Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Local Girls Do Good In Elk Grove...and taking care of my Tree Trunks for Legs!

(wait a few seconds the music will start soon)

First off...I have some really wonderful news! Remember when I posted about 'Free Hugs'?! Someone who is in my local area, Elk Grove, saw my blog. She is one of the nurses I used to work with a while back. She just emailed me on what her daughter just did this Monday! It was glorious out almost spring like (here in EG it was 79-80degrees...really lovely and guess who had to*sigh*) and her daughter saw the video on my blog as her mom showed her. My friend's daughter felt compelled to go out and do this too! A group of 5 young friends got together and took turns holding signs and doing the recording! They went to Target and Chipotle and Costco and some other places! WOW! ELK GROVE YOU ROCK...! I have enjoyed the video and wanted to show you how this has spread to my neck of the woods! Also thanks Dolly for the sweet email and I am glad that the video touched you. And to your darling are a wonderful inspiration to us all! Bless you both and thanks for letting me share your experience with my blogger friends!

Now on to the CELLULITIS!

Can I just saw it SUCKS! Today was really painful. I have never experienced something like this ever before. All today I had my legs elevated and took all my Keflex(4 times a day) and my Lasix (once in the morning) and my Motrin w/Codiene(every 6 hours)! AAGGHHHH! it is bad enough that I have to take Thyroid meds for the rest of my life, but taking all of this is just a big pain in the A-S-S!

As, you can see from the pics I posted. This is excatly how my legs look. Expect 2 times bigger (swollen). My legs look like tree trunks...really...NO ANKLES! It is gross and freaks me out everytime I look at them. It creeps me out! I return to work for 2 days and then off for 5. God help doctor didn't think this was an excuse to take work off. WOW! Oh well...she works in the industry and so do I. So, she knows that if I call in sick, my floor will FALL APART! Yes, I am that DAMN GOOD! LOL! ok...just me letting my ego take over! Hopefully once the Keflex kicks in all will be well with my TREE TRUNKS! :)

The doctor feels that because I work 12 hour shifts and sit with legs always down for 10 hours of the shift, this didn't help me with fighting the blood disease. It can start with the tiniest cut or scratch. I don't see any marks but who knows. My doctor wants me to try to elevate my legs at work whenever I can...YEA right! I guess I will be using the trash can as my prop up! That should fly well with managment! LMAO! I can't wait to see their faces when they come to the front desk and see me kick'd back, legs propped up on the trash can! Oh my! That will make my day for sure!
I will try to catch up with all my FAVS this weekend! Sorry not leaving comments on most people's blogs. Soon my friends that will all change, and I will back to me myself. And begin to leave volumes of text on most of my comments. Miss you all and keep me in your thoughts with me going back to work...this should prove entertaining at the most!
With much love,


Robin said...

Wow Robyn, how awesome! I have to say that the girls' response just shows how intact humanity really is...just right there within our grasp, you know? Thanks girls- I needed the cry!

If you think you might make it to Crop Night, I will leave a little something topical for your leggies. Have Jim massage it in for you! Thanks for your's rad!

Suzanne said...

Brought tears to my eyes. She did exactly what I wanted to do, but was too chicken. I love it.

You and the legs. Oh honey. I know they must hurt and I don't think you should be working at all. However, if you must work, I certainly don't advocate your legs be elevated to the garbage pail, they should be firmly planted on the desk! If co-workers are gonna talk, let them really have something to talk about! Just make sure your skirt is smacked down appropriately so no one gets to see your panties!!!!!

Honey, you know I'm so close. Just write an email if you need me and I'll leave my phone number. Obviously I could be there in 15 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

I can't imagine you as a nurse with all those damn drugs in your system. "Yes Ms. Smith, you'll be fine in room 1B until we have a private room available. Whoops...1B is surgery prep, well, there you go then. Good luck with that gall bladder honey, we'll see you in recovery."

.ohno wrote that) and that,now the computer's beeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Okay, that's it damnit. Now he just went to lay down next to me an fell off the desk! I redesigned the room last week and used a smaller desk, but everyone still thinks it's the old desk and can't seem to navigate the damn thing. Everyone is falling off! Of course I'm lauging because it's too damn funny. Oh God, will some one please stop this maddness?! Is this just my life, or do others struggle?

