Saturday, March 8, 2008

I heart my Hometown!

To my blogger friends...I thought I would give you a tour of my town! I love Sacramento because it is so diverse in culture. One weekend you can catch some Jazz, Chinese Celebration, Greek Festival. is that diverse. They call us the home of the Fruit and Nuts! Not to far from the truth really. California in general is a big producer of both things. Here alone in our outlying counties you can find: pear,apple,cherry,walnut,almond,citrus and much more. It really is a wonderful place if you love all the different fruit and veggies California offers.

I wanted to share some of my favorite places. I like them for the history behind it and the architechure too. So, shall we begin our journey?

The photo up above is of the Sacramento Capitol. It has large gardens on all sides of it. It is a lovely park to walk through. And this photo you can see some of the beautiful roses that are cared for by the grounds keepers.

Here is another side of our beatuiful Captiol. It is truly a site to see. The artwork on the Captiol itself is awesome! And then once inside to look up in the rotunda is truly breathtaking. I highly recommed if any of you want to visit us in Sacramento that you include the tour of our beatuiful Captiol.

See what I mean about the beautiful pieces of art on the OUTSIDE of the Capitol. Truly wonderful to see. Take the time to walk around the Captiol and through the park. You will not be disappointed.

Then once finished there, I suggest going into Old Sacramento.

This is at the entrance of Old Sacramento, it is a statue that depicts the Pony Express rider. Great piece of art also. The streets and buildings have been kept to look like they did back in the Gold Rush days. Planking for walkways. I do however, recommed no high heels. It can be quite tricky to walk on the! Great restaurants and pubs. Love them all. A fun one to try is Franny Annie's. Quite fun! Good place to eat is The New Orleans Cafe or Fat City Cafe or Joe's Crab Shack (right on the water) or more upscale Rio City Cafe( the outside dining is wonderful).

Before or after taking in livations and food. I highly recommend taking in this muesum!

I take my nephew and niece here at least every 2 weeks. We love coming to this muesum! They love climbing on all the engines and checking out all the displays. And love the minature train set! That is a sight to see.

I love downtowm Sacramento. Especially, at night! These photos were taken across the river in West Sacramento (also growing in leaps and bounds).

Do you see that river boat? That is called the Delta King. Great resaurant and has a superb Murder Mystery Dinner aboard. We did it once for a friend's birthday it was a riot! When you come and visit you really must walk the dock at night it is breathtaking! Jim and I feel safe in Old Sacramento,but again walk with someone!

Since I love architechure, I love to walk downtown on the K Street Mall (I highly suggest doing this during the day...hmmm...still pretty scary unless with a hugh crowd) and look at the buildings which are just lovely to see their lines and curves. One inparticular building is the Sacramento Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Built in 1889, seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. It is stunning inside and out. You don't have to Catholic to apprecate it's beauty and craftmenship.

Here is the inside of the church, isn't it breathtaking?!

Another very old, orginal building is that of the Crest Theater. Truly a fantastic theater, I have seen movie festivals, local bands, weddings in this restored theater! If only those fab walls could talk, the stories that would be told!

Here is the inside of the theater with lush velvet curtains. Wonderful to take in! I suggest catching a show there, be a band or movie fest!

If not wanting to wonder around trying to find parking (which can be very difficult on weekends) I suggest taking our Regional Transit. Again, I stress take these at daytime if going in areas that are suggestive of problems! Otherwise if sticking with mostly downtown to pub hop between dinner and going back to your hotel, then this is a BLAST!

One of my Sister,Mom and I's places to go to relax and catch up is here! The Tower Theater and Tower Cafe! It is beautiful reminder of simpler times and makes you think of nostalgia!

The films they play here have won some oscars in the past (independent films) like 'The Queen' and 'Juno'! Great works of art in themselves and then to sit in great retro movie style, it just can't get any better! Even the popcorn tastes better! We LOVE IT! And then before or after we catch a bit to eat or a cup of coffee. We love to sit around and chat about the movie we just saw!

I also want to share some parks that Jim and I love walking Glacier and taking in the wonderous sights of lush green! This is a pic of Southland Park Pond! Glacier and I love this park. People moving and relaxing and enjoying the simpler things in life! When you come and visit you must search out this place of solace.

