Monday, March 31, 2008

Hockey Pucks and Art...who knew?!

My bestfriend and I do a mystery trip once a month. We each take turns on planning a trip. This was Adrien's month. And she took me to Stockton to see The Stockton Thunder Hockey Team! And WHO turned out that I LOVE hockey! It was so much fun. Yelling and jumping up and down for the home team to score! It was cold(just wear layers and you will be fine) and loud! I loved it...we both ended up seeing and doing something totally new for both of us! I was working on some photos today and came across the mystery trip. It evoked great memories and wanted to share.

It was this year in Feburary. And as most of you know, I love art. And it was incredable to see that even the stadium (which is quite impressive itself) had art around it.

Just a stroll down memory lane today. Wanted to share a great day with all my blogging friends! Enjoy! And if you live in Northern California, I highly suggest going to see the Stockton Thunder Hockey. The tickets ran us about 14-16 a piece and we got great seats as you can see from the photos.
With much love,

Monday, March 24, 2008

All that is CRAFTING! (lots of photos)

I made this mermaid Dotee doll for my partner on Swap-bot! Isn't she sweet! All sparkly and ready for a dip in the ocean! It was fun to make, but these little cuties take me over 2-3 hours to make. I really try hard to make their personalities pop!
These are my Black and White w/a touch of red ATC's series. Also for a swap. I did quite a few of these! Here are the rest.

Button ATC series.

Fantasy ATC series! I loved all the glitter I used here. I am so glad that I am now taking photos of my art!

Another Pin-up Girls ATC series.

And I joined in Speckle Egg's Nest swap!

My partner was Jackie over from Wren's Nest! And what a lovely partner she was!
Go check out her blog Wren's Nest!
Here is what I made her!

Isn't this darling! Here is what Jackie made and sent me! I adore that little guy!
(borrowed image from Jackie's site)

I was also in this swap:

We had to make 11 items and send them to our hostess. She then in turn would collect from all 11 people and send off our care package. Chuck-full of goodies! Here is what I received!

Last but not least, here is what I made for the Hippity Hoppity Swap!
Vintage Easter Magnets!

Just wanted to share with you what I have been up too. While I have been out sick from work, at least keeping my hands busy even though I had to keep my feet up! LOL!
With much love,

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finished the Race!

I DID IT! I finished my first ever 5k walk! Not the greatest time but found out I wasn't last either! Yea! There were 4 of us but soon there was only 2 of us! LOL! Two in our party had a faster they went. Cora and I not as fast, stayed together chatting the whole way. It was surely lovely to be out this brisk was it FREEZING this morning. But soon the sun was up and so, was my spirits! The excitment all around us was incrediable.

Just a cute shot! I thought it was fun and cute to put all of our feet together!

These people in front of us were our pacers...getting to see their lovely wings flutter in the wind this morning was sure fun!

And part of the race lead us to an area that I had never been. On the River Walk! It was gorgous to see and smell clean fresh air. I had a blast with my racing buddies. We have decided to rename our group the "Scrapbookers in Action" (that will be in the front) and on the back it will read "scrapbook this!". I know..I know only scrapbookers humor! But it will be fun to be a little team and encourage and inspire others to get up off their duff and enjoy the RACE!
With much love,

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Pin Up Girls! & Off to the Race!

I received these today! They came all the way from Alaska...and she did a wonderful job. I have really enjoyed this swap and the creativity that goes into the altered media art! Well hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow 4 of us are meeting up and going to the race...Race, you say?! Yes the race. It is the annual Shamrock'N Race. It is a fun race to raise money for Prostate Cancer (they choose different places where the money will go annually). I have to get up by 530am and meet up by 645am! Yes, the race actually starts at 810am but they are expecting over 5,000 racers tomorrow. Which will make it very difficult for parking. Cross your fingers that we find parking (I am sure we will). I am doing it to help a great cause and follow through on some new years resolutions! To be more active and help out my community!

With much love,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goodies in the Mail!

I received this gorgous little Dotee Doll from Dot herself, all the way from Australia. The creator of the craze that has taken over. The Dotee Doll craze that is. She made her in one of my favorite colors and all those lovely beads. And you can see on the end cute little bird and a tinkly little bell. I ADORE her. Thank you so very much Dot, it is a real honor to have a piece of your wonderful art!

To see how to make a wonderful little 'Dot'ee is the link!

Next Dotee Doll has a beautiful handpainted face. This was for a Creative Dotee Doll swap I was in. We had to design a Dotee Doll that represented our creativity. This artist did just that!

This Dotee Doll was from a Shabby Chic Dotee Doll swap. Isn't she beautiful?! All the beads and choice of fabric and unique face. And because I love anything crowns/tiaras. This artist made one out of lace for her. Love it!

