Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have WON the lottery!

Yes! That would be at the top of my list today...why, you ask? Because work stank today! Patient's families were rude and not pleasant in any shape of form. I think they think they were in the Hilton! "Hey buddy...thats down the street." No please or thank you or excuse, can you help me. Its hey! where is...get me this...or after they ask a question, I answer they simply turn and walk away. What...did I suddenly disappear?!

Today these families were all about them not their loved one, who are sick. IT was because 'they' were uncomfortable (too cold) or 'they' didn't like waiting for the food tray! WHAT!!!! I wanted to say "listen up wise guy...this food tray is not yours its your sweet mother's tray".

I saw the worst of human nature. Like vultures waiting around the bed to see if they pass on. Or the one that set me into a rage, that I actually thought I was going to cobbler the family.

I was help changing a patient's bandage when the MD walked in. Well, becuase I was helping the nurse out with holding stuff together I couldn't walk out. There were 3 family members and very sick patient in the room also, and the MD began to say very slowly and very sorrowfully that he opened up her (their mom) and that she was full of cancer. She would most likely have 3-6 months to live. The patient began to sob...brought me to tears has well as the nurse. We were smoothing down her hair and rubbing her arms and hands and the nurse was doing that 'shhhhh....shhhhh...' that mothers do with their babies get hurt.

The whole time the family sat there, at first all us,staff, thought they were shocked, which happens. But then we saw the cruelty sprout its ugly head. One of the sons looked at the other and said...well great now we can sell mom's house. And the sister then got a creepy smile on her face and asked "are you sure it won't be sooner?" WHAT!!!!! The worst was this statement...."Don't worry sis, its not like she will know whats going on...they will have her hyped on morphine...shoot we could have a party right in her room and she won't know we are there!" Those *&$@#)#$, jerks! I DREW in a deep breath and through gritted teeth I said..."I need all of you to leave the room, you bunch of hateful money grubbing idiots"

Yep! I got pulled into the office for that one. But you know what I don't even care, I didn't get written up but talked to about that is just not becoming of our staff. My boss saw my side..that I was acting as an advocate for the patient. I also told my boss to get social services in there to help her with her will. They did come in.

Before I left tonight...I popped my head in to see if there was anything I could bring her in the morning...magazines, comb, floss, etc. She waved me into the room and asked me "do you think you could pray with me and read this aloud" I looked down and it was notebook full of bits and pieces of what looked like sermons. So, I began to read first I was just a whisper but she grabbed my hand and I seem to get the strength to grow louder in speech. I was on the second page when I noticed the other family on the other side and some staffers had gathered around to listen in. I finished at page 5 and finished with 'our father' and amen. And then leaned over and kissed her on the forehead...with tears sliding down her cheeks as well as mine.

The other staffers have come to love this patient, she is sweet natured and kind to all. The other staffers came in too to say goodnight and see if she needed anything.
Tomorrow friends, I am getting her help to settle up her accounts and estate. Won't that be a SHOCK when 'they' the family realize they don't get any of it. Guess who she wants to leave it ALL to?! Her sister's niece! The sweet, godly woman has been there from sun up to sun down. But there are days she leaves early because she has another job.

The reason for the lottery bit...well 2 reasons, one the young lady will inhert all of the woman's estate. Which she will cherish I am sure and would live up to the memory of her friend. Secondly, I was reading the paper today about who won. See, friends...I might not have won any real money...but I certainly WON the lottery with ever being in the presence of such a godly woman. My life is better for having her come into my life. She has shown me with great diginity that even in the shadows of be strong in FAITH. YES I HAVE WON THE LOTTERY!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just want to say thanks!

To everyone who has been resonding to my posts! Each of them make my days more wonderful...Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I have met some really terrific people through blogging.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I just had to copy...

I have been browsering other blogs when I came across something really fun from...Lindy's Little Corner! She was gracious enough to share with everyone, as long as you post where to take a peek! So if you do please do the same...I would love to see your answers. I saw this Meme on another blog, and I wanted to play along. Consider yourself tagged. And remember... one-word answers only.
Here goes it:

1. Cellphone: NOT!
2. Relationship: Trustworthy
3. My hair: up
4. Work: Stifling
5. My sisters: laughter
6. My favorite thing: blogs!
7. My dream last night: cupcakes
8. Favorite drink: 7 & 7
9. Dream car: truck
10. The room I’m in : office
11. My shoes: vast
12. My fears: drowning
13. What do I want to be in 10 years: thinner
14. Who did I hang out with this weekend: family
15. What are you not good at: sewing
16. Muffin: lemon
17. One of my wish list items: crowns
18. Where I grew up: sacramento
19. Last thing I did: blog
20. Wearing: shorts
21. Not wearing: shoes
22. Your pets: dos
23. Your computer: older
24. Your life: good
25. Your mood: tired
26. Missing: husbamd
27. What am I thinking about right now? bestfriend
28. My car: malibu
29. My kitchen: fantastic
30. My summer: adventrous
31. Favorite color: purple
32. Last time I laughed: friday
33. Last time I cried: sunday
34. School: provoking
35. Love: husband!

