Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scrapped Away!

Yes friends! I cropped for 5 whole solid alot done! I have alot coming up in the scrapbooking world. Lots of swaps. But I can say my hands hurt a bit after all the cropping. I should have taken a photo of what I was working on, but alas, left my camera at home. I am, though very glad that I deceided to come in to crop. I go to a scrapbook store called 'Scrapbook Addict' in West Sacramento! I call it MY store...I am there all the time. It is like my second home. Anywoo, back to why I didn't almost come in to crop. Why? you ask...well I was up till almost 5 am. Yes, 5 am. My neighbors behind me where having a party...lots of drinking and playing games. I have no problem with that...but it went on and on! I called the police at 130am then again at 330am and then again at 4am! Finally I just was so exhausted that my eyes just closed and I had a fitful sleep. I slept in till 10am! Can you believe that. I haven't in a VERY long time snoozed till 10am. Still only 5 hours of sleep.

As soon as I walked into the store, I was engerized. The sea of paper colors and styles, embellishment heaven! Yes, today turned out to be a super duper day! :)


Sandy McTier said...

Oh, I so need 5 hours straight of scrapbooking. I love it and haven't made the time - I hear my pictures screaming at me everytime I pass the boxes of them.
The party doesn't sound fun - I don't like rude people like that that don't take into consideration those around them and how LOUD the party is outside the party! Sounds like the sleep in til 10a.m. was much needed.
Have a fabulous week.
Sandy :)

Terri and Bob said...

I am so behind it isn't funny. I am so glad you had time to scrapbook!

I hate it when people don't take other people's lives into consideration. How rude!

EE said...

I'm so jealous. I haven't made the time to scrap in a while:(