Thursday, May 22, 2008

To find peace...that is what one desires.

May's Mystery Trip: Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco,CA.

I planned 'our' Mystery Trip for May. The invitation read as this: Cherry Blossoms bring the bling to the trees! I love May for all it's spring like qualities. Everything is popping up through the ground, the breezes are gentle. And when I try to discover a little bit of heaven in this crazy world. To find some peace! I have never been to the Japanese Tea Gardens as long as I have lived here in Sacramento/Elk Grove. And I figured neither as Adrien who has been here longer. So, off we set for our adventure. My dad had given me some different directions. He printed out directions to take the old river road all the way to the 160. It was lovely! Just perfect. We chatted the whole way. Once in San Francisco that is when we took our de-tours (got a bit lost). But as usual, we did not freak out, we took it all in stride. Laughing at points, when I had a death grip when we were going down a VERY steep hill, while Adrien on the other hand, threw her arms up in the air, as if on a roller coaster ride. Once, we parked (found a prime spot), we were off. The directions inside the park are just perfect. We arrived at the lovely big wooden doors. And entered into a lush green world, where traffic couldn't be heard, most people spoke in hushed voices, and there was a slight cool breeze. Water could be heard all around us. It was glorious, some place so lush, beautiful. My slice of peace. Here are some of the pictures to share with you all. Here is our journey of peace!

And in the end, we headed to the Tea House, were served a choice of Green Tea or Jasmine Tea. We each had one of the choices. We sat quietly, listening to the babbling water and the songs the birds sang. Felt the cool breeze on our necks. It truly was 33 acres of heaven.

Peace on top of a mountain: Edgewood (Pro)Golf Country Club, South Lake Tahoe, NV.

This is the view I saw once I parked my car at Edgewood. I had gone up Wedesday to meet up with my husband and his bestfriend, Bert. My husband, Jim had planned their version of a mystery trip. A golfing mystery trip. The goal is to play at golf courses neither have ever played at. Since, this was Jim's idea (which he got from Adrien and I's trips) he planned it. He researched and decided this was going to be their first course. And since Jim had seen the photos online, thought I could use a break as well. I have just gotten off working 4 - 12 hour shifts back to back (I am convinced that my bosses are trying to kill me...aagghhh!). He asked if I wanted to come up and play (mostly drive the cart, drink hot chocolate)and I almost screamed YES! I couldn't wait to get out of Sacramento/Elk Grove for a day trip. I left early and arrived around 11:10am. Drove through a lovely grove of pine trees and finally parked my car, to view this! BREATHTAKING!

On some of the holes you could hear babbling brooks that cut through the course. And I could hear the wind in the pines. The air was pure, cold but pure, nonetheless. I bundled up and we set off on the carts. Just in awe of the panaramoic views. It was truly just gorgous to witness, such perfection.

We saw the locals (Geese) and their little ones, all in fuzz! Their were gorgous and seemed totally clueless that we were there. We could hear them honk from a distant hole. It was fun to see wildlife right there in front of us. We came on the back nine and saw what work a beaver was doing to a small pine. I wish we had seem him. He was doing a fine job on that tree, very uniformed indeed. For hours we all 3 enjoyed each other and took deep breaths. And we kept commenting on the views. Once, done with the first 18, we went back out for another 18. 36 holes of golf in one day! Just FANTASTIC! We had a early dinner before we headed out for more golf, though. I took off once we completed 36 holes, by then the wind was howling and the temp had dropped a lot. I gave kisses and hugs all around and headed out. I got in my car and turned on the heater! Jim called me today 5/22 at around 730am, screaming excitedly in the phone...."Honey! You will never believe what it is doing right now? IT'S SNOWING!" HUH?! You say! You read right! SNOW! It never really stuck to the ground, just snow flurries. Nonetheless, it was snowing! To say the least, the boys were joyful! When I am having a very busy day, I shall look back on these 2 days and remember the peace they gave me. I hope these photos brought some peace to all of you as well. Enjoy!

With much love,

Friday, May 9, 2008

All things BIRTHDAY! Yipppeeee!

