Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ok...who said moving was easy?!

August 1, 2007

Whew! Is all I can say to moving. It is alot of hard work. More for others than others. I would say the 'boys' did the hardest work. Steve and Jim really put themselves out there. I would like to thank both of them for making it such a smooth as possible move. Later that night I took them out for a 'Great Steak Dinner' at OutBack. I nice cold Fosters and a wonderful steak would put the perk back into anyone's step.

The following days...well, weren't so easy. We still had to clean the old homestead. Our old dryer was a 3 prong and we needed a 4 prong! AArrghhh! So we had to plunk down some cash for a used, fairly nice, dryer. Our vaccum is being worked on as I type. It was overwhelmed by the cleaning from the other!

But, I can say, thank goodness that Lois and Jim set traps out to catch the mouse. YES! You heard right we had a mouse in the new house. But quick thinking Jim was set in motion. And sad to say we discovered him...he had passed on to mouse heaven.

Now just trying to settle in one box at time. Then comes the exciting and nerve wrecking experience to find 'that just right furniture'. A friend of mine gave us some wonderful advice. "Don't buy anything unless you absoulty LOVE it!" Sound advice!

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