Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day to Everyone!

I found this very funny (well I thought it was hilarious!) on YouTube. Enjoy and hope pranks aren't too bad or scary! LOL!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What do I spy...Easter?!

I have dusted off the box labeled Easter...and slowly pulled out my creations. I made these items a couple years ago and still when I pull them out, my chest swells with pride. I had seen a display like this is Pottery Barn and almost hit the floor on how much they were asking for their pieces. So, I had set out...frugal and with a master plan. I used grapevines from my mom's vines that she prunes back every early winter and saved them for a occasion just like this! And thank goodness I had picked up the flocked eggs at a craft store that was going out of business. I picked up 2 huge bags for a song. I stored them away (to my hubby's dismay) but I knew they would come in handy!

Bought a new glue gun and glue and set out. I rough sketched on how I would do the wreath first. I started to make all the eggs go the same way and just not the look I wanted. So, pulled off and DO OVER! Finally got what I was looking for!

I picked up these apothecary jars at a Ross that was closing for 4 dollars for the whole set! I know...I grabbed before some other frugal bargain hunter came by!

And the topiaries, were no joke. It took me a bit but finally got everything right. I painted the Terra cot ta pots white and shaped the green foam with a sharp knife. And even spray painted my moss more green. And then the job of hot gluing. Many spots of blisters later a finished project! I sat there beaming like a Cheshire Cat, proud as pudding for doing not one but TWO! Now they sit as a pair every Easter!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goodbye,Natasha...Broadway Darling.

Not only will Liam miss you...I too, will miss you and your fantastic performances on Broadway! Goodbye, Broadway Darling...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here are some oldies but goodies!

I had some requests to show some of my scrapbooking/craft ideas and projects so here are a few (from a year/months ago)! Enjoy! I am a mixed/alter artist so I love to tinker around with different medias.

With renewed faith,

Monday, March 2, 2009

Here is all the that is going on with ME!

~Karen Marie~
One of my dearest friends, Karen, has begun to live her dream. I met Karen working at the hospital I work at still, where she was the youngest LVN at the time working there. She at times would talk about "how photography was a love" of hers. She worked through the years and every once in a while I would catch wind again her saying that same phrase. She married and soon baby #1 was coming. She found a woman who took belly shots. Well, let's just say that seed was planted in my darling friend! Karen was soon taking photos of her friends whom were pregnant. Yes, you heard right, she was taking photos right out of her home. Black drapes and all! And then she interned for a photography studio where she fine tuned her god-given skills.

Well, things turned for her once she went to work at a Ultrasound Clinic (where they did 3-D U/S's), and soon I found out she was taking photos know as getting paid. Karen then moved from there and formed her own photography studio! I can't tell you how very proud of her I am! Someone who is living her dream! Karen I love you girlie! And I am always here for you and will never let your dream fail! You are such inspiration to me and Jim and we love you and family very much! Thanks for making things beautiful!

Karen has two sites that you can visit! One is under construction but will be open soon! It is her newest business venture!
Belly Beautiful Portraits

Starlet Photography

The above pic above is the cover of a local parenting magazine ~ Karen did the cover and photo shoot! Once I get the mag, I will share with you the photo shoot! Love it!

For anyone who lives in the Sacramento area or greater surrounding areas, I highly encourage you to look Karen up as your photographer where she can capture you going through one of your most beautiful times....pregnancy and on through ~! And if you want a fun, sassy photo of yourself for a loved one or heck just for you...then become a Starlet! Ladies...she creates MAGIC! In future days I will become a Starlet and I will share with all of you!

The Scrapbook Addict closed for good!
This is the sad part of this dear friends, Helen & Sarah, had to shut the doors to their dream! The Scrapbook Addict became another victim of the encomy. It was a sad day for alot of us who came there to find solace and hang with these beautiful women! My heart and prayers go out to my friends! I love you both!

A Day with Hubby ~ Pro Bass Shop ~ Manteca,CA
Now, I am not a hunter or fisherman but I have to say this was overwhelming to saw the least! Now, I know my friend Suzanne will have a heart attack from the Suze...close your eyes, doll! This store is huge, they have a huge fish tank with big mouth bass, striper, catfish,strugen (sp?) all the fish were HUGE! And you should have seem them when feeding them...WOWSERS! Impressive! They have a archery lane where you can try out bows, that was fun. They have a mock shooting gallery (a pocket of quarters a must)...but still beat hubby! It is a scientfic fact that women are better shots! It is proven over and over!

Museum Day in Sacramento
Adrien had a great idea ~ to do Sacramento's Free Museum Day! What a great idea. Now, we have done most of the museum's in SacTown but can you believe I have never done our Governor's Mansion?! It was so beautiful inside and out.

All the furniture is the orginal, and fresh flowers everywhere! And the bedrooms were just glorious! I know there are few women on here that would certainly be jealous! The Pink bedroom was Adrien and I's favorite! I highly suggest this for everyone. If you plan it right you can take shuttles to and fro from the museums. And there are so many great eatries around town! Put this on your to do list!

The Super Bowl Party!
Well are finally the photos of the Super Bowl Party! Not as many as people I was expecting and poor hubby got mandated that day, so couldn't come and play with us! And eat some of my famous hot wings! Baby, next year!

During the 3-D part of the Super Bowl...did you all have your glasses! I pinch your head!!! Pinch...Pinch!

All interested in the TV, hoping and praying that the underdog Cardinals would make close, yet so far!

BF...totally chilling and saying PEACE OUT!
With renewed faith,