Cottage Studio. A wonderful, gifted artist, who brings great beauty and joy into my life! Here is her tag to me!

Interesting Facts about Robyn!

1. My nickname is Raven (hence the black hair).
2. I used to be able to sing 2nd Alto until I had surgery to remove my cancerous Thryroid (not once by twice). It changed my voice 2 tones deeper. So, I do alot of humming now! :)
3. I have what ear specialists call acute hearing in my left ear! I can hear very high range tones (it is very rare in most people). Hmmm...maybe that is why I also stop when I hear dog!
4. I can type 59 words a 10-key eyes closed! But in current job really only need to be able to pick up the phone and write clearly!
5. I have a secret collection of Crowns(tiaras)I can't help it I see something shiny and so beautiful I have to have it. My collection consists of large size (as in wearing on your head) and pins and push pins, stationary, paper, cut-outs, I could go on and on!

Tagged by Terri over at Lakewood Manor. Lovely lady who has inspired me and I think we are kindered spirits! Here is her tag!

Five Weird, Random Things about Moi!
1. Don't like eating anything black (candy or otherwise)!
2. I always have to put on my shoe on the left side first...always.
3. I dyed my hair blonde when I was younger(just once)...couldn't stand my black hair, not now though, I adore my hair color!
4. Love office products almost to an obsession.
5. Will only eat All White Alabcore Tuna...ONLY!

Now I am to pass this along to fellow bloggers...but I know so many lovely friends! That I am passing this on to EVERYONE! So, if you choose to play 'tag-your-it', then copy the photo above and post that you were tagged from Robyn over at Happy House of Haas! It will be fun to see all the interesting,werid and random facts about people!
With much love,

Friday, January 11, 2008

I found LOVE...inbetween the storms!

Here he is friends! The 'old man' of the bunch! He is 18 years old and doesn't look a day over 3...and still acts like in his teens. He has all his wonderful pin-like teeth (hasn't lost a one) and his beautiful coat. I for one am convinced he is part human! He looks at me with those bright blue siamese eyes...all knowing. I am telling you friends...he can read minds! He is that GOOD! LOL!

I call my husband in Noah's Ark! Why? you ask. Because every time that man walks through the front door. There he is...meaowing like crazy for some type of attention. And if my husband lies down to sleep...thunk...there he is jumping up onto my husband's chest. Purring like a Mac truck...rubbing his sweet face all over my husband's hand. And then there is me...who is in love with this little guy. And love his wet little nose...I am always rubbing it, until he gives me a 'kitty kiss' with that sandpaper tongue...licking my finger!

Then he looks at me cross-eyed as siamese do! I adore my little man...and the man of the house! Friends...I want you all to meet my first love in life...!

P.S. Siam was a rescue when he was 6 months old from the SPCA! And now look at him...18 years the younger! Taking a break inbetween rain storms, catching some rays! He loves the sun...when it is 114 here is will find him right out there basking in it. While mama hides inside with the air on! :)
With much love,

Monday, January 7, 2008

Lordy...Lordy look who turned 40!

See that face! That is the face of my bestfriend, who just turned 40! As much as we all gave her grief about it...she was a good sport about it! This picture was taken at the place where we go to crop (scrapbook) some nights! We had a little party with fellow croppers. I brought the big ol' balloon and cupcakes and the sparkly stuff!

Her birthday was on Dec 31st...yes your read correctly! She is a New Year Eve's baby! This year she wanted to do something to bring back a bit of ol'fashion fun! She had a bowling party. They we are all...stiff and haven't bowled in years, some of us decades. Nonetheless, we were all very excited to get out and have some fun. There were about 13-14 of us who came, and we were certainly the loudest (no thanks to It was lovely to see her beaming and really enjoying herself. There were times I would have to stop and turn and then smile, because she was just laughing and grinning like a cheshire cat!

For almost (alittle more than) half of 40 years I have known Adrien. We used to party in our early twenties, and go clubbing and all sorts of things that 20 somethings do! :)
And through those years we became closer. We have been there when we have had things happen in our lives, good and bad! We have been there through sickness and health. And we always champion each others causes. I have said this a many time, but, Adrien and I's friendship has outlasted most marriages.I hold her very dear in my heart. She is someone who knows EVERYTHING about me probably more than my own husband. Well, that should be expected since she was in my life before he! Adrien doesn't know what I am about to say...but I trust her more than anyone else (besides my family and husband). No other friend has this as much as she does. We are more like sisters really, we picker and then laugh our asses off for now reason. We cry for each other's pain or there to lean on when we can't speak those words of pain.

There is a knowingness about her that brings me comfort when I am around my bestfriend. She brings the best out of me as I hope I do for her. I, unlike some other friends, am friecely loyal, almost to a fault. And I would never cause her any pain. But let someone or some man hurt her...WATCH out! Though we are so different there is a sameness, too. I couldn't possibly think my life without my bestfriend, Adrien in it.

So to my bestfriend! I salute you for turning 40! Thank you for so many wonderful-fun-OMG moments-sometimes tear jerking memories! You are the best and will always be. Heres to another 50...but remember you are still older than me...LOL! Love ya girly!

P.S. Also wonderful Terri from Lakewood Manor awarded some of us with this award!

So, I am doing what she did. If you are listed in my Favs. list to the right consider yourself awarded! Please save the award and then post on your blog! You all very much deserve it. I visit each of your blogs almost daily! Hugs and congrats to each of you!
Thank you again Terri! Just lovely of you!

With much love,