Sunday, December 30, 2007

A challenge to all my blogger friends to give back...

One of my blogger friends over at the Junie Moon is commited to doing the right thing and give back to others! I wanted to showcase her wonderful cause and I am hoping and calling on all those who knit and crochet. To please help this wonderful woman in her crusade to help with bandages for people who are suffering with leprosy.
It seems that something so small would help so many of those suffering. You could easily do this watching a favorite T.V. show or listening to the radio. I challenge each of you who can KNIT or CROCHET to make 5-10 rolls and send them to June! You can also help by posting her link back to her. To get the word out. I am blessed and want to help June in this cause. I want to get the word out to help these poor people who are suffering so.

Make this one New Year's resolution that all of us can keep...I wish all of you love and a very blessed life. I have no doubts that the blogging commmunity can step up to this simple challenge. I know you all can do your part...even a small part. Here is the link to dear June's blog and the post on her cause.

Junie Moon's Bandage Brigade

And to see the good work of all the Bandage Brigades check out this blog also and see how June has touched people's lifes.
Touching Others with Leprosy

With much love,

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our first year Anniversary!

A year ago bestfriend and I were wed. Nothing fancy but simple and quiet. Jim and I were married during the late morning hour at the county clerk's office. It wasn't some judge but just a clerk who said those scared vows. We only invited our wedding party. See, we had planned on a big wedding but those have since been put on a shelf for now. Jim is a Correctional Officer, and his job is very dangerous, he felt it very important to make things offical...for the 'just in case'. My mom was very pleased because we had been engaged for over 2 years, so she for one was pleased. We were too, but still are going to have 'our wedding' one day. We both plan on the dress and tux and a wonderful party...someday! But for now we are relishing our one year mark as a offical married couple!

Only our closest and dearest friends and family witnessed our union. It was very intimate and very romantic. My parents hosted a luncheon afterwards at the Rio City Cafe. Which every year we will go back and enjoy our memories of that wonderful day. I had purchased roses from Costco to save money. The bouquet in this picture is made from 4 dozen Costco roses. All the ladies loved it and thought it fantastic that I made it. We bought simple bands to wear. And Jim wore his Correctional Officer uniform for the ceremony and myself (with the help of my bestfriend) wore a simple black skirt and silvery, 3/4 sleeve , fancy top. My bestfriend paid to have my hair styled and had my nails done the day before (mani and pedi). She too, wanted me to remember this very special day! It was lovely to see everyone in their finest and coming to witness our union. Each of our friends and family said they wouldn't have missed it for the world. Even though it was on a Friday...some even took the day off to be there.

To the love of my life ~ though this first year has had some rough patches we have seen through them together. I have learned so much from our mistakes and celebrated all of our accomplishments. I love you with no boundries and love you truly. Thank you for choosing me to be your life partner and loving me through and through! Even though we have some distance,the distance truly has made our hearts grow more and have brought us so close to each. We both truly value our limited time together, and no longer let small things bring us down. Instead, we covet our time and rediscover each other all over again. Your warm smile and even warmer eyes, your soft touch and your even softer words. I love you Jim and have all our ten years together. (Jim and I have been together for ten years and married one of those ten)

Thank you friends for letting me celebrate our anniversary!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All that is Christmas...

I want to share with all of you my family's newest tradition. My mom hosts a Christmas Tea annually for the last 4 years. It all started when our newest addition to our family was born. My sister's first baby boy. That same year my mom decided that it would be a great new tradition to start as a symbol of new beginnings. So,four years later brings us to our '2007 Christmas Tea'. Above you see my sister's oldest son and middle daughter decorating Gne'ma's tree. My mom sets out the best china (which has been passed down for that last 80 years). And she sets out a basket of ornies for the grandchildren to put on Gne'ma and Grumps tree (as you see above). My mom makes wonderful tiny sandwiches with wonderful groups of flavors. She makes 4 wonderful teas for us 'girls' to try, as the children drink their milk.
We all sit around the table and share what we have done that day or what plans we have come up with. This year the children were all a buzz about being on the POLAR EXPRESS. Yes, you heard me right. The Polar Express came into our town, Old Sacramento. My sister bought the tickets (which looked like the ones in the movie)and they all wore their PJs. The Hobo came on board as did the Conducter, too. The chef came out, and dancing waiters came out singing the ' chocolate' song. All the children received hot coco. And then the big DEAL...guess who came on board next...SANTA! To each child he handed them a BELL. Just like in the movie...and said 'remember to believe!' My oldest nephew was just a gush of emotions that makes Christmas so beautiful and magical! He BELIEVES!
Gne'ma then sets out plates of wonderful and famous goodies out in front of us all. We ...aaaahhhh and ooohhhhh and then pick up our favorites. My oldest nephew was all ready to jump in and Gne'ma was ready to help!

