Friday, April 11, 2008

And this is what I end up feeling like...

Well blogger all were probably wondering where the heck I've been! Right?! Here I am working my tail off in the office! I tell you I really have to force myself out of bed every morning to get to my job. I swear, I would rather get my teeth pulled than go into work. The above photo is just one peek into my fabulous job. I suppose you could call me a computer geek, spending close to 10 hours a day at the desk, typing away. Placing doctor orders in, so patients can get the right meds to make them better. HEY! What about sharing! Yes...the go-to girl would love a nip of the ol'dilaudid. To make the day go faster.

Let's not digress shall we...back to moaning and bitching about one's job! No respect, no glory! Heck! Not even a damn THANK YOU. Would it be so hard to once in a while throw the little people a bone of gratitude once in a while. I really don't trust or even really like anyone for that matter. But, I plaster on a smile and poise myself at the desk to look like I am ready for the day. The whole time begging for a earthquake to shimmy one side of the building, so that it is damaged beyond repair....ok *packing up desk* I am out of here pronto! wonder over to some wonderful beach with a great book. And just hear the surf...instead of listening to a army of phone calls (almost 750 calls a day).Just some form of ESCAPE! Something...almost anything! It is enough to drive a girl to the drink. I have become best buds with Jack,Jim,Jose!

On a lighter note...I have also been preparing for a Scrapbook Retreat. Since, my birthday falls on a Wedesday (April 16th) I am celebrating by treating myself to this retreat! It is 2 nights and 3 days. I can't wait to dive right into all the clever things the hostess's have got planned! Getting things put together and deciding what I want to make and bring....I know the pressure of it all!

The Owners/Hostesses who are putting on Retreat!

My second home, Jim calls it! I have invested a ton in this store! A TON!

And tooboot, my baby nephew is horribly sick (poor baby) so I have been over there every spare minute to help out where I can.

Things are going well, well almost well. I will have not seen Jim in 3 weeks by the time he comes home! If you see a sock...don't come a knocking! *evil grin*
Love to you all! And it just really warms my heart that some of you really missed me and I read all the warm fuzzies! I adore all of you to bits!
With much love,