Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And the Fall Frenzy begins...

August 14,2007

Looky friends! SEE (as I am jumping up and down squealing with delight)! I finally found the Walmart fall leave dessert plates! I picked up 3 of each color. The staff were just putting them out! I snuck in and grabbed what I I am hoping that they put a gold color out. Then I will grab 3 of those as well. I haven't seen the leaf placemats yet! But no worries I will be looking for those as well!

Here is another shot of the colors and size of the plates. I picked up a Green/Burgandy/Dk.Brown. Aren't they lovely?!

While I was there shopping I came across something that gave me a wonderful idea! Here is what I came across...fake fruit! Now I can have full plates of fruit on my tri-level plate holder and never have to worry about mold! Yippeee! And love that it looks so REAL and inviting. And the best part is the price...97 cents a piece (except the large bunch of grapes where 1.29 a bunch). What do you think?

Then as I was standing in line this caught my eye!

Overall, I would say a wonderful, successful trip to Walmart. Which I seem to be shopping more and more at...with prices like that, no wonder!


prepossessing said...

I love Walmart.

People often try to make me feel guilty about shopping there. One of my union employees recently told me that I get better prices because my taxes pay for the employee's insurance.

I say it's all economics.

Terri and Bob said...

I love your finds, Robyn. I love the fruit, too, it is really life like! I really love the lemons... what aisle did you find those in?

Sandy McTier said...

I LOVE those plates! I saw them at Walmart the other day as well and thought ~ I'll go back and get them later ~ but I better get them before they run out. I'm ready for FALL as well. This heat here in middle GA is draining!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I'm thrilled to see I'm a link on your blog and have just added you to mine as well.

Sandy :)

Belle-ah said...

I am not a fan of Walmart (or rather I don't like "our" Walmart but like other ones!) but I do have to pop in there from time to time and did see them unloading the fall things the other day! Those dishes are great.

Thanks for coming by Southern Somedays! Love your blog.

Kim said...

What GREAT finds!!!! Everything looks so great and get's me in the mood for fall!!!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I love the plates you found, Robyn. I am such a Fall girl, and can hardly wait to see the leaves change on the tree in front of our house. Thanks for gving my heart a jump start of inspiration!

Jennifer, oxox

Robolady said...

I love Fall, My house is decorated for Fall year round and I loooooove those plates. Although I have a big aversion to Wal-mart I may just have to make myself go in for some of those. How big are they? diameter.