Friday, August 15, 2008

What the Duck...?

Everybody has their own obsession. My bestfriend's would be Rubber Duckys! Adrien had joined in a swap where she needed to make 3 postcards with a rubber duck on it! ask (or not), where did the photo shoot take place. Only at the greatest scrapbook store around, The Scrapbook Addict. We snagged some paper off their shelves and began to figure what duck looked good with what background! This one is of the Sacramento King's rubber duck in the Arena parking lot.

This one happens to be a favorite of mine. Just simple and right to the point. A huge rubber duck in water! I just adore the colors. All bright and reminds me of the hot days of summer! What bathroom would be complete without a lovable rubber ducky? Not her' is chuck-full of rubber ducks.

Friends enjoy my random post about RUBBER DUCKS and feel free to tell me about what RUBBER DUCK inspires you!

Here's mine...Senor Sonreir Cursi (Mr. Cheesy Grin). His place serves the best tacos in town! Yummy! See...catch the Rubber Ducky craze!!

With much love,


catscratch said...

My favorite Rubber Duckie is my Pirate Duckie. He sits on my liquor shelf and I think the little punk has been sipping a little here and a little there.

scrapmomof5 said...

Cora told me Adrien took pics on some of the paper. I LOVE the one at the stadium. I would never have guessed it was on paper.

I love plain simple rubber ducky in tub.


hmmmm... rubber ducky IN the pink taco i guess would be a good idea!

MJ said...

Rubber Ducky, joy of joys.

Randy said...

You two are so funny.


Walker said...

I am not really a rubber duck fan unless you count that extremely flexible synchronized swimmer I dated once.
I only dated her once because she was all knotted up after and I suck with knots, handcuffs are easier.
My niece has a washroom fun she drags into the tub with her.
I think she only has that many so she could lay on top of them so she could float above the water thus avoiding a bath.

The last one looks cool though, I don’t know about the Taco place though.
Do they sell Mexican jumping rubber ducks?

Have a nice weekend

~Kristen~ said...

Too cute!!! You girls are so creative!!! {{{sigh}}} I don't have a rubber duck! Now I am thinking I have to get me one, if for no other reason than to have an excuse to do a silly-fun photo shoot like you and Adrian did!!!

MJ said...

I have a rubber dick.

Uh oh.

Wrong blog.

*exits swiftly*

Kookaburra said...

Hello Robyn,

I really liked this cheery Post. We have some rubber duckys and would never part with them.

Have a lovely weekend.

Cecile said...

I prefer to have my duck on a Pizza. There's a great place in the River Market in Little Rock called Bosco's that has awsome Duck Pizza. They also have a pretty good little microbrewery there too. You can get a sample of all the ales that brew for around $8 bucks, but you would definately need a designated driver if you drink it all yourself.

Terri and Bob said...

Love the title. Girl, you are getting FIESTY.

I collect rubber duckies, too, except that Ashley stole them all when she went to college.

Queen Goob said...

I don't have a rubber duck but I have an antique decoy of a redhead.

Does that count? It's not rubber.

I got wood.

MJ started it!

Peter said...

I don't think I know what to comment about rubber just reminds me of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street....was there a song as well?

Peter x

Skeeter said...

Hi Robyn!

It's been awhile since I had fun with rubber duckies. Got loads of live ones though.

Best wishes,

Leah said...

I love rubber duckies and have several who are great friends in the tub!

Cecile said...

Crap! I clicked on MJ's link and now I have the Rubber Ducky song stuck in my head. Thanks MJ, your a real pal.

MJ said...

Cecile: You should know by now to think before you touch my link.

Dolly said...

What a fun post!!!
I have been collecting rubber duckys for my lil Miss Emma since she was born!
She has all kinds... I should get them together and take pictures!

Robyn, thank you with all my heart for the advice on MRSA and for your prayers for my daughter!
Your friendship means alot to me!

Hugz, Dolly

Trooper Thorn said...

It's only a matter of time before rubber duckies are banned from airline carry-on luggage. So you'd better get your inflight ducky photos now.

Glad my Olympic posts are making you laugh. There's another one up now.