Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All Aboard...Part II

As Adrien and I made our way through the tunnel towards Old Sacramento...something happened along the way! It was almost as if we had stepped back in time. All of sudden we were walking planked walkways. And I could almost picture how people were probably dressed back then.

Once I started my walk back through time...I couldn't help but take a picture of a favorite watering hole. The bar is called 'Fanny Ann's'. Once inside everything is Topsy Turvy and upside down and never right side up! Go there and beware of the is a hoot! Beer is ice cold and food is A-OK! But the characters who make up that watering hole...priceless!

Here is carriage for the tourists...I personally have only done this once and it was pretty lame. And I felt really badly for those hot, tired horses. But we have had Peta and animal control out there to check things out. And they always walk away with not closing down this Horse and Buggy ride.

Along our path to our final destination (which Adrien still only knew), I saw this fantastic sculpture. I never really have taken the time to stop and admire it. It is really a beautiful piece. It is capturing the Pony Express. Old Sacramento was the last stop for the Pony Express on its long journey. Who knew? Not that was a interesting piece of information learned from our 87 year young Icon friend!

Even our regional transit get into the act in Old Sacramento, looking like an old time trolley from 'them olden days'!

And then it hit me...there I was standing right smack in history! Looking at these hundred year old buildings realizing that at one time there were cowboys and saloon gals and proper ladies and shop keepers, ferry boat captains walking, working these streets way back when. If I stood very still I could almost hear what it must have sounded like back then. The hustle and bustle. Hearing the brass pieces clinking on the horse and buggies and the blow of the whistle from something out in the distance...what was that I wondered. And we pushed on. Getting closer and closer to our final destination.

We finally made it to begin our Mystery Trip! We were here...

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I have never been on a steam powered locomotive. And this was a working, traveling museum. I was giddy. We stepped up to purchase our tickets. And history began to unfurl right in front of me. (Adrien buying her ticket)

There were the hustle and bustle on wooden platforms and the whoosh of the engine letting off pressure. And that glorious sound of the whistle being blown.

We set out to go board the train. And when we rounded the corner...there it was in all it's glorious wonder!

The train was just pulling in the station when we were queuing up. And then we started to see all these characters popping out of nowhere....head conductor and platform conductors. These men and women who played these characters are all volunteers for this working museum. At one time in their lives they worked for the railroad. Probably in the capacticy of what they are doing now...enginer,conductor,etc.

We boarded. And found our seats. Adrien and I began to comment on what small spaces there were. And wonder how a proper lady, whose attaire would consist of many, many layers of petticoats and lace,a corset and a bustle. How they with stood a ride of this nature.

With a huge lunge forward, we were off. You could hear the roar of the engine as it geared up with pressure to make the train move. You could hear the arms of the wheels beginning to turn. And you certainly knew you were on the way when the engineer begin to blow the whistle!
I stuck my camera outside the train window as the world was passing by to take some shots of what it must of felt like way back when.

Here the train has uncoupled with main part of train and is doing a maneuver called a 'Round about'.

This is where the train must blow out the sediment that settles on the bottom of the steam tanks. It's like 'blowing your top'. That steam can reach very hot temperatures and that is why they stop under the freeway to blow out the steam. Quite a sight and sound.

While we were waiting for train to recouple with us to take us back to the station. Adrien and I met this wonderful 'young in heart' gentleman. Let me introduce you to my 87 years young friend. This is Mickey! Mickey is an icon on this train. He had been an Engineer for almost 50 something years when he finally retired. Once retired, and once they refurbished this moving museum, he has been coming down to the station and riding in the same seat, same train car since this museum opened. Mickey knows everything there is to know about this Steam Locomotive. He knows every ones names and feels his duty is to wave at EVERYONE. And Mickey did just that. When I needed to take some photos of the other side of the train, he so graciously offered his space. At one point I sat with him and as he told me about the Crocker Art Museum and the stone marker depicting the very last run and ending point for the Pony Express. It was a wonderful day and made even better by meeting my darling new friend...Mickey the Icon of the Sacramento Railroad. So, if you are coming through and want to experience this wonderful trip. Make sure you purchase your ticket and get on the last train car and look for Mickey and tell him that Robyn sent ya!

Well folks this the end of this journey and Mystery Trip. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as me putting it together for you! If you are traveling through or have a undying love for trains as I do. One must really experience this at least once.

Stay tuned I have yet to put up our lunch experience...and what an experience it was. I will tell you all about how we caught 'crabs'! And that is so not a typo. LOL!
With much love,


Joshua said...

very freaking cool! old time'y fun is the greatest! great pictures as per usual. Wow, very jelous of all the fun.

And thanks for the nice comments R.
Deep thought blogs dont happen that often, but when they do, its nice, :)

Queen Goob said...

I love that you did this post in back and white - it fit the mood perfectly.

The last picture reminds me of the end of my favorite movie, "While You Were Sleeping".

And please, you don't really need to show us pictures of your crabs. No really, we're cool.

p.s. please note I AM the big number two....

Rosemary said...

Hi Robyn,
Wow, what a fun time!!
I love anything historical!!
Thanks for the wonderful tour, and train ride.
Can't wait to hear about the crabs!
Chat soon,

Lori said...

wonderful post!!! the pictures you took are just gorgeous and they flow so nicely with your narrative!!! that really looks like it was a fun day:)

Dolly said...

thank you!
That was so fun.
I have never been on a train...except the lil one at the zoo when I was a child!

Loved the pictures and the story!

Hugz, Dolly

Charmingdesigns said...

That was a wonderful trip you took us on!! Love the black and white!!! The train ride looks fabulous!! Laurie

Reb said...

