Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ok...can I just say I love this new thing!

Today I was browsing lots of blogs and I came across one that had some cool images on it with their name on those images! Well I clicked on it and came to this site:


It's the coolest to play with! So I added one that was able to use both Jim and I's name! And it was just really cute! That is at the right of this page. And then I did one that used my name solely and put that at the top of this page! Go try it and have fun!


Monday, September 24, 2007

All that JAZZ!

Saturday was AWESOME! Every month my bestfriend, Adrien and I do mystery trips. Mystery trips you ask...? Here is how it works. Each of us as a month, we each plan something in secret for the other. Then we offical invite and set things in motion. September was Adrien's month. Guess where she took me?!

~~~~~The Monterey 50th Jazz Festival!~~~~~

Oh, what a grand time I had, no we had! I love all types of music and really enjoy Jazz! You know good ol' Dixieland, New Orleans, Blue Grass types! Toe-tapping, hip-swaying, oops-you-got-caught type of jazz! It rained all the way from Sacramento to Monterey! But friends the gods had heard Adrien's cry...NO RAIN! As soon as we parked the stopped! Yep...from then on out clear skies and crisp clean music filled the air!

We got some great livations to enjoy with our lovely music buzzing all around us! Also enjoyed some good ol'Jambalaya! MMM...MMM good! Brought up good times back home in Bloxi, Mississippi when I was a child!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Here is a piece of my HEART!

Well, it's finally working! Yea! I am off now for the next 6 days and it is jammed packed with adventure! On my last day off, Monday to be exact. My sister needed me to watch 2 of her 3 children. NOT A PROB! Her is my sweet, darling neice wearing my big pink Disney crocs. I have to say it...Love my niece and nephews to heaven and back! Those children are my heart. I have seen each child after they were born and got to count each toe and finger. And talk into the wee hours with my baby sister about how amazing each baby is, just gazing in awe of God's perfect little creations! I am blessed to be an Aunt! No, I don't have children of my own and thats ok with me...I have my niece and nephews. They are my everything and they own my heart. Yes, I freely give it over to them,they now have prime real estate...MY HEART!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Today was a good day...

Friends, my husband and I did lots of house work and yard work. It is alot of work turning a house into a home. Yes, we are still without furniture and still sitting on camp chairs. But, we feel blessed to have each other and count our blessing each day that are shared with us (family,friends, health, jobs...etc.). We had a wonderful meal together and shared some of our dreams and hopes for us. It was a lovely day...yes it was a good day.

Well, as you know I like to visit my blog friends and came across Sandy's and she had posted that she had a blog friend that was having a giveaway for her 100th post. I thought how fitting since I just did one for my 25th! So here is the link to the 100th giveaway, tell her Robyn sent ya!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Winner...winner...Chicken Dinner!

Ladies! Thank you all for leaving your lovely comments and joining in the fun! I put all the names on slips of paper and folded them all alike and had my husband draw the name out! Drum roll please! The winner of one of those lovely Betty Crocker cookbooks is:

Cherry over at: Cherry's Jubilee!!

Congrats! Cherry! I will be emailing to find out your address and which book you decided to pick! Thanks again ladies for making the 25th post so much fun! I will post more later! I want to visit with my husband since he came in to town after 5 weeks away. He is a Correctional Officer at Soledad State Prison in Monterey County. So, he works alot of overtime. Which sadly, means not a lot of time for us right now! I cherish these rare moments. Again! Congrats again.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Found some BOO-tiful things...and there is a GIVEAWAY!

Well friends my day started out with me waiting in line at the supermarket and turning around and seeing Martha dressed like you know I had to pick this magazine up and add to my basket. As I stood there I was so tempted to peek inside! NO! my mind kept saying, WAIT! I did just that. I bought my goodies and started my day out with goodies in a crisp brown bag with Martha peeking out, in one hand, a Starbucks in the other. I set to go thrifting! It was lovely this morning here in Sacramento a very cool 68 degrees, starting to feel like Autumn. YEAH!

Onto my little shops that I frequent and came across this for $6.00 dollars, and Partylite crystal holders for $2.00, the pair. Couldn't pass those up. I think I am going to use, the enamelware outside by my faucet to wash my hands after gardening. And keep the crystal candle holders on the mantle, to add a bit of a twinkle. I know...ME! Gardening...get out. Ever since moving into this house I have this primal need to dig and plant and feel cool, damp earth between my fingers!

Ok, now my Blog Friends. I wanted to do a giveaway, because I found these great cookbooks when out at my shops and wanted to celebrate. So, I thought and thought. What could I do to celebrate something on my blog. Well I noticed yesterday Sept 10th was my 25th post! I shouted...REALLY?! I couldn't believe it. I have posted 25 posts with pictures and feelings from the heart. SO, that being said, today is the start of the giveaway. I will add all the people names from yesterday's post and todays through the 14th into my enamelware strainer. To celebrate me being BRAND new at blogging and meeting such wonderful people and that I have posted 25 posts...I want to do a giveaway of one of those wonderful, vintage (at least one is original, other 2 are reprints of older vintage Better Crocker cookbooks) choice! So my wonderful friends each of you please post and I will let everyone know who the winner is on the 15th!
Isn't this going to be so FUN! I can hardly stand it! Take a peek to see which one you might get to pick!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Here are few of my favorite things...

Friends I have missed you all. I have just gotten off from working 3 back to back 12 hour shifts at the hospital. But I did find some time to tresure hunt today! My community was holding a hugh garage sale to raise money for their Harvest Festival coming in October. My bestfriend and I were more than happy to contribute...She found a couple of wonderful deals as I was too. When I came up on them...I almost passed out. This woman wanted 15 dollars for the whole set...can you believe the luck! I have priced similar types of vessels at a much higher price and shucks you could have paid that much for just the big tray. And the best part they are brand spanken new. It was lovely to set eyes on that set!

Here is a closer look at the larger tray and the canisters,mugs,spoon rest. I will pack these way until next summer. But this was one deal I could not pass up. Except the canisters which I think I will use in my craft room. I love they way they make me cheery!

Wait! That's not all ladies! I have found more. On one of my working days I needed to go to my local grocery store to pick up a prescription. When I came across these lovely autumn bowls! I still am shaking my head at this one...who would have thunk that they would have dishes in a grocery store. Well the prices ranged from 3.99 to 7.99 depending on the size of the bowl. But still a baragin and just looks wonderful! I can see all types of things in the bowls...

I promise to post more photos tomorrow...of the other finds I found! Again, it feels wonderful to be back in the world of the living. I have missed you all like crazy! I received a wonderful email from Heather of the Speakled Egg blog. Keep me posted of the Halloween Hat Swap I am in. This will be my first swap from a blog! And one that is crafted. I am truly excited and honored that I am being able to play! It will prove great fun and giggles! Leave lots of comments friends...I have missed you! Hugs to each of you!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I got tagged!

LOL! I got tagged by rosespetitemaison - Rosemary! This is going to be fun. Ok...I don't really like my middle name but have always liked Nadine!

Nadine =

N - Nifty
A - Adoring
D - Delightful
I - Intelligent
N - Nice
E - Eccellent

If you want to play consider yourself tagged and post it on your blog! That would be fun then. Thanks Rosemary for choosing me to be a tagged!