Monday, July 27, 2009

Things are really rough right now...

It has been ages since I have been on here to blog...oh how I miss it. Unfortunately, Jim and I have been hit with major finance issues. Since, Jim works for the State, Arnie has cut the Correctional Officers pay to the point where it put us in a hole! Slowly, with me working ALOT of 12 hour shifts and tightening up our belts alot more holes we are making it out of our pinch.

But, most importantly, I wanted to put this message her for the two people who have won gift cards from me. That will happen, trust me, my word is my bond. I have one already just need the 2ND and last one. To Junie and Kimm, I am truly sorry that it has taken me this long to send out, but this finance thing hit us fast and with such force, we didn't realize how much we were going to hurt. Excuses aside, we are very much on the way UP. And soon so will those cards be out the door. Thank for being so very patient with me and hope you can except 'my sorry' for the delay in your winnings. I feel horrible about the delay.

For, family and friends, Jim and I are pushing through. With the love of God and lots of prayer and hope, we are making it. There was a few months there that Jim and I had to step back and reevaluate US. Take a break, if you will. It is astonishing to me how money can really send people reeling with emotions. But, again, we are pushing through. We are working on talking more and making the most of our time together, when we are together. We send out love and hugs to all of our wonderful blogging community and family and friends! I will be back very soon! I promise!