This doll was from a Easter Dotee Doll swap. Simple but fantastic, from the sweet little face to the white fluffy tail on the back!

I was also in a Tag swap. Each person creates 4 different tags and sends each set to their partner. I failed (again) to take photos of my art. But have pictures of what my partners sent. Some really fun ones. Take a peek!

Just a short, quick post. Since, I made a promise that I would show off my ART...and since I forgot to snap photos of mine before I packed them up! I decided to share with you what little lovelys I received today!
With much love,

We almost LOST Glacier....

Life was good until we got home around 10pm! Jim and I went out to dinner with his bestfriend Bert (Correctional Officer also), who really needed some Robyn time! He is going through a pretty rough time right now with his girlfriend. He came over and wanted to see the dog and help Jim move some furniture. Once, all that was done, we were enjoying chatting away on the driveway with the garage door up. Plenty of our neighbors saw Jim and I and waved. I smiled and waved back. The reason that was important will be brought up later in the post!

Once we gathered where we wanted to eat we closed the garage door and put fresh water down and walked out the front door.

We all meet up at Johnny Corino's in Natomas, we talked and really caught up! Around 930ish we all hugged and kissed and went our seprate ways. Jim and I chatted all the way home. I was driving. I pulled up into our garage and noticed a small note on our door. I parked. I went to retrieve the note. Here is what it read...and this is when my world came to a screeching halt!

"Dog found. Neighbor said he is yours. Grey/white male is now in your rear yard. Please call if he is not yours. E.G.P.D. (Elk Grove Police Department)"

My heart dropped to my shoes...tears sprang to my eyes. I bolted back into the garage and ran into the door that leads into the garage. And what greeted me at the door! MY GLACIER! I came down on both knees, sobbing with relief and hugging him tight around his neck. And ruffling his super, soft big ears. And kissed his sweet nose. Jim was running behind me and was completly baffled. I just handed him the card. I heard him gasp!

I almost tore into poor Jim. But thank god I held my tongue. I could not for the life of me think how my dog got out. Jim clued me in. They had moved a piece of furniture from the garage area and took it through the side gate. They came back around and I had met them in the garage and started gabbing. Since, we were all hungry and Bert really needed to talk to me. The boys FORGOT to close and lock the side gate. I covered my face! I couldn't bear the thought that action almost cost me my dog! My beloved Glacier, my 8 year old Glacier! My protection, my friend, my family!

Jim looked whipped, and then I saw them...tears welling up in those beautiful, bright blue eyes of his. He too, almost lost his friend and pal! And the worst was his mistake. I never see Jim very emotional, ever (except when I told him I had cancer), and tonight. It was too much to bear for him...he kissed me on the forhead, grabbed the walking collar and leash and got Glacier ready for a walk. Glacier and his buddy needed to walk. The last thing I heard when Jim was walking out the front door...*patting Glacier on the head* I love ya buddy...and I am sorry! It broke my heart.

I flipped the card over and saw that there was an officer's name on there, so I called it. It was a voice mail...I thanked him for being so kind and returning our dog back into his yard. But also, wanted to find out what neighbor told him that it was our dog. See, Glacier didn't have his tags on just a relax around the house collar...just a collar so we can lead him or hold him when someone comes to the door.

The officer called back pretty quickly. And we chatted on how he came about to our house. Someone called, who said they thought something was wrong. They saw our dog out and our side gate open. Our neighbor who is also a Correctional Officer for Folsom, knew our dog. He called Glacier to him (didn't know his name but just 'here boy') and Glacier went to him all wiggly! And tail wagging. He then grabbed the collar and started to walk back to our house. He say the gate open...called out. No answer...walked in slowly got to our lawn in the back and noticed the slider open about 2 feet. Stopped in his tracks. Took the dog back to his house. Called the police, thinking fool play. Elk Grove PD responded in 10 minutes. Came talked to neighbor and saw the dog. Confirmed that he was ours. Then came to our house. Walked around our house and noticed slider open. Came inside to investigate. No one home except cat. Went back to neighbor, brought dog back to our house and shut side gate and placed note.

Glacier is happy and had quite an adventure tonight. And I am thanking my lucky stars that I am friendly, and always waving to my neighbors. And that they know my dog. THANK GOD! Thank god...there are wonderful people out there still. Thank god, Glacier isn't all scary and no one wanted to go near him. Thank god the EGPD didn't call the animal control! Thank god, I am home now and have now locked the side gate and have my Glacier safe and sound in our house. Thank god, I didn't rip into Jim, he was already feeling awful about the whole thing.

Friends this is why my world almost stopped...My beloved Glacier!
With much love,