Monday, June 23, 2008

I YURTED in Big Sur! read correctly!! I have now YURTED in Big Sur, thanks to my darling best friend, Adrien! We started out on Saturday Morning, through obscene sightings (will get into more of that WAY later...*wink Adrien*), major lighting storms which inturn caused a MAJOR fire along the coastline on the Historic 1 Highway. We drove past the beginnings of the fire. Any later, we would have had to turn around and go all the way around which would have set us back by 4-5 hours. Right after we drove through they shut down that part of the Highway one and it still has not reopened as to date. WHEW! Thank goodness the YURT gods were with us!

We arrived to this wonderful place, tucked away in the meadows above the ocean. Since, we both have never been we were excited and really nervous at the same time,too! Adrien had planned 'Our FIRST over night' Mystery Trip. The place is called TreeBones Resort. Luxury yurt resort. Fantastic sleeping quarters. In our yurt we had a lovely queen size bed and a very comfortable futon with a very thick mattress.

A waffle breakfast is included (you make you own), which is highly addictive fun. I actually looked forward to making it every morning. And they serve the most delicious gourmet meals. One night we had Baked Salmon & Chipotle Chicken and another night we had Blackened Maui Maui & Grilled Garlic Tri-Tip. Utterly, fabulous. The meals were decadent and scrumptious. And it really made you feel as if you were at a full service (there is service but it is not total full service, you still share a communinal shower/bathroom) resort at meal times.

There were times when we each wanted to do our 'own' thing. I wanted to enjoy our fabulous view from the lodge's back patio, which had a exquisite wooden bar-type piece which was carried from one end to the other end of the patio. It is where I gathered my thoughts from the days events and savored the view with a delightful cup(s) of decaf (SLO town coffee, great stuff). Feeling the ocean breeze on my face and taken on some of the sun. Smelling the ocean air and letting my thoughts run ramped ed all the while listening to 'let-your-mind-slip-away' songs. I let my imagination run amok.
Or rest in between activites!

Once done with dinner, we enjoyed watching the sunset. Here are some great shots with one of the yurts.

And then we played a roaring game of RACK-O! In the TreeBones Lodge. Which unfortantly, Adrien won ALL THE GAMES!

I wanted to show this to you, to show the detail of even the inside roof of the yurt!

This is Highway 1 going to Cambria. We went into Cambria on Sunday late morning through the afternoon. We stopped at several Vista's along the way. The Shop's in Cambria are just darling and each with so much history. If you ever get the chance one must try to have lunch in this sweet little town and browse the little shops.

This is where we bought the most fablous sourdough loaf. We actually had it with our dinner back at the Yurt lodge. Yummy!

Some local decided to drive in to town for some lunch. Here is his 'driving around town doing errands' car! isn't that NICE!

Our way into Cambria was alot of fun too. We wanted to stretch our legs for a minute so decided to pull into a Vista point. When we happened across a HUGH Elephant Seal generation. Basking on the beach or letting each other know the other is boss. They are pretty aggrssive and that's why there are barriers. But, still fantactic to watch.

I saw this piece of art atop a wooden post at one of the Vista's, and Adrien suggested to snap photo. So, I did. And now I have to say this piece/shot represents quite a lot to me now when I look at it. To me it's nature simply at it's best!

And another favorite shot of the trip! Adrien just lost in her thoughts while walking and enjoying the ocean's surf.

On our way home, which was going to be a long haul, and trust me IT WAS! We decided to stop one last time at one of the Vista points. When Adrien and I both stepped out of the car, quickly we were being surrounded by ground squirrels. They followed us around all the way around the car. Poor Adrien was trying to get back in to the car when one little fellow looked as if he was going to hitch a ride. EEEEKkkkkk! So, she jumped in tossed me the car keys so I could open up the back and grab the last bit of sourdough as a ploy to move them away from the car. As soon, as a I had the bag....then there was 10 of them all standing on their hinds quarters waiting...just waiting for the first morsel to be thrown. BOLD little suckers!

By the time we were four hours in, let's just say....THANK GOD...for portable CD players! Due to Mother Nature's temper, we had to be diverted to the longest route availble back to Elk Grove. Not particulally the way I wanted to end the trip, but of course, being who I am made the best of a bad scenrio. I am sure nothing a good stretch and a good nights sleep couldn't cure.

I for one, will be left with incrediable memories of the belly rolling laughter. The deep thought evoked talks only two best friends could share. Just good all around fun. It was a great way to decompress with someone who I cherish and love dearly! I just wanted to take the time here to thank Adrien from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic memory building mystery trip! I am glad we shared this time together, I will cherish it for a life time.

If you want more great info on this resort, please come enjoy the site, at TreeBones Resort.
With much love,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

All that is Altered...

Hello blogger friends...yes, I know it has been about a week since my last post. Unfortunately, my work is working me to the! Actually, it has been rather pleasant at work. Working on new friendships and staying in my happy spot!!!! Friends, I have been getting a ton of emails wanting me to showcase my altered work. So, with out for hesitation, here are some examples of my ART! Enjoy!
This peice is titled 'SeaTangle'. She rocks! Isn't she just gorgeous. I took an image of the net, used blue and green papers, rhinestones, glass pieces, Stickles, paper flowers, loads of different shades of green and blue ribbons and lastly a clipboard. Yes! I said clipboard! This is one of my altered clipboards altered art. I made her for a special lady who is ga-ga over all that is Mermaid! It was for a swap called 'Enchanted Swap'. To send things that meant enchanted to us, but to alter for our partners. She sent glowing reports once she opened the swap box. I am so glad she loved it. It meant alot for me to make 'SeaTangle' for her. I know she will treasure it. I love this piece, because one can use it as a traditional clipboard (but why would you), but I am sure she choose how it was really intended as a altered piece of wall art!