And the last picture I will share is of the park that Jim and I spend hours walking,talking,sitting and holding hands! Generally losing ourselves here. We grab cups of coffee and head here. We love it here in the morning through early evening. This area is in East Sacramento (called the 40's) where million dollar homes are seated. But the people are not snooty, quite contrary. We have found them very pleasant and extremely nice in conversation. Glacier brings alot of people to us. It is a safe heaven for us. And I love that the neighbors of this park take such pride in it. You will find them tiding up, or pruning the hundreds of roses bushes or picking up trash along their travels. It is a lovely spot in Sacramento! The park is called Mckinley Park.

I hope you have enjoyed my ode to my city, my hometown...SACRAMENTO! It is truly lovely place to lose oneself if that is what one wants. Or it is a fab place to find nocks and grannys to discover. I invite you all to come and visit my HOMETOWN!
With much love,


Cecile said...

WOW what a fantastic post. I love the photos, they are just breath taking each and every one of them. I hope your tree trunks are shrinking and that you are not in too much pain. I just don't know what has come of Brian. I would have guessed thought he would have posted already. I am pretty concerned about Suzanne. I do believe she gave herself a concussion. My goodness, I think she needs supervision. I'm going to have to talk to Rob about hiring her a Nanny so watch out for her. Anyway, again, this was truly a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your hometown with us.

Suzanne said...

Wow! I'll have to come back! You make Sacramento look so pretty!!! Cecile and Robyn, Brian posted! It's around 9pm!

Suzanne said...

Hey Cecile, I just read your comment. I gave myself the concussion of all concussions and I'm in agony, yet here I sit writing to your sorry ass! Don't make me come to AK you smarty pants. It won't be pretty when I'm done wrappin your tube top around your little neck! I'll tell you what I need...I need either an Assistant or something that resembles a brain. If that's a Nanny, I'll take her! I'd also appreciate it if trees would stay away from me.


Gig said...

Beautiful tribute to your hometown! Loved all the pictures and great info. I have never been to California, maybe someday...
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Well, I have made my rounds and now I am going to say goodnight to blogland,*yawning...*

Peter said...

Echoing the others - WOW! I adore the photos of the river - truly amazing! I will have to come back and look in more detail - they're amazing!

Take care sweetie,
Peter xx

Suzanne said...

Hi baby...I love you too. I can't even imagine life without all of us. It would be empty. Look what 1pic left us with. He lost and we gained. I love you. Honestly, I do. XO

'54Bomber said...

What a terrrific post about Sacramento; I can see why you love your hometown so much. I like the photos of the Crest Theatre; miniature trains; the river; and the parks.
My love to you and Jim and I'll try not to stay away so long in the future.

bindhiya said...

Hi Robyn,
Wonderful post with beautiful pictures of your home town...I been to California..but never been to Sacramento..
Hope you feeling better..
Take care.
♥ & ((hugs))

Anonymous said...
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Leah said...

Hey Robyn! I think this is such a neat idea for a post. I wish everyone would do a little post to introduce us to their howmetown--I'd love to see them. You should tag people to do a meme on the special or interesting parts of where they're from! I might do it anyway just because you've inspired me. I'll have to think about it, though. Brooklyn is a truly mixed bag, even my part. I guess that's its charm...hmm...

And by the way, I hope you're feeling better!

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the tour Robyn!!
I have been there before. It's a great place.

Skeeter said...

That's spectacular! I want to visit!! Wonderful images. Thanks for sharing them.

PAT said...

Robyn, I loved this tour! Thank you so much for the beautiful images and words!



you make it look wonderful!!! but.... id rather see it through your eyes. great post!

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing Sacramento with us! My husband lived there when he went to Nav training for the Air Force and I've always wanted to go. I grew up in Southern Calif. til 6th grade and sure do miss the beach!
Have a great week.
Sandy :)

Leah said...

Robyn, as per some info I gleaned from your visit (hee hee) MUST get out your clarinet!!! I know you won't regret it! And, it's like riding a bike, you know? Gosh, how much do I love the sound of a clarinet. That is too cool. Does hubby play anything? Playing music together is so romantic and fun, I can really attest to that...


My Paper World said...

Hello Robyn! I'm finally able to catch up with you, and boy did you just share some really breathtaking pictures!! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Your hometown looks just wonderful!
I'm so sorry that I wasnt here when you were going through some rough times. I send you lots of love, and hope that your poor legs get better soon!
Nicola xx

Caleen said...

I came across your blog and I enjoyed the pictures of Sacramento.. My daughter and hubby and Grandson are moving there in a month.. I am excited for them.. new adventures.. My husband goes there alot with work.
We love Sacramento and maybe now I will get to check out all the new places.. antique shops, etc.. Thanks for the beautiful post..