Thursday, March 13, 2008

We almost LOST Glacier....

Life was good until we got home around 10pm! Jim and I went out to dinner with his bestfriend Bert (Correctional Officer also), who really needed some Robyn time! He is going through a pretty rough time right now with his girlfriend. He came over and wanted to see the dog and help Jim move some furniture. Once, all that was done, we were enjoying chatting away on the driveway with the garage door up. Plenty of our neighbors saw Jim and I and waved. I smiled and waved back. The reason that was important will be brought up later in the post!

Once we gathered where we wanted to eat we closed the garage door and put fresh water down and walked out the front door.

We all meet up at Johnny Corino's in Natomas, we talked and really caught up! Around 930ish we all hugged and kissed and went our seprate ways. Jim and I chatted all the way home. I was driving. I pulled up into our garage and noticed a small note on our door. I parked. I went to retrieve the note. Here is what it read...and this is when my world came to a screeching halt!

"Dog found. Neighbor said he is yours. Grey/white male is now in your rear yard. Please call if he is not yours. E.G.P.D. (Elk Grove Police Department)"

My heart dropped to my shoes...tears sprang to my eyes. I bolted back into the garage and ran into the door that leads into the garage. And what greeted me at the door! MY GLACIER! I came down on both knees, sobbing with relief and hugging him tight around his neck. And ruffling his super, soft big ears. And kissed his sweet nose. Jim was running behind me and was completly baffled. I just handed him the card. I heard him gasp!

I almost tore into poor Jim. But thank god I held my tongue. I could not for the life of me think how my dog got out. Jim clued me in. They had moved a piece of furniture from the garage area and took it through the side gate. They came back around and I had met them in the garage and started gabbing. Since, we were all hungry and Bert really needed to talk to me. The boys FORGOT to close and lock the side gate. I covered my face! I couldn't bear the thought that action almost cost me my dog! My beloved Glacier, my 8 year old Glacier! My protection, my friend, my family!

Jim looked whipped, and then I saw them...tears welling up in those beautiful, bright blue eyes of his. He too, almost lost his friend and pal! And the worst was his mistake. I never see Jim very emotional, ever (except when I told him I had cancer), and tonight. It was too much to bear for him...he kissed me on the forhead, grabbed the walking collar and leash and got Glacier ready for a walk. Glacier and his buddy needed to walk. The last thing I heard when Jim was walking out the front door...*patting Glacier on the head* I love ya buddy...and I am sorry! It broke my heart.

I flipped the card over and saw that there was an officer's name on there, so I called it. It was a voice mail...I thanked him for being so kind and returning our dog back into his yard. But also, wanted to find out what neighbor told him that it was our dog. See, Glacier didn't have his tags on just a relax around the house collar...just a collar so we can lead him or hold him when someone comes to the door.

The officer called back pretty quickly. And we chatted on how he came about to our house. Someone called, who said they thought something was wrong. They saw our dog out and our side gate open. Our neighbor who is also a Correctional Officer for Folsom, knew our dog. He called Glacier to him (didn't know his name but just 'here boy') and Glacier went to him all wiggly! And tail wagging. He then grabbed the collar and started to walk back to our house. He say the gate open...called out. No answer...walked in slowly got to our lawn in the back and noticed the slider open about 2 feet. Stopped in his tracks. Took the dog back to his house. Called the police, thinking fool play. Elk Grove PD responded in 10 minutes. Came talked to neighbor and saw the dog. Confirmed that he was ours. Then came to our house. Walked around our house and noticed slider open. Came inside to investigate. No one home except cat. Went back to neighbor, brought dog back to our house and shut side gate and placed note.

Glacier is happy and had quite an adventure tonight. And I am thanking my lucky stars that I am friendly, and always waving to my neighbors. And that they know my dog. THANK GOD! Thank god...there are wonderful people out there still. Thank god, Glacier isn't all scary and no one wanted to go near him. Thank god the EGPD didn't call the animal control! Thank god, I am home now and have now locked the side gate and have my Glacier safe and sound in our house. Thank god, I didn't rip into Jim, he was already feeling awful about the whole thing.

Friends this is why my world almost stopped...My beloved Glacier!
With much love,


Maija said...

Oh, Robyn- thank God for a happy ending! I can only imagine your panic!

CIELO said...

I'm glad your beautiful Glacier is home, safe and happy, as so are you!


Lolly Jane said...

I love my frenchie so I feel your pain if something would have happened. On a lighter note, was your house clean with all the officers wandering through it? ;) ps: My hubby is an officer too!


AAARRRGGHHHH... blogger dumped my comment!!! im not writing it again. sums up as, it sounds like it went well.
i would have scolded you if you laced into jim. three adults, one gate, one dog who it sounds like is used to being in the back yard when home, and NOBODY double checked...
and its nice to be there for friends... thats all you get.. sorry, i hate when blogger does that.

Counting Your Blessings said...

I'll never forget the horrified look on my 14 year old boys face as he carried our dog from the street. The dog was always bolting as soon as the door opened but that time, he didn't make it. I was sad about Lucy but more torn up that my son had found him. UGH! It's been a few years and now we have 2 lovey lap dogs but every now and then one of the kids will say, "I miss Lucy..." So glad your Glacier is ok. Blessings... Polly

Suzanne said...

