Monday, September 13, 2010

Afghanistan or Bust...

This post will be filled with mixed emotions! I have a very good friend named Cameron, who is going to be leaving at o'dark thirty on a military cargo plane headed to a hostile placed called...Afghanistan. He is with the 101st Airborne Division...he is a medic! Probably the most dangerous job in the Army, well as of right now, since snipers are trying to pick them off one by one.

I will pray every day till he is home safely, I will pray that he does his job well, I will pray for his family, I will pray that what he sees over there doesn't change his beautiful heart.

He chose to serve this great country of ours and he will do it with great honor and pride. We are very proud of Cam, and wish him the best, it's not good bye my dear's till next time!

Much Love,

Saturday, September 4, 2010

August - Mystery Trip

Adrien's month and she planned a fun, easy day! It first started out with an early dinner at a great place...Capital Dawg! It's all about hot dogs folks! You name it they got it! Great food and great customer service and great prices! And since Adrien doesn't like beef they have turkey or veggie dogs too! That you can have in ANY order!

I had this yummy hot dog...the Governor Dawg! Heck ya! If your going to do it do it big!

I have been living in Sacramento for over 20 years and NEVER knew this place existed! For all my local blog followers and those who are coming to visit! Gotta make this a stop on your list of things to see and eat at!

We were a bit early for our 'event' (I will get back to that soon...) so we decided to go in and have an ice tea and relax before we got into our event! This is a wonderful place in a very historic part of Sacramento, in it's hay day it was quite the cat's meow, the area that is. But over the years the area fell into disarray and lots of crime and gang activity turned it into a nightmare in Sacramento. Things are on the mend and changing quite a bit in this place...Oak Park! This coffee/bakery shoppe is a fabulous turn about for that community. It was beautiful inside. I highly suggest you take in a lunch and iced coffee here! Fantastic customer service!

And NOW for the best part! The Fundraising Event to collect money for the animal shelters in Sacramento county for the FOOD for these animals! Cats, dogs, rabbits, horses you name it they support it! It was a great evening with Lee Perkins as host (Radio celebrity for V101.1), and fun raffle prizes which we won a great one (well actually Adrien won, but since I was there with her I win by to L Wine! So we might have to do a movie day and take in a cocktail afterwards! You know...a girlie day! We love those type of days! Don't we Adrien?!

Truly a great night with my Best Friend Adrien! She opened my eyes to a new facet to our mystery trips...fundraisers! I love the idea of helping our community out and we have some great causes out in Sacramento and surrounding areas! I loved the simpleness of this Mystery Trip and loved it even more the way my heart felt after the 'event' knowing I helped out at a great organization! Till our next Mystery Trip!
Much Love,