Saturday, February 9, 2008

For 'My Buddy' Brian! Love ya! & Dear Suzanne!

My blogger friend Brian is in the throws of some serious studying! And also getting ready to dig deep into composing a wonderful new book. This man writes so beautifully. Full of wit and passion. I am encouraged by him every time he posts. I find solace at his blog. I feel I can write my words and they seem 'free' for the first time. No walls. I always find my 'Flow' on his blog. Which brings me to one of his posts where he wrote a post on finding one's 'Flow'. He was wanting to know what some of us do to get in the 'Flow'. Of course, the term 'listening to music' came up...and he posed the question to us. What do we listen to, to reach good 'Flow'?! I suggested this beautiful man - Joe Satriani. He is a guitar GOD. And since my friend and I love ROCK/Heavy Metal...just good music in genereal. This song is titled 'Until We Say Good Bye' and played live in San Francisco. I wanted Brian to hear my muse! So, here he is Brian for your listening pleasure. Turn up your speakers and lean back in the chair, close your eyes and really listen to the music. I hope you enjoy this...*wink*

And this one is for a wonderfully warm, endearing woman. Whom I have come to adore because of the openness of her friendship to a complete stranger. She reached into my soul and touched my core! Suzanne, we are struggling and wondering of others in our lives and how they have touched our very being. I love this artist because of her passion, just as yours. I dedicate this to you dear friend. 'Keep Holding On'!

Since I have taken the lead from my friend Brian on posting videos, this might become a new form of expression for me...So, hang on friends, this should prove to be quite a!
With much love,


Cecile said...

I too love Avril and Suzanne. The Joe Satriani song was nice too. Your trip to San Fran looked fantastic. And I think that special trips like that add years to our life, or at least enriches it. Friendship is such a wonderful treasure, and it looks like you are a very rich woman!

Suzanne said...


Thank you so much. What a beautiful post and song. I've never heard it, but sat with tears in my eyes the whole time I listened. I will listen often.

Our dear collection of friends matter very much, don't they? It is always my hope that animals, people and this planet are treated with love, kindness and respect. That is often not the case, so friends come together to offer love and support. Thank you for inspiring me to continue helping and thank you for your continued friendship and support. You are such a dear friend and I love you.


P.S. Cecile, I love you too my dear friend. Thank you.

CSI Seattle said...

Well, look at this red carpet treatment!

Please, no pictures. Why yes, I know Tom and Kat. Great people. Drinks at ten? Why yes, I'd love to. Oh Darling, that dress is so ten minutes ago. My goodness, did you see Demi? Are those things real?

I'm practicing to be famous. Except for the fame part, I'm almost there.

So, thank you for the custom post. I am listening to the Satriani song as I type now. Very cool. I was actually familiar with Satriani before, but mostly his mainstream radio stuff. "Surfing with the Alien" is the song that comes to mind.

In regards to flow, this song in particular works well for me as an ambiance type of music. Meaning that I can play it at a medium level and still actually be creative and productive. His guitar work is fantastic and has a hypnotic sound to it. Very nice.

So, thank you for your support, your energy, your humor, and any extra concert tickets you may have sitting around.

I look forward to supporting each other, and our friends, in all our future adventures.

You are awesome at being awesome! Thank you,


Hezzy Magee said...

I posted the explanation for "HeZzY mAgEe" on CSI's blog.

Thanks for the idea to post pictures with my friends and I. I was stuck for what to post so thanks. The pics should be up soon.

Hmm...what tunes do I listen to. Well, first let me say the "Keep Holding On" is one of my FAVOURITE songs. Though, I listen to anything really. I like Classical Music but i also like My Chemical Romance so you can see how it varies!


Hezzy Magee said...

I cant practise my French Horn... :'(...he's sick lol. We took it to get he valves fixed but unfortunately it was a bigger job than we anticipated so I won't get it back until 2moro hopefully or Wednesday.

bindhiya said...

Hi Robyn,
Great post and songs!
I enjoyed both songs too.


dont get sucked into the posting of videos too much. remember its a blog not a you tube... nice post!