Oh, what a wonderful day you had! It is nice to see living/interactive museums. Can't wait for lunch!

Skeeter said...

Hi Robyn,

That train ride sounds like so much fun. What a great post! Can't wait to have lunch :-)

Best wishes,


ArtsyMama said...

What a wonderful post. Loved the story and the ride:) Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait for more!!

cammy @ freckledfarm said...

LOVE this Robyn. Looking forward to lunch!

MJ said...

I've been time travelling over at my blog too!

I hope catching crabs isn't part of the time travelling experience.

jen said...

I love OLD SAC!!!! It is so quaint and is soo much fun at night too! Thanks for sharing!

kirsten said...

what a fun experience!! it's always fun to explore the history of an area & learn new things about it that you never knew before.

well off i go to the airport!! :o)

Julie said...

How much fun was that....Great post!!!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

This is just the coolest thing going on a mystery trip. Looks like ou had fun!

Sandra Evertson said...

That was wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

That was very cool. I love those old trains. They have a personality of their own. This story ispires some ideas of another woodworking piece.

You two should check out the train from Williams AZ to the Grand Canyon. Its really cool. Its also an old steam engine. They have a moc train robery on the way up. They tell alot of the history of the steam trains in the Grand Canyon area too. You two would love it.

Love your blogs, love to hear about your trips. Almost like I was their, hanging on each word.


sarah said...

WOW! im embarassed to say I have lived here for well...over 15 years and never experienced the train- ! i love the black and white photos!!!!

Natalea said...

very cool! looks like a fun time! xo natalea

Anonymous said...

Just like part one, part two hasn't disappointed. Some lovely photos, especially in black and white.

Now, where's part 3????

Peter x

Anonymous Boxer said...

I love being a tourist in my own home town.

Walker said...

There is alot of history there and being a wertern fanatic I knew about the pony express.
Alot of riders lost their lives to make sure the mail got through.

I know the train ride was cool because we have one here that was restored and is used as a dinner train while chugging through the countryside like it used to giving the riders something to experience from the past complete with minstrels playing the old tunes from the past with their fiddles and guitars.

Waiting for part three.
I guess you didn't get a picutre of Ann's fanny eh? lol

Suzanne said...

Wow, I'm going to have to turn my dad onto this. He's a steam engine fanatic. No joke. I live right here. I really do have to get out more. And he'll probably want to fly out from NY to join me! Wow honey! And black and white. Very, very artistic and historically accurate. LOVE IT! Like most of your fans, I hung on every word. What and absolute blast. My only issue was the horse and you know me of course, I worry about the welfare of animals and as always you came to his rescue with Peta and Humane Society information. It disturbed me however that the driver was standing in the shade, but the horse was left in full sun. Why do animals have to be a commodity?

Your trips with Adrien are the best. And the picture of her at the ticket counter is adorable. Great hair cut!!! Can't wait for Part III because you guys never disappoint. I'm starving honey. Where's lunch.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

OMG, girl, I feel like I was right there with you! I am now dyingt o come visit Sacramento!!!


Suzanne said...

Honey, birthday party at the Cafe for Jo. Stop by. Lot's of really, really good stuff!!!

catscratch said...

My Lil T loves trains. I take him on the train at the zoo and at Dollywood everytime we get the chance. I such a sucker for that kid.

It looks like you guys had a blast! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I like how you did them in BW. Really a nice touch with the old town, and trains.
I want to go on one of your trips. Sounds like lots of fun. I love reading about them. Keep it up.

Michael Lockridge said...

This Mystery Trip thing is so
cool! You really do this well. I gotta stay tuned so I can catch the next adventure!


*slams open saloon doors, tips hat back to reveal leathery weathered face and starts shooting*

Suzanne said...

Oh Christ. He's here? What the hell's he shooting? Let's hope nothin' legal.


Suzanne said...

*Okay wee one, let's get your gun an go home honey. It's been a long day. Yes, of course you can have a pink cupcake.*

Joshua said...

sorry to hear your day sucked, watch some movies, i find that helps :)

Gypsy said...

Gee you do some fun things. I love historical places. One of my favourite places is in Victoria, Australia. It's called Sovereign Hill and is a replica of an old gold mining town. Ballarat (the town where it is located) featured heavily in the gold rush days.

All the employees wear clothes from the period and there are horses and carriages going down the street. You can pan for gold, go down a mine and see the kind of places the miners had to live in. There's even a music hall. Every time I go there it's like being transported back into the past and is really wonderful.

I enjoyed your trip very much and thanks for sharing. It MUST be getting close to lunch by now ;)

scrapmomof5 said...

Robyn the way you write lets the reader come along with you. I feel as though I was riding that train through Sacramento with you.

Junie Moon said...

I love the way you used black-and-white photographs to evoke the old-timey feel to your adventure. And I'm so glad you made a new friend. What a delightful trip you had.

~Kristen~ said...

I just looooove reading about your Mystery Trips!!!!! I just read it all slowly and soak it in and through your words and AMAZING photography I feel like I am right there!!!

Cecile said...

the black and white photos are fabulous. The trip looks like it was a blast. sorry I haven't been around. But don't feel bad, I haven't been around anywhere on blogger all week. It's been crazy busy, and life refuses to slow down for me. Don't work to hard and remember to have fun.

Hugs back at ya

Terri and Bob said...

The black and white pics are awesome!

Skeeter said...

Hi Robyn,

Just stopping by to say "Hi!". Talk with you later.

Bet wishes,


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love how you used black and white photographs to illustrate this fun trip!

Skeeter said...


Hi! Please stop by my blog when you get a chance. I have an award for you.