Monday, January 26, 2009

All that is Super Bowl...

Well, here it is! Simple and to the point! I used the Cricut/ribbon/wood piece/Bazil paper/Inked the edges...and that is all that was written. I also printed a piece for the inside and used more ribbon on the inside. I can't show you that (gotta keep the home address and phone on the down low)!

Here is some of the decorations that are going to be thrown around the house SBS! Love the pom poms...who can't use some pom poms to throw at the TV when the Ref makes the obvious mistake!

Do you see the football shaped frames ($1 at target dollar bins) I am using them as menu cards. I will type up what a dish is and all it's ingredients (so people with certain allergies know the deal) and place by the dish. I have football napkins and plates. Also, do you see those little boxes holding things that look toothpicks, well they are! Shaped as footballs and goal posts...too cute! I will set those in some appetizers.

Here is the Menu (so far...):

Papa Murphy's pizza (2 large...bring home and bake type)
Nachos with Cheese Sauce and all the fixings
Brownie Bites
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Sausages (mini)

And then guests were told to bring a favorite snack to share!
Slowly but surely we are getting the house football ready!
I will share more as it happens and show pics of the main event,too!

With renewed faith,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Invitations, pom poms, and more...

Tomorrow I will post the invitations I made for my Super Bowl Party. And also show you some of the decorations I purchased as well! And share the menu, too! Hold tight I will be back soon to share!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting ready to host SUPER BOWL SUNDAY at my house...

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this party! It is going to be so much fun and AT MY HOUSE! The first time to officially have friends over to sit on my new leather couches and enjoy my HOME. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my darling husband can get it off...but who knows. I am working on the initiations and the menu. Yes, I am making my invites myself! Thanks for the years of help from the professionals at Scrapbook Addict I have a few skills...LOL! I am making my lists and checking them over like any good head coach would!

The date for Super Bowl Sunday is Feb 1st, 2009! Yippee! We have no clue who is in but we certainly know who is out so far! I still have to find out when all the stuff starts. But I am putting a game together where we get to vote on the best commercial. Since, companies spend MILLIONS on the commercials it is only right to make up some game to really appreciate them...right?! *grin*
What is everyone doing on Super Bowl Sunday...what are your plans?

Oh! And by the way I am now on Face book (Robyn Yednock-Haas) please feel free to look me up and add me as friend! I would love to chat with everyone (there is a gadget on the right of this screen)!
With renewed faith,