Monday, August 27, 2007

My loot from Goodwill and Garage Sales...

You can't image how happy I was to be shopping in this store...did I tell you I love GOODWILL! I find the neatest stuff and items that I can change with a coat of paint!
Here is a vintage mirrored perfume vanity tray. I am going to paint a nice eggshell white and use it in MY own bathroom! Oh! Can you see it friends, my perfume looking all regal on it. Just begging to be picked up and sprayed! I found this piece for 2 dollars.
The handblown glass green apple. just caught my eye with the color. I am thinking of adding it to my computer table and if not probably add a bow and sell on it ebay! I paid 3 dollars for it. The swan you see I received from my mother for my 21st birthday, she painted it. I love that piece, that is how my love for swans came about.

This picture of loot has all types of things I love in it! I found some baskets I love the feel of. The bigger of the 2 I am going to paint eggshell also and use as some type of holder of! I found a vintage raffia pumpkin basket (made from something similar to that), and also a vintage 'pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey' game! I am using that for my giveaway on my blog next week. I paid .50 cents for each basket, so that was 1.50. And the game .25cents. The ribbon I paid .10cents a roll. It has autumn leaves and pumpkins on it. Three at .10 is .30 cents. And then found a scrapbooking book...brand new...1.00.

Ok, the best deal was this handknitted baby's blanket and lamp! This baby blanket was tucked away...but my crafty eyes spotted it right away. I picked it up and inspected it...even though if there was a little damage, I was sure my mom could fix it. VOILA! no damage! I looked at the price...5.00! WHAT a steal! I had to have it! Probably place of ebay and get a pretty penny for it! Or maybe just keep it around since it is so sweet looking! With all those sheep on it!

Here is a close up of the sheep.

Here is the other great find at a garage sale for 4.00! I think I will also paint the base white and try to find the same style of shade but in a unpleated style so I can add my own fabric! What do you think?

Here is a close up of the decorations up towards the top of the lamp...I can't wait to add a tussie or two or maybe a fairy, hanging from there!

And then I spotted this handcrafted item...a watercan which has been antiqued and faux flowers placed in it. I got it for .50. I have it seating on my computer desk! It just reminds me that fall it coming!

So my total for my second-hand loot was a big whooping = $17.55! Can you believe it! What baragins and I LOVE IT ALL!

Last thing, I was looking through a magazine and came across this and thought of my new friends in the blogging world. If any of you are close to this area, you so should go check it out! From the photos it looks gorgous! All the fall items and handcrafted and antique and vintage items! OOOhhhhh! I can't stand it!
September 28,29,30

Admission is $12

3600 Shawhan Road
in tents and outdoors at:

The Workshops of David T. Smith

"between the antiquing cities of Lebanon and Waynesville! Less than an hour from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus! Less than 2 hours from Indiannapolis, Louisville, and Lexington!"

Here is the website:


Rosemary said...

Hi Robyn,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for the nice comments.
Your blog is great! I love all of your latest finds! Isn't if fun to find treasure. I love redoing the things I find too!
I am going to add your blog to my great blogs to visit list.
Have fun with all of your new stuff.

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog. I too LOVE goodwills!!Never know what you're going to find that you HAVE to have!!Love reading your blog! Thanks for the comment on mine! Laurie

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That baby blanket is darling. Somebody probably put a lot of love and time making that.

Anne F. said...

Oh Robyn, what great finds you got at Goodwill. I am telling you they have nothing like that at mine. I need to come out by you. Your lamp will look so pretty painted and a new shade in your choice of fabric make sure you show us a pic ok.

Lisa said...

I love it! We are kindred spirits because Goodwill is a haunt of mine for sure! The thrill of the hunt! These are great and you were right I love the lamp! Lisa :)

Kari said...

You found that floor lamp for $4.00??? I need to go shopping with you! I found your blog thru a comment you left on Freckled Farm's. Thought I'd mosey on over to see what what you were about. I've sure enjoyed reading what bit I've read so far! Think I'll go back and read some more!

Sandy McTier said...

Awesome finds! Amazing what some people will get rid of huh?
Have a great day.
Sandy :)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That little lamb blanket is adorable!
Guess what, I am not too far away from where that CL Fall Fair is going to be.... I've been excited ever since spotting it in their magazine, and I told my dh we MUST go!

Gretchen said...

I love Goodwill stores. We always find something interesting there. Not everyone understands it, but it's their loss.

cammyk said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am trying to talk my hubby into taking me to the Country Living Fair. I would LOVE to go.

I love the little baby blanket you found at Goodwill. Enjoy all of your goodies.