Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Mystery Trip - 2010

Blogging world is the latest Mystery Trip for Adrien and I. It was my month, and believe me, July I had alot of things to choose from. My mom gave me this idea, due to her taking my dad there from a prompting from the Sacramento Bee. Not only did we get to see the whole Aerospace Museum of California but also our tickets got us in to see the Star Trek Exhibit!!!! Hit the highlighted link to see what I am talking about. Now we couldn't take pics in the Star Trek Exhibit but they had two stations where we paid someone to take our pics...sitting on the Upper Deck of the Enterprise and the Transporter Room. Cute pics! We took in the static displays on the outside first since it would be heating up rather quickly. Here is what we saw!

Some really great static displays! I am just blown away how beautiful this complex is. I had no idea that they had rebuilt the Aerospace Museum of California...I was used to the dirty ol' hangers on McClellan. I am telling you if you live here or come visit! This my friends is must see! The whole complex is stunning, and the volunteers that work there, are beyond knowledgeable, some of them are the same pilots who flew some of those planes. Get yourself and your family over to this wonderful part of California truly was an eye opener!

After we took in this great museum it was off to lunch! I planned it out so we went to a brand new restaurant up in Roseville called: Dave & Buster's, it's the adult version of Chucky Cheese

They have some great specials...called eat & play! So, this was the chicken tacos plate YUMMY! And then we got our gaming on...seriously!

See! Since my best friend looks way cuter than me...I showed her getting her game on!

Then after all that gaming, we need a cold treat! Big Spoon was a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Much Love,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A thing of beauty...

I wanted to share a product that Hunky Hubby and I just installed in our home. On the recommendation of our friend - Jake Mason - we made the plunge to purchase a Levolur Cordless Cellular Shade in the color of Sand. Both of them went to Lowe's last night and picked it up...and as easy as I throw in a load of laundry, Jake and Hunky Hubby had the old one out and new shade installed!

Today, the house is much cooler and we are now able to watch television during the day. The house we are renting was built in the 1940's so not the most perfect design placement of the big picture window. The window is fully exposed in the early afternoon sun all the way till the sun sets. The sun just pours in the window which in the summer is not something you want when it is 105 out. My house at one time would run as high as 90 degrees inside. Now it is a beautifully cool 71...RIGHT NOW and it is almost 90 degrees outside! And we watched some television this morning with no sitting in a weird angles to see the screen due to a glare on the screen!

I am pleased as punch that WE have a wonderful, wise friend as Jake Mason! What a blessing that man is to our little family! Jake we love you and are blessed to call you our friend, thanks for helping us!
Much Love,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here's our wishlist for camping gear...

Here are a few things I have put on a wish list for the Haas's. Since everyone has an opinion about what works best for them...I, too have some opinions now too. The last camping trip has opened our eyes to what we would like our camping trip to be like...and comfort and convenience is what we are looking for. And the first place we started is with the grill. Jim and I both agreed if your going to do it...then do it right. We are not big fans of Coleman (smaller stoves)...don't get me wrong it's all right and most people use this brand. But again, as our opinion goes we want something with a lot more power and space. Those small Coleman stoves won't cut it for us. We plan on camping with a usual group of 4-6 people and we need some cooking power and space. The last camping took forever to cook things and then once you did one thing you had to set it off to the side (or by the fire to keep warm). We want to be able to do dual items without our food getting cold. Here is what we are saving our pennies for (because if you know us...we don't do credit...only cash). We think this unit ROCKS!

Now we know some peeps will be poop-pooing us on our selection, due to their love for the Coleman stove. They can keep it(just poking the bear for those who use the Coleman...still have love for those peeps)...this is the Camp Chef 3 burner Big Gas Grill III. And this baby has some power and will really be an asset for the Haas's crew!

Next item up is this kick-butt grill/griddle combo. It has room on it for some serious Q'ing and griddling (Jim's kick-ass pancakes). Again...big and roomy so we can get more done so we are not serving ONE person at a time...geesh! that was a chore! This is called Camp Chef Reversible Grill/Griddle combo. Heck YA!

And I think buying a higher quality cooler is a must. I know most people (and us included) think a cooler is a cooler. Alas, I have now changed my's allowed folks!! I want to invest in a great cooler. And according to Consumer Reports this cooler keeps ice solid for 2 days straight...heck ya baby! If kept our ice solid for 2 days straight...which to me is great, then no more worries about soggy food or worrying if food gets water logged. And through my research I discovered this cooler...The YETI TUNDRA 45 Quart Cooler. Now they do have smaller sizes, which is excellent if you are camping with a smaller crowd or want things in two or three coolers. Our thinking is everything in ONE cooler saves on space. I have done alot of research on all our camping gear on our wish list. Through Consumer Reports and Camping Digest and through personal experience. We are putting money way as I type, so we can start purchasing our gear. But the rule stands...don't have the cash for it...then we just have to wait to get it!