My loot from Goodwill and Garage Sales...

You can't image how happy I was to be shopping in this store...did I tell you I love GOODWILL! I find the neatest stuff and items that I can change with a coat of paint!
Here is a vintage mirrored perfume vanity tray. I am going to paint a nice eggshell white and use it in MY own bathroom! Oh! Can you see it friends, my perfume looking all regal on it. Just begging to be picked up and sprayed! I found this piece for 2 dollars.
The handblown glass green apple. just caught my eye with the color. I am thinking of adding it to my computer table and if not probably add a bow and sell on it ebay! I paid 3 dollars for it. The swan you see I received from my mother for my 21st birthday, she painted it. I love that piece, that is how my love for swans came about.

This picture of loot has all types of things I love in it! I found some baskets I love the feel of. The bigger of the 2 I am going to paint eggshell also and use as some type of holder of! I found a vintage raffia pumpkin basket (made from something similar to that), and also a vintage 'pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey' game! I am using that for my giveaway on my blog next week. I paid .50 cents for each basket, so that was 1.50. And the game .25cents. The ribbon I paid .10cents a roll. It has autumn leaves and pumpkins on it. Three at .10 is .30 cents. And then found a scrapbooking book...brand new...1.00.

Ok, the best deal was this handknitted baby's blanket and lamp! This baby blanket was tucked away...but my crafty eyes spotted it right away. I picked it up and inspected it...even though if there was a little damage, I was sure my mom could fix it. VOILA! no damage! I looked at the price...5.00! WHAT a steal! I had to have it! Probably place of ebay and get a pretty penny for it! Or maybe just keep it around since it is so sweet looking! With all those sheep on it!

Here is a close up of the sheep.

Here is the other great find at a garage sale for 4.00! I think I will also paint the base white and try to find the same style of shade but in a unpleated style so I can add my own fabric! What do you think?

Here is a close up of the decorations up towards the top of the lamp...I can't wait to add a tussie or two or maybe a fairy, hanging from there!

And then I spotted this handcrafted item...a watercan which has been antiqued and faux flowers placed in it. I got it for .50. I have it seating on my computer desk! It just reminds me that fall it coming!

So my total for my second-hand loot was a big whooping = $17.55! Can you believe it! What baragins and I LOVE IT ALL!

Last thing, I was looking through a magazine and came across this and thought of my new friends in the blogging world. If any of you are close to this area, you so should go check it out! From the photos it looks gorgous! All the fall items and handcrafted and antique and vintage items! OOOhhhhh! I can't stand it!
September 28,29,30

Admission is $12

3600 Shawhan Road
in tents and outdoors at:

The Workshops of David T. Smith

"between the antiquing cities of Lebanon and Waynesville! Less than an hour from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus! Less than 2 hours from Indiannapolis, Louisville, and Lexington!"

Here is the website:

Sunday, August 26, 2007

There was a PARTY!

Today is a wonderful is the day my oldest nephew was born! Yesterday, though, we threw a party for him. Today is his 4th birthday. He got lots and lots of gifts and the party's theme. Well I am going to let you all guess.

Here is the center of the can just imagine all the noise that was going on. And this was just 3 kids playing together. I am sure my sister is fast a sleep, they wore mommy out.

My nephew only had one friend over (My sister just feels that having a hugh party is too much for my nephew). But the 2 of them had a blast hitting the pinta! They got 5 toy cars out from them. Here is a shot of my nephew taking a swing at the pinta

This is who I played with mostly after his nap, my youngest nephew. Look at the sweet face. That is how he wakes up, just smiling from ear to ear. It was a lovely day to catch up with friends and family. Happy 4th Birthday!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

What a Baragin...this is what 5 dollars got me!