HELLO BLOG LAND! How I have missed my dear blogging friends!!! April was just heck on poor ol'me! Between depression on turning 38 and then walking pneumonia! What else needs to be said...well, actually a lot! I have a lot of thank you's first off. One in particular to dear Suze (known by many as Suzanne)! She made the trek out to Elk Grove to deliver the vase of flowers that you are looking at now. Yes! She did...cut them from her own 'secret garden' and placed them so loving in a vase and set them by my front door. She then signed everyone names who has left a comment of my blog! It was precious. My husband and I figure these flowers were outside for 15 minutes or less, when hubby found them. And showed me while I was squealing like a school girl. Dear Suze...thank you from the bottom of my heart this was the most heartfelt thing that happened on my birthday. I mean that...! No one else thought to suprise me with something as simple as a vase of flowers or something else (ballons or cake). You made my day! Heck, I even had to think what I wanted to do on my birthday! Oh well...

I went to a Mexican restaurant for my birthday dinner, had this! It was ok...not the best in town but for faitias it was ok. But, what they brought out next sent me over the moon! Yummy!

Doesn't this look fantastic...and believe me when I say all four of us (that is how many came)dove right into! It was the best!

Then we went to a local place called 'Moon River Inn'! To play darts and have some drinks (me far to many to remember depression + lots of drinks = hangover...Adrien her turn at darts). I had simple ol'fun, laughing and laughing more, it got a bit hot in the bar but oh well...we still played and listened to some music. Got to see a young lady spill her drink all over my hubby and fall to the ground! was one of those types of bars...a hole in the wall! LOL! Not the best birthday but one I shall not forget soon.

I had a Scrapbook Retreat on my birthday weekend! I still attended (I didn't start getting sick until Saturday afternoon) I was going to enjoy this...if it killed me and it ALMOST DID! Here is my room at the hotel. It was suprisingly nice. It had a very mod feel to it. Nice!

At the retreat one of the hostess's created a Who's who? board! So, we all needed to bring a childhood photo and let everyone guess! I am at the bottom left (fairly large photo at the very bottom, wearing PJ's and looking up at the camera). That was fun and frustrating at the same time!

Here is one of the things I created! It is a hugh altered clothes pin! I discovered I LOVE doing altered things! I am selling these, so if anyone would like me to make one (email me and let's talk).

Then I made and finished this altered clip board for Adrien! She loved it! It is so her...Pink and Princess! I loved making it for her! I made other things and I will have to post those soon, I just forgot to take a pic of them at the retreat!

And this is what the hostesses gave me to celebrate my passed birthday! Isn't it cute?!
Jim gave me some lovely perfume from Lancome called 'Miracle' and I just adore it!
So, overall not a bad birthday and have some good memories, but watch out on my 40th! I am so going to have a BLOW OUT! I really have to except the fact that I am getting older and there is no stopping the time. I have learned to buck up and take the hit on the chin and move on. No need to wallow in self pity and wonder if I can make the wrinkles and lines stop! Again, lovely friends thank you for the kind words and sentiments of encouragement! I have treasured each comment! I will be around soon to see how everyone is doing. I have missed you all something awful! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! Hugs and kisses all around!
With much love,

Friday, May 2, 2008

I have been really, really, really SICK! Yuck!

Hello all my dear blogger friends! I am SO SORRY that I have not been on here and have not shown you all my lovely photos of my birthday! Especially the lovely BLOGGER surprise flowers, hand carried by no other than 'our' dear Suzanne...Suze for short!
Unfortunately, the Saturday of my Scrapbook Retreat I started to get sick, I thought something simple as a sore throat. BOY! Was I wrong, by the time I drove to Monterey (Ca.). on Sunday, I had a temp of 102! Yep...I was sick! By Monday...well let's just say I thought I had walking pneumonia!! Couldn't breath...Jim took me to a local clinic...more like dragged me to it! I felt like death warmed over. The Doc in the box decided I didn't have walking pneumonia but a VERY, VERY cold/cough. NO PRESCRIPTION to fix this. Just good ol'fashion...getting tucked in, staying warm, lots of cough syrup and other over the counter meds. I put myself into a self medicated coma! And I didn't want to wake up until I was better! I am back at work, getting better by the minute!
I just wanted to post quickly and let everyone now, that I have some screwed up work day on/one day off/one day on. I truly do think they are trying to kill me off...yes, I think it a conspiracy!
I love you all *hack...hack* (don't get to close...still not 100%)but getting back to my ole' self. Shortly I will post all the lovely photos of happier days!
And I will thank you all properly! Love and miss you all! I will be back soon! I cold is holding me down to long! LOL!
With much love,