(a view looking over the Russian Gulch...we love this area!)

It will be a slow process as Jim and I are not one's who do everything on credit cards as others do. We are strictly a cash couple. Better budget and better credit. Now of course that is us, but for the 2 years we have been doing that...we let's just say are kicking butt on staying on our budget and our credit scores are gaining momentum. We have all been hit with financial woes, some more than others. For Jim, who works for the state we took a hit in the paycheck. When that happened we decided right then and there...we would tightened up our belts BIG TIME! We paid off our credit cards and started to chip away at college dept. It has been a slow process and at times we both get frustrated that we can't just go out and as some others. But our choices have given us some financial breathing room.

And now that I have been reintroduced to camping again, I feel that this would be a cheaper route to enjoy this great state and get some time away with friends. And a cheaper vacation. Without forking over big money for tickets to events or hotels, etc. Jim and I have some friends who have showed us how easy and fun camping can be...(well...some of the time, it can't be perfect every minute...can it??) and that with a little bit of an investment the gear pays for it's self in the end.

So...Happy Trails friends...and I am even going to suggest that EVERYONE give tent camping a try! Or if you have an RV, get out there and enjoy this great state!
Much Love,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camping at Salt Point State Park

On the road, off to my first camping trip in years! This is little Kyra and Aiden listening to a movie! Kids did great for a 3 hour trip. Laura and I not so good...road was super curvy and both got a bit car sick! But we soon perked up!
First camping trip for me since...well I am not even sure! Let's just say it has been years, after several horrible trips in the past, I stopped going. My hunky hubby loves camping so I thought I would give the ol'college try once more. I did and survived. We stayed here; Salt Point State Park. Not bad...we camped in the forest, surrounded by beautiful tall pines, during the day you could here the wind in the top of the pines. This was not a campsite with all the frills but it had some good things! This campsite had flushing toilets (and if anyone knows me...that my friends is a plus!) and we were close. No showers but I just did my hair in the sink...freezing water but it was refreshing!! We stayed 2 nights and 3 days. Friday really was just getting settled in and dealing with some hiccups. Saturday was far better. Ray and Gail made a kick butt omelet from breakfast! Which really hit the spot! Then as a group took off to go to Shell Beach. But the littlest camper pooped out before we got there, so I stayed and watched Kyra so the others could enjoy the beach! Hunky hubby did a great job snapping photos so I could feel as if I was there,too. The weather the whole weekend never reached over 75 and it was glorious! I loved being with my hunky hubby and watching him in his element. Who surprised me the most was our friend Gail...she is the happiest camper I have met! She just gets in there and knows what needs to be done! I didn't know this is so up her alley! Gail is truly happiest when camping...she is so in her element!

It was wonderful to sit around the fire pit at night and catch up with our friends. Hearing their dreams and views on things was probably the best part. Saturday night was Hunky hubby and I's turn to cook din-din and it was truly yummy! Boneless Country Pork spareribs with BBQ sauce and Corn/Asparagus/grape tomato salad. And brownies for dessert (store bought unfortunately). And I don't have pics of the visitors we had in camp at night. But they were bold and masked and very, very quiet! We had left on a lantern and they still came to our table and climbed up to check out if we left a snack! One was a pretty blond raccoon and several decided to raid the trash bin behind us and get the party started! It was awesome to see these critters up close...but not that close!

And we even had fun with Aiden (the sweetest little camper!), she had gotten her pants a bit wet at Shell Beach so Daddy figured a way to get them dry...on the Marshmallow roasting fork! Great idea and Aiden agrees!

Overall, a fun trip for Hunky Hubby and I. Great Friends, great food, and fantastic memories! I can say I am ready for another coastal camping trip soon. Thanks to our darling friends The Mason's for planning it and booking it!
Much Love,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If you want to wow the Wedding this!

There is two ladies at work that are getting married in Aug/Sept and Oct. And it just hit me...they should do something totally ORGINAL! Something like this! Especially Amy and Rick! Love ya ladies! Have fun coming up with your first dances! But thought I would try to help you out...(lol) HINT! make sure you watch it ALL the way is so worth it!
Much Love,