Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A great BIG thanks to all my Blogger Friends & news about my NEW Dyson!

First off! Thank you all for all your lovely thoughts and comments. It truly warmed my heart. The swelling has come down quite a bit and I am able to function a bit better. I must still keep my feet elevated for 6-8 hours a day. Otherwise, I will have tree trunks for legs by the end of the day. I can say this much...NEVER again will I leave something like this for weeks on end. Yes...yes I was bad and started getting symtoms earlier but shrugged it off as "my thyroid meds must be off". Then continue to work with very swollen legs. BAD IDEA! This almost landed me in the hospital. EEEKKKK...since I work in a hospital, believe me, a hospital is the LAST place I want to be!

I still have good days and bad days, but more good now. Again, thank you for all of you stopping by! It truly made my days!

Now on to something that is truly a MIRACLE! Below is a pic of what Jim and I vacuumed off our carpets. I KNOW! GROSS!

But here is the story, so you don't think we are total PIGS! We have in the last year gone through 5 vacuums. We burned out the motors due to Glacier's hair! When our last one burned up which was 3 months ago. We decided we would save up instead of buying YET another failure. We needed to save up about 600 dollars for the NEW Dyson DC17 Animal Vacuum. This last Saturday, while I was elevating my feet, my dear hubby went out to Kohl's. Jim couldn't wait to make the purchase. He said people were commenting in line how crazy "that guy is" for buying such a expensive piece. AAAhhhhh...but what they didn't know...WHAT we didn't know. Was Mr.Dyson had created a vacuuming MIRACLE! We read the directions very carefully (easy breezy). And then Jim set out to vacuum. Within the first sweep of the Dyson...we saw it! All the microfine hair floating and twirling around the canister. And it sucked up all the dander and dust that WAS UNDER the carpet! Then it became a game...we did every inch of house. Even on areas that SHOWED NO SIGN of dog/cat hair IT STILL PICKED UP all that was under the fibers! This machine has saved OUR HOUSE! It looks and feels like we have NO ANIMALS in our house. I just had to share this will all of you who have pets. This vacuum is worth every penny! We will never buy anything else. I can now feel confident to have my baby nephew on the floor and not wonder what he is sucking in or playing on. I can sit on my carpet with black pants and get up and NO HAIR!


Now off to blog and catch up! Love ya'all to bits!

With much love,


Gig said...

I stopped to check on you and I see you have posted, but there is no post. So, I want to know about your NEW Dyson.
Hope you are feeling much better.


Gig said...

Hey there, I am back...I figured you were finishing your post when I commented and just couldn't resist being a "smart a**".
I like the Dyson, need to put it on my list of need to have.
Glad your legs are getting better, continue to get as much rest as you can. We all do worry about you.

Dot said...

So sorry to hear you have been in so much pain Robyn. How awful for you!! Glad you are starting to feel better now.

And I have heard WONDERFUL things about Dyson vacuum cleaners! It sounds like it was worth every penny!

Thanks for popping by my blog and entering my draw. It has been fun to meet new people! And many thanks for sending me some goodies. Can't wait to see them.

Take good care of yourself.
Dot xx

PAT said...

Hi Robyn! It's been awhile since I've been by here! Wow, you've had been having an uncomfortable time! I'm sorry to hear about that.

We kept thinking about getting a Dyson Animal for the longest time. After our girls bought theirs we decided to go for it, not long after Christmas. So happy we did! It is amazing how it gets all that Molly hair and dander! We're well pleased with ours. Congratulations on getting your Dyson! We bought ours at Kohls, too.


Sandy said...

Hi Robyn,
SO glad you are doing better and didn't end up in the hospital.
I've thought many times about the Dyson. Thanks for the review and show and tell of what it picks up.
With 3 boys and 2 dogs I'm thinking we're gonna have to make that purchase soon ~ as we're on our 3rd vaccum in 2 years.

Glad to see you back in blogland.
Have a fabulous day.

Monica said...

Omg Robyn I had never even heard of Cellulitis and my teenage daughter is currently on antibitics for the SAME THING! We were told since she had strep throat within the oast month that it is the left over bacteria...crazy! Hers was in her arms, hands and wrists..painful swollen red and tingly all over . So weird! Glad to hear you are feeling better too :)
I have a DYSON also and a very furry CAT and DOG so I can relate to you and the pet hair issues. Dyson = Best investment ever :)

Leah said...