Here is a simplier version of a altered clipboard. But this one was made for a very special bestfriend, Adrien. She loves everything Princess. And NO GLITTER! Which is extremely hard for a glitter-o-holic! But, I came up with a pretty design where she (wanted) can had a special photo. And use it as a altered frame as sorts. Fab idea!

Here are a couple of my altered tablets...these two were for swaps. Of course, everything was coming up CUPCAKES! Can I tell you, to me cupcakes are so delish but so darn cute as well. I have a fairly great collection thus, far. I love that I used loads of ribbon. I ADORE ribbon!

I also did a law enforcement tablet for a swap buddy as well. As, soon as I get those photos from her, I will post those as well. I loved the way it turned out. And guess what?! I forgot to take a photo....aarrghghhh! So, maddening for me. I forget to take photos of finished products. But she is a doll and will send them to me or I will take a peek in her flicker account and then post from there.

Here is one of my many altered journals, that also made it's way to a swap buddy. This was a simple design, due to the paper choice. I added the ribbon marker and page turner as bonus embellishments. I thought it turned out darling. And these are so fun to make also!

Here is one of my altered lil' lunch boxes. I made this at a scrapbook retreat and this was the first piece that started my journey to altered arts. I then was approached by a lovely woman. She is a Girl Scout Administrator, and she was hosting a get-together for the older young ladies in Girl Scouts (whom I assume will move on to be leaders or something along that) and she approached me to make about 20 of these boxes. The color scheme changed to all shades of green/soft golds. And used the Girl Scouts emeblem on the box and put each young ladies name on the box. Added TONS of ribbon and sprakle. What was so fantastic about this deal, I made a pretty penny on those 20 boxes. Enough to pay for my 1st OVERNIGHT Mystery Trip with my bestfriend, Adrien. YES! you heard right...Adrien! I actually took your advice AFTER all these many years and LET SOMEONE PAY ME for my art. Instead of always giving it away. This was a fun project and she loved them and so did her young ladies."...squealed with delight when they arrived at the luncheon.", she wrote. I was thrilled. Sooner than later I will launch my ETSY business.

Altered Art just isn't just about paper projects, they are also mantle pieces or tablecenter pieces as well. As in this altered Bunny Topiary. Look at all those lovely colors, and then the plush green. This too was a big hit!

This piece has been a HUGH success for me as well. I have now sold over 30 of these little guys (Big Clothes Pin Clip). I love these as well. They are handy and look fab anywhere in the house,office,car (yes...I said car...someone wanted one for her car).

I love these little guys so much. My Artist Trading Cards are now starting to get some recoginition not just locally (within in the U.S.) but now Internationally. I am thrilled to bits about this. I really do love these little pieces of art, which are just lovely expressions of our world around us, that fits in a pocket...LOL! I too, have collected some beautiful pieces.

Thank you all for indulging me. I just couldn't answer all the emails I have received about my ALTERED ART pieces. My only way too, was to do make a post about it. It is nice to showcase my art, it is like showing you a part of my soul. To some this might seem a simple art form, while others look upon it with awe. That is the beauty of's in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER!

With much love,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Meet the 'Old Professor'...

I was catching up my blogging when I went to one of my (many) favorite sites, Meggie Cat, when I noticed something new in her side bar. Something about an old professor. I was intrigued. I clicked on the link and was brought to a delightful, witty blog. It is written by an 85 year 'young', retired professor, who lives in Carmel (very nice). Paul is the father of 'Meggie Cat'. I was so drawn in by his writing I had to read ALL of his wonderful posts. I think you will find his blog insightful and full of witty humor. I really do love his perspective on things. I have spent a good many hour, browsing through his posts. I have learned that he was a pilot in WWII, he has horses, lives in Carmel, his favorite fruit is a nectarine and the posts keep coming. It really has been wonderful to read his posts. I have caught myself laughing out loud at some of his wittiest posts. Paul has great insight and I just had to post about my 'new blogging friend'.
And who couldn't use a new friend...right? Please go and have a good read. It really was one of my highlights for the evening. Introducing The Old Professor.

With much love,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gifted Hands

Hello Bloggers!
I really wanted to post about my new friend...Randy! Since, in my endeavor to 'get to know' him and on our way to a new friendship, I have discovered he is a very talented artist. A creative wood working artist. As the piece of above is just one of his creations, the photo doesn't give it justice. This eagle is done using a combination of Pine, Maple and Red Oak. Matching grains and colors to come up with a beautiful, custom piece of art.

Randy does all sort of creative wood working, as you can see. Once, I was lead to his website...I was awe struck. The work that goes in to the fine detail. The matching of grains of wood and then finding the right color to make the piece come alive. Some of his art can be seen in some military installations (offices), some done for retirements or just wanting that unique piece of military art. He has been commissioned by several people for very precise custom pieces. And you will see a handful of some of those custom pieces.

Aren't those just mind blowing! This is just a very small sampling of his work. Since most, if not all, know by now that I adore art. Any type of art! I am always so fascinated by an artist who makes something so awe inspiring from something so raw. It is truly a gift!
I really want you all to check out his website, you are in for a treat!
Oprah even bought one of his 'famous' wooden roses....who wouldn't want one of those!

I even found an article written up on him in his home town of Arizona. He was chosen as featured artist in 'Artist of the Valley', here is his interview.
With much love,