OH MY! Is all I can say...I was walking Glacier and on a whim I took my wallet. Thankgoodness I did. I found a garage sale with ok stuff. Until I spotted what I wanted, but alas, it was in someone else's arms. But I kept a very close eye on it. I kept hearing her talking to her friend that 5 dollars was alot for this platter, but she held on to it. FINALLY, she put it down...I was 2 steps behind her and waited till she walked away and then SCOOPED it up! I could hear the heavens open up and the angels singing...! As the heaven's light shone down on me as I came up to pay, the woman then came up and had the gall to ask for it back! I politely told her she had placed it down and walked away...far away. Almost 2 tables ahead. I said no, and that I was buying it. She then went up to the lady whose garage sale it was and complained. The woman said..."easy come and easy go"! I fell out laughing so hard that I think I even snorted...LOL!

Isn't it beautiful?! It is hugh and I must have looked very strange carrying a large platter while walking my dog. But what a baragin at 5 dollars! Here is a close up of the trim with all those pumpkins and vines! And it was made in Italy! Just a gorgous piece to add to my kitchen or living room. Can you see it filled with lovely white candles on a table somewhere in my house! Or even used to hold turkey or ham in the fall! I LOVE IT. And yes my friends the heavens were smiling on me today!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What a Glorious Day for Auntie!

What a glorious day for me...Auntie Ra Ra! I offered to watch my beautiful neice and the littest in the bunch my youngest nephew for a couple hours so my darling sister could enjoy a relaxing massage. We all played and my neice loves cute, pink things! So! And I found a Hello Kitty wallet at goodwill awhile ago and saved it for her when she got a bit holder...she loves as you can see!
And the baby was in on the act with his new kicky pad...not really sure what they are called. But he loved it and kicked and kicked and giggled!

My sister came to pick up the children and I open the door and SURPRISE she has bought me new mugs (that match my kitchen) and some yummy tea as a thank you! I loved it! We packed up the childrena and picked up my oldest nephew from Montersorri school (preschool). And off we went to Ikea! So we all could look at some furniture ideas for Auntie's new house! We had so much fun...we dropped off one at the play area (which is just fab! Have you seen!). Then the 2 youngest off with us! We looked and looked and then were pooped and went picked up the one who was playing and went and had lunch in the dining area! And we all shared MEATBALLS! Yummy! And chocolate milk!

Then back to drop Auntie back home, with soar feet and a VERY happy HEART!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall leafs falling...onto my table!

August 20,2007

I just had to post what a wonderful friend sent in the mail! She found what I was looking for...suede type of fabric in the shape of fall leafs. They are placemats. She found them at Walmart at $2.88 a piece. What a BARAGIN! Don't you think those would be lovely on a table for the fall?! She sent me 8, I am a lucky girl! So these will be used along with my leaf side plates.

And here is the shape of the mats! Just lovely!

Don't you just love fall?! It is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the trees changing their hues of greens to yellows, oranges, reds. The canopys of the trees look radiant against a blue crisp fall day. It reminds me of a place here in California, just up the hill from Sacramento, called Apple Hill. It is a glorious place where you can pick bushels of apples and other fall season fruits. And visit a pumpkin farm and pick up pumpkins and hay bales and corn stalks for house decor. And then find a place for some warm apple crisp with wooey-gooey caramel sauce all in the same day and in the small area. I also love fall for the chance to wear a beautiful sweater! Yes...dreaming of fall knocking on my door soon.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scrapped Away!

Yes friends! I cropped for 5 whole solid alot done! I have alot coming up in the scrapbooking world. Lots of swaps. But I can say my hands hurt a bit after all the cropping. I should have taken a photo of what I was working on, but alas, left my camera at home. I am, though very glad that I deceided to come in to crop. I go to a scrapbook store called 'Scrapbook Addict' in West Sacramento! I call it MY store...I am there all the time. It is like my second home. Anywoo, back to why I didn't almost come in to crop. Why? you ask...well I was up till almost 5 am. Yes, 5 am. My neighbors behind me where having a party...lots of drinking and playing games. I have no problem with that...but it went on and on! I called the police at 130am then again at 330am and then again at 4am! Finally I just was so exhausted that my eyes just closed and I had a fitful sleep. I slept in till 10am! Can you believe that. I haven't in a VERY long time snoozed till 10am. Still only 5 hours of sleep.

As soon as I walked into the store, I was engerized. The sea of paper colors and styles, embellishment heaven! Yes, today turned out to be a super duper day! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aaahhhh! The life of my Dog, Glacier!