Robyn, I'm so very sorry for your ordeal, but I'm SO glad you're starting to feel better.

Your Dyson sounds amazing. I'm jealous! I shudder to think what we'd pick up with it--our doggy boy is SUCH a shedder. These household gadgets can become beloved, and truly make life easier...I posted not long ago about my love affair with my stackable washer-dryer (a real luxury in NYC, where space is at a premium)

Keep up your good recovery! Relax as much as you can!!! (I know how hard that can be...)

xo, Leah

paige said...

robyn---holy cow!!! i cna't believe what all you've been dealing with. true story--i was just thinking of you this week & came up here to check out your blog but got distracated...then i get a comment from you & swing over to find all this out....good gracious.
glad its not bad enough to require a stay at the ole' hospital!!
PLEASE take care of yourself!!
& get back to 100% soon.
sending get well wishes & hugs
ps--great scoop on the dyson-if it were half the price it might fit in my budget!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I haven't been by in awhile and I'm so sorry to hear about your legs...that sounds really painful! I'm glad you are doing better! Take care!

bj said...

oh, my goodness, sorry about your legs. Take good care of them!!! I know how flustered you can get, just sitting around for so long with them elevated but, ya gotta do it.
Take care!!

Kimberly said...

Oh goodness Robyn! I had no idea you were suffering so!! ((HUGS)!! Glad to hear that you are on the mend!!!
I am jealous of the Dyson-I am sending DH over here to read this so he will finally believe me! :) :)
Take care of yourself!

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming by again!! Nice to hear from you. I have a dyson...its scary how much stuff the thing picks up!! I love it!!Glad your getting better! Take care

a pink-bee said...

Hope you are all back to normal soon :)
Have been thinking about that Dyson ~ with three dogs :) It is on my MUST list now :) Thanks :)


Julie said...

I was thinking about you this morning..when I remembered something that happened to me when I was a young teen. In reference to the old guy making an "offer"...

My middle brother and I were out in the country picking berries for my Mom. A truck of guys went by and honked their horn and yelled something obnoxious out the window at me..and I was very embarassed. My brother laughed at me and said,"It is when they STOP honking - that you have to worry Julie!"

I never forgot that and don't think I ever will!

Anonymous said...

robyn, so glad to hear you are doing better. I have been thinking of you also. Hope each day is better and better for you my friend.

How is Dad doing?

Rosemary said...

Wow Robyn,
I need to tell my daughter about your new Dyson. She has 4 cats with long hair.
Glad you are doing much better.
Take good care,

Mr. Shife said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. And as a person owned by a basset hound I know all about dog hair and this machine looks awesome. I can only imagine what that machine would do to our carpet. I think Mrs. Shife and I need to start saving some money.


a good vacuum is easy to find... agreat vacuum is something else completely... still useing my trusty hoover elite. glad yer back on yer feet! now get to work! hahahahaaa...

Suzanne said...

I SWEAR TO GOD, I JUST WROTE THE MOST BRILLIANT COMMENT AND WAS ALMOST DONE, BUT OHNO CAME OVER, LAYED ON MY HAND, ROLLED OVER ON THE KEYBOARD AND WITHIN SECONDS I HEARD, "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" AND MY ENTIRE MESSAGE WAS ERASED. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. I CAN'T. IT TOOK OVER A HALF HOUR TO WRITE WHAT I WROTE AND I CAN'T POSSIBLY REWRITE IT. HUGE EXHALE!!!! BECAUSE IF I DON'T EXHALE I JUST MIGHT STRANGLE HIM! I CAN'T EMPHASIZE ANY MORE HOW FRUSTRATED I AM BECAUSE I'M WRITING IN ALL CAPS WHICH ALREADY EPHASIZES HOW FRUSTRATED I AM. GOOD LORD! I'll compose myself and write to you over on my blog. Crap. Stop laughing. Knock it off Robyn. You know stuff like this just kills me. As if I have 32 hours in my day? If I get this done much done we're all amazed! Then to have stuff erased. WHAT???!!!! I will try to compose myself for your sick, sorry a** self however and recall something I said that had true meaning. Until then, love to you and Jim.

