Friday, October 31, 2008

What's Love Got To Do With It...

I suggest you play the what's love got to do with it while you read this! It really was faboulus...and each show is excatly the same with presentation. ENJOY!

This was the opening act!

(couldn't find live video from Sacramento but took from San Jose, from the complex where our friend BOB is the head cheese or the go to man...I think!)
YES BLOGGER FRIENDS! This is who I went to see with my bestfriend for our...(get ready) OUR OCTOBER MYSTERY TRIP! I know...get out...right?! Well, settle in friends as I tell you my fairy tale story of seeing an ICON!
Adrien gave me the invitation and on it, it says...Stylish Affair, wear my Sunday's best. On our invites we NEVER tell where we are going but give very subtle hints. Adrien TOTALLY threw me off. So, I went and bought new duds and prettied up my face and hair. And meet her over at her folks house around 430pm. Then we took photos (sorry haven't downloaded those yet...)and then we set out.
We arrived at a resturant called the Malabar!

We both dined on some fine meals. I would recommed this resturant to everyone! Great place.

Then went from there to get a cup of coffee. We were relaxing with our tea and coffee and I was thinking to my self...."I wonder where we are off to now? If we get on the freeway we must be seeing that new show downtown called 'Plaid' or if she turns into Arco..." What happens next...Adrien turns into Arco! I KNEW we were going to watch TINA TURNER in concert!

(pics were from Sacramento concert)
Friends all I can say that I loved every minute I was there with my BEST FRIEND! We both sung our hearts out (I think we even got a bit teary eyed when we first saw her step out!). We both swayed together and sang to each other (like we use to with hair brushes when we were young girls...LOL) It was a magical time for me! And then to share with someone I love so dearly is something I will cherish always! It was a spectular show and I just want to take this time to thank my darling best friend, Adrien for making this a magical mystery trip! I will never forget this....!

Just an update!!! I only have 2 more treatments to go...and (drum roll) I will then find out if all this worked! Thank you to all of you for continuing to support me and loving me! I cherish each of you and soon I will be around to check in on all your lives! Cheers! And no worries...good ol' Rob still has on her party hat and is all smiles!
With much love,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I see DRUNK people... blogger friends! I have to share a special night with you...and I mean special! On Saturday about 24 of us from the SCRAPBOOK ADDICT went to something called a Scrapbook Expo. It is where we cropped until about 1130pm. You know winning prizes and receiving free goodies and just getting caught up with all the gossip amoung us. It was a good time had by all!

But some of us wanted to continue the fun...and decided to go to a local pub called The Streets of London in West Sacramento. And this is where Rob (aka: Robyn who almost shot beer through her nose!) got to laugh my you-know-what off all night! All I have to say is I SEE DRUNK PEOPLE! Case in point...this gentleman (who will remain nameless), but is a real hottie (I can say that even if I am a happily married seems to think it ok for his 'trying to get a booty call' to bring his Mama to the pub!

(YOU must click on this photo...too see the chick's face...yes I truly do see drunk people and I must say no one from my table of girlfriends!)
Check out the chick next to him...with that I "I can barely say what I want to without slurring my words and barely get my lipstick on..." And you should have seen the boots on this ankle breakers. And that was a hoot to see her try...and I will say try to walk to her car with her croonies!

I can't tell you how much I needed this really does give you a perspective on certain things. I know the guy in this case, great guy that he is...was just too funny to hang out all night with. Since I was not DRUNK, to be able to sit back and enjoy all the 'circus acts' were very amusing. And then to add to the mix with my humor (yes, it is true I am a wise-butt and quite witty) just cranked it up a notch. My girlfriends never laughed so hard...I know I woke up with my face hurting from laughing, so I can only assume the same with them. And still today I am forever giggling...

Ok...and then comes in charcter #1! MAMA! She put the squeeze on 2 of my girlfriends. Who you can see from the photo weren't really sure what to make of her. BIGGER (hence the cleavage exposing top) than life and she was also on the prowl! Come to find out that she is 'DUDE's' MOM!!!! WTHECK?! And then that is when I shot off at him..."DUDE! Who brings one's MAMA to the pub, while trying to work the room?????" LMAO!
I told my girlfriends that I would blog this night! So, here I am blogging about it! It was a fun-didn't-get-home-till-230am-almost shot beer through my nose-type of night! Thanks ladies and will have to do this again really soon! I like playing the game 'I SEE DRUNK PEOPLE'!

P.S. I don't encourage drunk and disorderly conduct but this was all harmless fun! And we were amoung friends.

With much love,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can you believe I only took...

(this was on the way to surprise Jim in Pacific Grove)
a couple photos?! Geesh! I totally thought I had taken more! Oh well...that alone should tell you how much FUN we both had. It was marvelous to reconnect and fall in love all over again!!! This trip was so needed. Along the way on this trip I have rekindled my love for books, I have now read through 3 books. I know...I know...but you see I had given up the art of reading a fine book. I had fallen deep into the dark abyss of not finding fun in life. That has changed. If I can just say, that I think I have found the silver lining in my gray cloud.

This new diagnose of cancer has made me STOP dead (excuse the pun) in my tracks and grab hold of life once more and shake it up! No longer will I mope through a day...NOT I! Now I hold my head high and take on the day. I still work at my crappy job but boy oh boy! What a difference of indifference makes and a killer smile doesn't hinder anything either.
People come up to me now and say things like, "Robyn have you done something different to your hair or your make-up looks stunning!" WHAT?! No, nothing has's called a mega-watt smile. Ahhh, but I don't tell them. I just beam on.

Even when Jim and I were in Pacific Grove, people were drawn to us. Happy as we both were, people wanted to share and bathe in that positive energy. We had people take our photos while we were reading books on a bench on the beach. We had hot, steaming coffees and I had my legs thrown over Jim's while wearing hoodies.

While waiting for the sun to set! Hunkered down for a good read with the ocean swirling around us. I suppose people thought that an oddity. We did that everyday we were there. We were there right after lunch each day and then we would wait to see the sun set. Each one was so glorious to witness. Being by the ocean is truly where I am to be. For me to be truly happiest I need to be by the ocean. I feel more relaxed and my soul feels full!

(isn't it just breath taking...)

P.S. I have missed everyone so much...

With much love,

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Aaaahhhhh...We needed that mini vacation!

Hey gang! All is super...planned a wonderful surprise for hunky hubby for his birthday! I rented a cottage down in Pacific Grove. It was glorious and a much needed break to decompress from all the stresses. I will post more with pics...I PROMISE! I have missed you all and can't wait to catch up. I have my first radiation treatment MONDAY! Scary stuff BUT I will face my fears head on, friends. Send out those good vibes and thoughts dear hearts.
With much love,