Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nice Matters Award!

Thank you so very much dearest Terri from Lakewood Manor! I am stunned and honored to be given this award! Once I read your post I had tears welling up. You said some of the sweetest words one can hear! You are a doll and I love ya to pieces! Thanks again Terri you mean the world to me dear friend! Now I would like to pass on the 'Nice Matter Award' to a wonderful and very dedicated wife and mother to her lovely family! I am passing it on to Tanya of the Payzant Family Blog! Congrats!


Terri and Bob said...

Love you, too, girl. I know you are a ball of niceness. I love that you passed it on to Tanya, too cool!

The Payzants: said...

Robyn!!!! Thank you so much, you are so sweet. I'm lovin your blog and look forward to all the things you and Jim will be doing to your "home sweet home"!!