One thing I do remember saying is, I hear there's a lot of logging going on in Elk Grove and you could designate your property a "log lot" and get paid for your tree trunks!" And to those of you who think that's cruel, trust me, she been a whole lot crueler! And to those of you who are really worried, Elk Grove in Suburban Heaven...not a log lot in sight! It's just sick Northern CA humor. Trust me, Robyn is the "Qaaaaaaaawwwweeeeeeeeeeeeen!"

Love ya honey,
Suze ;)

Suzanne said...

P.S. Debbie (Gig), without and assistant...see what's happened to me?

Ruthann said...

Hi Robyn, my goodness sakes girlfriend, you have been through a tough time! Poor thing! I will pray for you that God would continue the healing process! Be a good girl and keep those legs elevated! (sorry, that is the "mom" in me coming out!)Thanks for stopping by my blog to let me know what was going on. I have been so busy, that I haven't been able to do much blog visiting! Then I got the flu, So I'm a little out of the loop! God bless you cutie pie!

Cecile said...

Wow Robyn,
That was a lot of pet dander. I did the next best thing to a Dyson and put tile flooring in most of my house. We still have two rooms with carpet, but not when I am finished with them. I got tired of attempting to clean kid vomit out of carpet. EWWWWH! And my boys dessimated my carpet in the bedroom when they decided to empty out the contents of our jacuzzi tub on it. So ceramic tile throughout. I am glad your legs are getting better. Oh and do you want me to take care of that mean ol' Suzanne for you? ;p

The Queen said...

Dear Robyn,
Stopped by to check on ya! So glad you're better. My sister in law and my oldest daughter are nurses...the stories they tell! LOL Bless your heart!
Funny post but having bought too many duds...yea...I'm going start saving too! My grands have allergies..
Hugs to get better on,

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn!

Wow, look at you, Mrs Popular! See, everyone cares about you so much! I'm so glad that your trunks are getting better - don't take any notice of Suzanne and her idea of selling off your trunks - she's just jealous that she has no trunks of her own to sell!
Keep taking care of yourself sweetie,

Dolly said...

I am so sorry to hear you have been down and out!!!!
Hope you are feeling better soon!
Take care of yourself!

Hubby and I have been debateing on getting a Dyson too!
I am glad to hear how wonderful they are!

XO, Dolly

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

I am glad you are doing better love to you! Heal up! I am thinking about that DYSON!!!I am your new swap Partner and I 'll be emailing your for more details! You sound like a wonderful lady and I can't wait to create something for you!

bindhiya said...

Dear Robyn,
Sorry to hear you are in so much pain..I have to google to see what is cellulitis.. Please continue to take good care of you.. don't think what others going to say...elevate your legs and make yourself comfortable.. you are the only one going through that horrible please take good care.
am so glad to hear you started to feeling better.. I will keep you in my prayers..
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Don't let Cecile any where near me. You and I both know she could literally kick my a**, and we all know I'm a sissy (I'd have to "RUN FOR THE HIIIIIILLLLLLSSSSS!). And Peter has a short memory. We lost a 55 ft. tree in the storm!!! (Remember that buddy?) I know tree trunks honey and I ain't jealous of Robyn's wee ones!

Okay, I'll say it for the umteenth time. Get well...damnit. Missed you, missed your sarcasm, missed the laughter you bring to my life, missed everything about you. Did I cover every thing? Oh forgot, miss how you annoy me like a little knat.

Of course you're laughing, where else are you going to get this sort of love and abuse?


Suzanne said...

Bindi, don't google, go to

meggiecat said...

I love my Dyson too but it does have one problem. Someone (me) has to actually push it around ;-)

Tanya said...

Robyn, I'm soooo glad you are feeling better. Congrats on the new Dyson. I guess vacuming will be fun now. I also guess I need a Dyson.

Gig said...

Just stopped by to see what is going on and what do I read...Suze is trying to sell your "tree trunks",LOL, and Cecile is going to protect you,(good job Cecile). And, I have still not been able to find an assistant for Suzanne. I am trying...but nobody seems to want the job. I have not given up.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I do hope you are feeling better,
take care and do keep the "trunks" elevated!

Suzanne said...


Why doesn't anyone want the job? What are you trying to tell me girlie friend?! :)