August 16,2007

Ok! Family and friends I want you to see first hand what happens when Glacier and I go for a long walk! I am ready to go and he...well he would rather lay on the cool tile with his little stuffed buddy, Quackers! If some of you don't know already (I am sure MOST of you are done with hearing me go on and on about my fuzzface, but its the same as when friends talk to me about their Glacier is a beautiful (no biased feelings here..)Alaskan Malamute. He will turn 5 this Oct. 1st. We will celebrate with some type of thing...really nice long walk in a park or even better freedom in a doggie park! Tell me he isn't the most beautiful thing you have seen...I mean come on and look at that FACE! I just want to lie on the tile with him and play kissy nose! He is my darling and I love him dearly! He is hugh though as you can see by those 2 big ol'paws out in front. When we walk people cross the other side of the street! Which is good in my book, no one messying around with us! Well I had just had to get this onto my blog! Big, wet, sloppy kisses to you GLACIER and momma loves ya!

Tuesday Morning on a Wednesday Afternoon!

August 15,2007

Oh! Ladies...I walked in to return a item at Tuesday Morning! But came out with armful of goodies at a great price! I just couldn't resist this stackable boxes (very sturdy,cloth covered boxes). Aren't they the cutest! I can see them stacked by the fireplace! EEEeeekkkk! Just to cute for words! Do any of you shop there? Or have that store in your neck of the woods? Oh yes, ladies filling this house up with lovely things will come quite natural to me!

Here is a close up of the decorated bigger boxes, with 2 things I love for Halloween!

Also found this beautiful oval casserole dish in a lovely shade of turq. (won't even try to spell and can you see the pattern on the side of it! It screamed my name, it literally jumped into my arms...heehee! And the best part it was 25% off so got it for a song! $7.00 dollars brand new! WOW! I would have paid that for it at flea market~! I really didn't think I would have picked up anything else, but retail therapy seems to really work for me. Once purchased my lovely finds I was in a grand mood all day!

Here is the pattern...can you see it a bit?

I did watch my niece and nephew today will my sister and my oldest nephew went out to run some errands! Hadley and I played with all her big, little balls! We had a blast. To be 2 1/2 bills, no time line, no cares...she is so sweet! Also asking for BIG HUGS! I was armed and ready to go with thoughs! And she was attacked by the kissy monster,TOO! The whole time the littlest in bunch was happily sleeping away. In his very beautiful bassinet which reminds me of those old fashioned ones, way back when! It was a very successful day...what, with lovely Tuesday Morning finds and then being able to watch 2 little ones! Yep! Great day indeed! Hugs to all my new and old Blog friends. It truly has been wondeful to get to know each one of your storys!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And the Fall Frenzy begins...

August 14,2007

Looky friends! SEE (as I am jumping up and down squealing with delight)! I finally found the Walmart fall leave dessert plates! I picked up 3 of each color. The staff were just putting them out! I snuck in and grabbed what I I am hoping that they put a gold color out. Then I will grab 3 of those as well. I haven't seen the leaf placemats yet! But no worries I will be looking for those as well!

Here is another shot of the colors and size of the plates. I picked up a Green/Burgandy/Dk.Brown. Aren't they lovely?!

While I was there shopping I came across something that gave me a wonderful idea! Here is what I came across...fake fruit! Now I can have full plates of fruit on my tri-level plate holder and never have to worry about mold! Yippeee! And love that it looks so REAL and inviting. And the best part is the price...97 cents a piece (except the large bunch of grapes where 1.29 a bunch). What do you think?

Then as I was standing in line this caught my eye!

Overall, I would say a wonderful, successful trip to Walmart. Which I seem to be shopping more and more at...with prices like that, no wonder!

Eggplant! My new love...

August 13, 2007

Ladies here is the beautiful purchase I made on Saturday. It was 50% off at a store named 'Home Sweet Home'...lovely boutique! I ran my hand over it the velvety finish and love the eggplant color and the size! I said for 8 dollars! I gotta have it!

Here is another shot of it! Isn't it slendid?!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nice Matters Award!

Thank you so very much dearest Terri from Lakewood Manor! I am stunned and honored to be given this award! Once I read your post I had tears welling up. You said some of the sweetest words one can hear! You are a doll and I love ya to pieces! Thanks again Terri you mean the world to me dear friend! Now I would like to pass on the 'Nice Matter Award' to a wonderful and very dedicated wife and mother to her lovely family! I am passing it on to Tanya of the Payzant Family Blog! Congrats!

What a Wonderful Day up in the Hills

My bestfriend, Adrien and I, plan a mystery trip each month. August was my month to plan. I took us to the Black Chasm Cavern. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. To think that all in the cave is over millions of years old. Still blows our minds. I have stunning photos which I will share.

Once that adventure was over we were starving! Not many places in the small town of Volcano, California.

But we were told of a burger joint down the road. Yes, and a joint it was. We saw the cook make the burgers which were fresh not frozen! I had a cheeseburger! YUMMY to the TUMMY! And Adrien had the grilled chicken sandwich! We both devored our treats and moved on down the hill. To go SHOPPING!

