Monday, March 10, 2008

I have gotten alot of requests to see my ART! So, without further a do...

Here are my Artist Trading Cards (ATC) with the theme of Pin Up Girls! In this swap we were to do 4 cards for our swap partner. Here are my 4 cards. I love doing these small works of art. I get to use up my scraps from scrapbooking. And I love to add all the wonderful embellishments. I also added a 'EXTRA' ATC in for my partner. She adores the guy off of Ace of Cakes! Enjoy the eye candy!

I also am a crafter! I joined in another swap where we make Dotee Dolls. This is for the Easter Dotee Doll swap. This is what Dotee Dolls are...easy to do but mine always seem to take hours to make. This one was quite simple but my beaded ones take at least 3-4 hours to make! I get about 29-35 emails a day asking me to showcase my art here on my blog. Thank you for those who are interested and have emailed me. I will begin to showcase, along with my regular posts as well. Isn't he a cute wittle wabbit! (front)


Here is the link on how to make Dotee Dolls!

Thanks again for my followers of my art! LOL! Me? an Ar-t-ist (pronounced with accent)! Well...I just have fun and love to share my art. Enjoy!
With much love,


scrapmomof5 said...

Love the ATC cards. Check out the tampon art I just posted on my brand new blog!

Leah said...

I'm awake (it's after 1 am my time) so I'm visiting. Really cool ATCs! And I've wanted to make a Dotee for awhile. I'm a total crafter too, but more beading and knitting crocheting. I'm also a swap addict. I saw a fairy Dotee exchange on Swap-Bot. Maybe I'll take the plunge and try my hand at it. You've inspired me! I can't wait to see more of your crafts.


Skeeter said...

Looks fun! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

Suzanne said...

Hi baby, I didn't even read! Oh sweetie, I love you. Brian is in is own land. I think he's trying to catch up an I'm just trying to survive.

I love your suggestion about my hair. I'm waiting to hear the rest. My family made me feel so inadequate, but I just knew I was okay!!!! I rescued a dog while I was in NY and was described to the police as the "woman with grey hair!!!" At first I thought I'd die, but then, ahhhhhhhhh, not so bad!!! I'm sorta getting used to it. I like it.

I love you honey. You always make me think and smile. Two good things. If you have time, visit my friend John Reynolds. He's in Ireland and just adoped a dog. You'll love his post. Trust me, you will!

Love you baby!


John Reynolds said...

Hello Robyn,

Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment. Henry's doing great -we've all just come back from a good walk and the two lads are asleep at my feet as I type this. I'm impressed ny your review of that Dyson - might check it out.
Take care,

Michelle Wooderson said...

Hey Robyn, thought I would stop by to say HI!!! Love your gorgeous photos!!! Mish

Scrappy Jessi said...

super cute atc's!! i love that ace of cakes show!
love all the oin ups too.
very cute.

Tom & Judy said...

All very cute!

Where have you been, chickie?! Haven't seen you on GF much lately...hope you're feeling better!

Junie Moon said...

Your ATCs are adorable and ever so clever! I love the dolls, too. I think it's so fun seeing the different interpretations people create--and therein lies the fun "artist" part.

All Pink girl said...

WOW WOW WOW fabulous ATC'S and gorgeous crafts as always ,Dawnx

bj said...

What CUTE cards....I didn't realize you did this beautiful work. Good for you. I have no talents at all and am not a crafty person. I stand in awe of all those that can do these pretty things!
hugs, bj

Dot said...

Hello sweetie pie

I am writing to you here because I have misplaced your email address and wanted to thankyou SO much for your wonderful package that arrived today!

I adore my Dotee doll! And feel so happy just looking at her. And many, many thanks for all of the wonderful green goodies....yummmm.

And the other package and the fabric too. It was just what I needed to cheer me up after a ordinary day. Bless your generous heart!

Love all the art in this blog. And your Easter Dotee doll is gorgeous!

Dot said...

P.S Thanks for posting the link to my Dotee doll tutorial too!

CSI Seattle said...


Hello my dear. Pardon my break in the action, but I am back now. I have been making it a point to find some balance in my life now that my recent project is completed. Enough of me! How are you?

So much to get caught up on. Your artwork is very cool and I suspect that your house is very colorful and fun. Or do you have an art room of some sort which is the perfect place to get lost in?

The book!! Have you been enjoying the Shatner book? I actually look forward to some reading and have a stack of books waiting for me. Don't know which will be next.

BTW - noticing the first post regarding tampon that legal? Would tampon art be a possible Christmas gift for my grandmother? Is this is a niche market that we should all be looking at?

Of to work now. Chat soon,



cool artwork!!! i'll have to reach back into your archives to view some more... pin up trading cards, how wicked is that?!?!?

Lolly Jane said...

Very cute ATC's! Thanks for adding us, we've done the same for you! xoxo

Suzanne said...

Well, this is your lucky day. They're all here!!!

I love your cards. And I'll tell you why. Mom, if you're reading this, yes, we all saw it!. When I was young we had an old house in New York with a "furnace" in the basement. We'd have to feed it to stay warm in winter. When I was asked to go down and do it, I'd be there a long time because there was a calendar of naked pinup girls next to it. I'd never seen anything like that, so I would just stand and stare until Mom would yell down..."Honey, you okay?" I'd reply "Yup." It was as if she forgot the thing was there. What did she expect? I used to think "Wow, I'm going to grow up and look like that?" I couldn't believe my luck!

Your cards brought back wonderful memories. Unfortunately they're wearing clothes! I hated the basement, but I loved that calendar. I can't believe women actually look like that.


Rosemary said...

You are a busy girl Robyn.
Love them all!!

Cecile said...

Your art is wonderful. Have a wonderful Thursday.

Leah said...

Suzanne, that is such a great flash of memory. I love it. Somehow, you just captured all of childhood in that one comment. Funny it almost brought tears to my eyes. See, Robyn, these cards are really evocative!