A couple days prior my bestfriend and I went to a fabulous Christmas production, called 'The Singing Christmas Tree, Christmas around the world'. The production takes place at one of the biggest churches in the Sacramento area, Capitol Christian Center.

I sent the invitation to Adrien ezplaining that the dress attire was a dress-up mystery trip! As some of you know, Adrien and I both plan mystery trips for each other on alternating months. It just happened to be my month, December and I planned this.

We walked into the foyer and saw the most beautiful site...Christmas trees representing different countries on display. I unfortantly forgot to take a photo. But did take some of the show. The one above is telling us the little story of how German children celebrate Christmas...with gingerbread!

The last couple days have been a whirlwind of sorts. But what fun I am having rediscovering the spirit of Christmas! I hope all of you are having such fun during these last days before Christmas. I truly am. And love being with my family and friends. These lasts days have meant alot to me and love sharing some of those moments with you all!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Color Me Mine

I just had to show everyone what I just got back! My bestfriend Adrien and I surprised another friend to a girl's night out! But we didn't do the typical thing. We went to a lovely place called Color Me Mine. It is where you can paint greenware with different glazes and then they glaze it with a clear coat and then fire it! It then turns into a wonderful ceramic piece. Just like the one above. This piece is actually my second piece. It is a flower pot which is going to be turned into a pen and pencil holder. I will place clear, flat, glass marbles in the pot and then place my pens and pencils I use all the time.

The saucer part of the flower pot is going to be my paper clip and push pins holder. I love the whole cupcake and 'let's celebrate' theme, so that is why I went with the cupcakes and polka dots everywhere on the pot and the party hat inside the saucer.

Those are the finished products. But here are a few more photos from that night. It was 'wear your PJs' and get the paint sitting fee for free. But acutally they were running the day after Thanksgiving special so it was still free.

Here is how your glazes come...isn't that cute!

It was truly a very relaxing night and one filled with creativity as well!

Here is the link for Color Me Mine

Monday, December 3, 2007

My hospital unit's Christmas Party & Glacier makes his appearence, too!

We had our Annual Christmas Party on December 1st! What a way to start off the holiday season. There were about 30 of us and we all had a ball. It was potluck and we had some wonderful dishes...we all had very full tummys. One of our RN's held it at her house (2nd year in a row). And the spirits were flowing and people were merry. We all had our designated drivers, too! Every year I help plan the annual employee Christmas Party, since our management really doesn't do anything for 'US' the employees for our unit. This started about 8 years ago and I have been planning every since! All the people who showed up are just gems who I work with. We all really do feel like family...heck I spend most of waking hours with these people. We laugh, cry, bicker like family! We have all been there through the births, deaths, birthdays, marriages, divorces, promotions, graduations, name it these crew has been through it all!

We also do the 'steal a Christmas present Game'! It is a riot and we all love the challenge to steal! And WATCH out...people really get into this game! Lots of catching up and tons of laughter and making wonderful memories! Again, this year was a great turn out (bigger crowd) and better yet the memories that were made...priceless!
Tonight while I was getting ready to publish a post in my darling big fuzzface wanted to get into the act! So, I thought since most of you haven't seen my darling pooch, I would show him off tonight! In all his glory! My big ol'boy's name is Glacier! And he is 5 years old but acts like a 3 year old. He is an Alaskan Malamute, I bought him from a breeder up in Calaveras County, CA. He was the second runt in the 131 pounds I wonder what the alpha of the pack weighs in at? So, my blog friends here he is, with out further ado...Glacier!