We went into a town called Jackson! Boy oh boy! Was that fun! Little boutiques and antique stores galore! Adrien bought a antique tea kettle! Fab find! And I found a beautiful pasta bowl. And some candles! Thanks Adrien for a lovely day! I always have the best time with you! HUGS!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Look what I got!

August 6th, 2007

Wow! Today was one of those 'I gotta run-around errand day'. Whew! I went to 5 Walmarts and NO LEAF PLACEMATS. So, my thinking is that maybe they aren't on the west coast yet. BUT, that being said if any of you see those leaf placemats, send me a quick email on which store has them or better yet pick them up and I will pay you. I need 8 of them! Since I was on the hunt in the Walmarts I came across something I truly needed in my kitchen! CHERRY Tea Towels! Aren't these the cutest things ever? My kitchen is starting to feel very cozy cottage now!

And I drove over to my mom's house to discover I had a bag of goodies waiting for me! Yummy! Home-grown veggies! Aren't those so scrumptous looking. I even received jalopinos, too! I love'em in almost anything...such a 'hot mouth'! Ok off to make some much needed phone calls. I hope you are enjoying see my little world through this blog. Hugs to you all!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sitting here dreaming about Fall...

August 5, 2007 at around 630ish
Can you believe it, I am having a cup of hot tea?! English Breakfast...yummy! And some Cinnamon & Sugar pita chips from Trader Joes! Another favorite of mine! Friends on my Chat sites are dreaming away for fall. Well ladies, today, here in Elk Grove it is a lovely, very breezy Sunday. The temp is around 69-70 here in this part of the county. So I started getting goosebumps when I was blogging away and thought! Ummm...a nice cup of steamy tea would be lovely!

Little Silver blessings...

Ever wonder why sometimes the little things make us so happy? For me it is new silverware! See, a little thing. New polished finish, new clean lines, the feel of new metal in ones hand. Yes...this is one little thing that has brought happiness in my day. Every time I do the dishes and I am happily washing away I reach down into the warm, soapy water and pick up a little perfect piece of a blessing.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A close up

See...What my Mom brought over

Aren't this just wonderful?! They have been blooming away on my new kitchen counter. My first flowers in the new house! Just breathtaking. Couldn't find a vase...somewhere in the sea of boxes, but used a coffee thermos instead. Makes it look like I did that on purpose. I did place my hand painted swan near the jug. My mom painted this for a birthday many moons ago. Just love swans and love that everytime I see it, it reminds me of her! And with those flowers she brought over I thought it would be a nice centerpiece. And that RED is just stunning in my pale kitchen. It is such a stricking contrast. Enjoy as I have for the past couple days.

Ok...who said moving was easy?!

August 1, 2007

Whew! Is all I can say to moving. It is alot of hard work. More for others than others. I would say the 'boys' did the hardest work. Steve and Jim really put themselves out there. I would like to thank both of them for making it such a smooth as possible move. Later that night I took them out for a 'Great Steak Dinner' at OutBack. I nice cold Fosters and a wonderful steak would put the perk back into anyone's step.

The following days...well, weren't so easy. We still had to clean the old homestead. Our old dryer was a 3 prong and we needed a 4 prong! AArrghhh! So we had to plunk down some cash for a used, fairly nice, dryer. Our vaccum is being worked on as I type. It was overwhelmed by the cleaning from the other!

But, I can say, thank goodness that Lois and Jim set traps out to catch the mouse. YES! You heard right we had a mouse in the new house. But quick thinking Jim was set in motion. And sad to say we discovered him...he had passed on to mouse heaven.

Now just trying to settle in one box at time. Then comes the exciting and nerve wrecking experience to find 'that just right furniture'. A friend of mine gave us some wonderful advice. "Don't buy anything unless you absoulty LOVE it!" Sound advice!

Here is what the front 'now' looks like!

August 1, 2007

Tada! See what a little elbow grease gets you. A whole new look! Jim and I going to place 3 pots of Lavender between the arches...2 towards the left and then one to the far right, next to the garage. That way it leaves the walkway clear so our first guests can make their way through! Pretty nice, right?! We thought so too. Our landlords, Lois and Jessica, worked tremdously hard to get this house ready for us to move in.

Our first look at the new house

June 15, 2007
Here is the first peek at the house 'before' the move in. There has been much improvement since then, in the front of the house. I love the style of the front porch with the arches. The owners planted 'PeterPans'. I wonderful purple flower with a lovely lush green bush.

I will post what the front looks like now! You will opens up the front quite a bit!