About Me

My husband, Jim and I just moved into a glorious new house. I started this blog to depict how we will turn this house into our home! We have happily found out there is alot to do to care for a house. And along with this new house we have other players in our 'life's play'. My family is my 'soul'. They are my pillar for everything good in my life. My sister is my bestfriend and her children are the rays of sunshine in my life! They truly hold my heart ~ Forever~!I have the joy of having wonderful,caring friends. They all come from such diverse backgrounds and each of them hold something very special for me. Now, on to my furfaces. These two are such characters. Siam, my old man,who is our cat. He is the king of the roost. Then there is the young'in, Glacier, he is big as a pony but as gentle as a pup. Siam is a Himaylan and is 19 years young! Glacier is our Alaskan Malamute and will turn 8 this October. Jim and I hope you all will enjoy my writings of our journeys through life.