I love you. Please feel better soon.

Hugs and a big of sloppy kiss, me

Rosemary said...

That is just so great!! Thanks for sharing that with us.
Now for your leg thing, I have never heard of that before.
I hope it gets better soon.
I learn something new everyday.
Take care,

Cecile said...

I had cellulitis several years ago. I got it from a bike pedel. I was riding bikes with my neice and we were going down a very steep hill on a gravel road, and my foot slipped off the pedel and then the pedal came up and slammed the back of my leg. It was one of those spikey pedels and it left the perfect imprint of a pedel on the back of my leg.(lower calf) About a week later it was very red and swollen and painful. I hope it gets better soon. But I still have a very hard knot where the infection was. You mentioned a lot of anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers, are you not on an antibiotic? Be careful and take care of yourself, because the world obviously need one of your hugs.

Mr. Shife said...

Very cool that you inspired some local folks. I think a lot of us need to be reminded that we all are part of the human race.
Sorry to hear about your legs - it sounds really painful. I hope they can figure something to help you out in the long term.

Junie Moon said...

I'm so sorry you're experiencing this. I've not had but have heard how painful it is. I certainly wish you well and that it resolves soon.


sounds like it truly sux... a bath full of of ice? feet up above yer head? crazy, my normal advice would be to smash your hand with a hammer, yer legs wouldnt hurt as much, but somehow i dont think that would help... good luck!

Leah said...

I had cellulitis of my earlobe!!! I had to walk around with a hand over my ear all day, cause it looked pretty darn gross, but the antibiotics took care of it pronto. xo!

Peter said...

Robyn, Robyn,Robyn, you gotta take care of yaself girl! My mum had something similar, but it wasn't cellulitus - I forget what it was but it made her legs swell, and yes, they are bloody painful - remember sweetie, you have a wonderful family to get you through it, and a fabulous web-family to make you laugh....look, I'm gonna try - imagine saying these words in a weird, English accent...(and you have to do this - promise??)

and finally....

There y'are - if you're not laughing by now, then I'm just a weird Englishman leaving strange messages on your blog. :-)
(I might be that anyway!!)
Take care!!
Peter xx

Suzanne said...

Do you know why Peter did that? Because Kylie and I were discussing panties and Peter thought the word was funny. I think he's getting into the Russian vodka. Someone's going to have to go and rescue that poor boy. But he's right, the words made me laugh, so I imagine you laughed too!

Love you honey and hope you're feeling better today. I did a bit of research and learned that is some nasty crap and it's amazing how many of our friends have suffered. My question is how the hell did Leah get it on her earlob? I can understand Ceciles "accident," but Leah? Complicated. My only question is "Honey, what cha doin' with that bike peddle?"

I didn't email. I'm sorry. Will try to get that done tomorrow.


Peter said...


Yep, panties is a funny word and I just had to use it! Glad that it made you chuckle. When I lived in Japan, we used to play this game where we would be standing on our balcony drinking Japanese beer, and we'd try to make each other laugh by saying totally normal words - it was great fun! Banana was always a good one, as well as squishy, pantigirdle and plum :-)

Peter xxx

Suzanne said...

Peter, how can anyone help but love you. You're the best.

And Robyn, where are you sweetie. I know you don't feel well because I can't find you.

I love you both!


I can sympathise the cellulite pain yo are going through. A few years ago, I was unfortunate enough to get it through a busted blister on the foot, then ended up in Hospital for a whole week..not nice having pennicillin pumped straight into the veins. Hope yours improves real soon. Best wishes from Jan in Aust.

Gig said...

Missing you, I am hoping your legs are better?
What a great post! We all need to hug and be hugged. I still come by to get my daily dose of hugging!

till later,
((hugs)) and love

Julie said...

I hope you get to feeling better very soon! My advise..prop your legs up on the desk and wear some fucia colored panties! ha ha..

Skeeter said...

Twelve hour shifts with legs down for ten of those hours - ouch! Hope the legs are getting better. Get well soon.

Leah said...

Just checking in--I do hope you're feeling better!!!

Suzanne said...

Hi honey. You aren't visiting anyone, so you must feel pretty horrible. We're thinking about you. Feel better soon. Lots of love ~ Suze