Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goodies in the Mail!

I received this gorgous little Dotee Doll from Dot herself, all the way from Australia. The creator of the craze that has taken over. The Dotee Doll craze that is. She made her in one of my favorite colors and all those lovely beads. And you can see on the end cute little bird and a tinkly little bell. I ADORE her. Thank you so very much Dot, it is a real honor to have a piece of your wonderful art!

To see how to make a wonderful little 'Dot'ee is the link!

Next Dotee Doll has a beautiful handpainted face. This was for a Creative Dotee Doll swap I was in. We had to design a Dotee Doll that represented our creativity. This artist did just that!

This Dotee Doll was from a Shabby Chic Dotee Doll swap. Isn't she beautiful?! All the beads and choice of fabric and unique face. And because I love anything crowns/tiaras. This artist made one out of lace for her. Love it!

This doll was from a Easter Dotee Doll swap. Simple but fantastic, from the sweet little face to the white fluffy tail on the back!

I was also in a Tag swap. Each person creates 4 different tags and sends each set to their partner. I failed (again) to take photos of my art. But have pictures of what my partners sent. Some really fun ones. Take a peek!

Just a short, quick post. Since, I made a promise that I would show off my ART...and since I forgot to snap photos of mine before I packed them up! I decided to share with you what little lovelys I received today!
With much love,


CSI Seattle said...

First to Post!! Yippie!

How cool is it to have such a fun hobby with so much support? And a gift from Australia no less.

BTW - my book is still moving forward. In fact, I am working up a new post to give the current status.

Hello to Jim too!

Chat soon,

Natasha Burns said...

The tags you received are lovely! I adore your dotee dolls!!!!! They are so darn cute!

Shannon said...

Thanks so much for linking to my eightcrazy designs blogs!!!

Suzanne said...

Oh God, I'm late to the ferals because my sweat pants are still in the dryer. Forgot to turn it on! Rough morning.

I forget where I was, I've been everywhere! I think Leah's or Brian's or Gig's...said something about Dotee Doll, sewing and Inner Voices, but spelled it Dotie Dolls! or Dottie Dolls, or something like that. Brilliant. I don't know honey. I try. But managing the cafe is killin' me! I'm exhausted!!! I'm getting some perks from the "Big Man to sustain me!" I can't discuss them here. (Of course I'm lying!!!)

Have a great day. It's cloudy here, so cloudy where you are. I'm off to feed my sweeties in you know where. Wish us luck. Love you baby. We'll chat soon. No matter what happens to Brian's Cafe, you're the best employee I've ever had. You might want to do something about that apron however. Like buy a respectable one!

Love you. XO


Leah said...

Well, Robyn, you know all about me and my own swap addiction! I'm gearing up to make my own dottee doll...I looooove the one you got from Dot herself. It is so pretty. Maybe we'll end up in the same swap one of these days!


Suzanne said...

Hi baby. I wrote to over at Brian's Cafe. Why? Who knows?!!!


Lolly Jane said...

Ooooh- love those tags! Do you ever find yourself keeping them {never giving away!} because you think they're so pretty? Guilty... ;)

Skeeter said...

I don'tknow much about these craft itmes, but they look interesting. I like the one with the moonface the most. Nice!

Suzanne said...

Hi honey. Thanks for your support. I love you.

I'm going to make a doll. They're too adorable.


Rebecca said...

What cute dolls! I must try these. Thanks for sharing the link!