Sunday, October 10, 2010

Treats in the mail...

Here is what came in today from Oh! Happy day, I love getting things from frugalities, first the way they wrap everything together! It is just super fun to open!
Here are the items:

Letters to Mod Podge and embellish! Yeah!

Every girl needs a good pair of tweezers for that 'delicate' job in embellishing!

Flower...and more flowers!

A new product for vintage images. Good for my alter art projects!

Another new product for transparencies. I can't wait to try this out on some pages or alter art.

A fun pad of Halloween paper, which I am now using to make a guest book for a friend's Halloween party.

Paper with crowns on it...are you kidding me?! What gal doesn't need this!

And all this was 'free' items that Frugalities just throw in to finish off the packaging process! I love it! Free stuff!

And wait I received one more package!

I received this once I joined Cricut Circle, and elite Cricut group. So, we recieved new cartridge and a special trinket! In this case a braclet for me!

I love this group, we have challenges to try and win BIG prizes and have access to exclusive deals from Provo Craft. I love this group!
Well friends, enjoy the eye candy! And hope to have a few projects photographed to display here soon!
Much Love,