Hi Sweetie,

This is a safe place, so I'll tell you. I feed the ferals in Natomas every day. 25 miles. I came back from the park this morning and like every other morning I drove around looking for Ireland. Today is the 2 month anniversary since that dreadful day. I look where I always think he might be because of all the trees and today I stopped the car, got out, looked and then just sobbed. I arrived home, Rob saw me and was scared. I explained through more sobs and he said "Honey, I can't understand a single word you're saying." I tried to repeat myself, but I know it was no better than the first time, but he heard the word "Ireland," grabbed and hugged me so hard and whispered into my ear "He's going to be okay."

I know you love animals as I do and I know losing Glacier would have killed you. I'm grateful your story had a happy ending and that you have wonderful neighbors who care and pay attention. And that cops are willing to go into a dark back yard with a slider open and check things out, so that everyone is safe. The Gods were with you, Jim and Glacier my dear friend. Thank your lucky stars. I envy you terribly.

I'm also very glad you didn't get angry with Jim. As Inner Voices pointed out, the blame should be evenly distributed, but I understand how sometimes you just want to lash out. I love that you included that. You are such an honest and great lady. I mean that with all my heart.

I'll end on a good note. T-Bone doesn't like being left in the back yard alone. He rarely is. One day I put him out to pee because I was busy and forgot he was there! I thought he was sleeping. Then I remembered and went to get him. He didn't come when I called, so I was worried. I looked all over and nothing. I went to the side yard and saw the gate open. The SMUD guy had shown up earlier to read the meter and left the gate open. I ran in, got Rob and we hurried to find T-Bone. We started walking down the street calling his name, only to see him sitting at the front door! Yup, that's T-Bone. He knows a good thing and he isn't leaving! The gate was left open one other time and the exact same thing happened. The boy isn't going anywhere. Thank God!

I love you and I'm so glad everyone is safe, happy and can exhale. You're all very fortunate. We'll have to get together soon. It'll have to wait until Rob takes the Florida Bar because right now life is just too crazy around here. I get to blog only because I have to settle the kitties down. No, I'm not kidding! If I sit, they go to sleep. If not, they're always trying to impress me! It's insane.

Love you baby. Last night at Brians was way too funny! Then he showed up and everyone scrammed like the cafe was on fire! Of course I'm laughing.

Oh, and Leah left the most beautiful comment for me on your last post. I hope you have a chance to read it. And Leah, if you got this far, thank you sweetie. I will always remember that one.

Roybn, we're all lucky you know. I still can't believe we all found one another.

Love to you, Jim, doggie-poo and kitties too!

Suze XO ;)

Suzanne said...

I also love "Robyn!" God I love typos!

Cecile said...

Nathan has fallen in love with Glacier. He loves wolves and he told me that Glacier was a wolf dog like him and then he howled. Yeah, my son is weird, but he comes by it honestly. Maybe it's not weirdness, just creative. Actually Nathan loves animals. He told me that he wants to be a Vet when he grows up. I too am glad everything worked out ok. I am also glad no one broke into your house while it was wide open!. That would be such a violation. Give Glacier hugs and doggie kisses for me, he is such a georgous boy!.

Daniela said...

I came across your blog by accident and wanted to comment on your beautiful dog. Thank goodness he is safe and back home where he belongs. From one animal lover to another..GOD BLESS!!

Skiingred said...

Pets are amazing additions to our lives... I'm glad your story has a great ending. You have a beautiful dog!

CSI Seattle said...

Stressful story. But what a cool looking dog! Glad he is safe. Glad you are well and that Jim didn't get a swift kick in the crotch.

All three of you should sit back and have a beer.

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Robyn, you don't know me but i am Mark's wife. Just read your post about your dog Glacier. Your story reminded me of when we had a long-haired Golden Retriever that we adopted from a couple who were moving interstate. We were told she was 9 years old but when she was brought to us she was really 13years old and very arthritic. We only had her a month when Mark left the side gate open overnight. I got up in the morning to find the gate open & no Sasha! Of course I called up and down the street calling for her, rang animal shelters and the local council to see if anyone had picked her up. No one had any news. We could not understand where she could have gone because she was a slow mover with her arthritis. After about two days missing i got a call from the local council to say someone had found a Retriever and gave me the work number. Sasha was only three doors but across the road from us! It turned out she was on their front verandah the morning she went missing. The lady had a Newfoundland dog and Sasha was happy to stay with her. We had been to her house to ask if they had seen a dog but they were never there when we called. Like you we had a happy ending. Sasha had another 18mths with us and died at the good old age of 15 going on 16years. The vet said this was a very great age for a Retriver.

Cotton Picker said...

Oh how I understand what you were feeling when you thought you lost Glacier.

My sister (we were kids then) once left one of our chihuahua's outside in winter. We couldn't find the dog and knew it would freeze to death. What a sickening feeling, and then, later that evening came a knock at the door. A neighbour who we had never seen before was standing there with our precious doggie wrapped up in a warm blanket and asked if this was our dog. They went door to door looking for the owner. I will never forget that and will always be grateful to that wonderful Samaritan.

ShutterSpy said...

What a LOVELY dog! :-D

I'm glad he's safe now :)

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad he was found! I would have died if I lost one of my guys. :) Glacier is so handsome, too!