Sunday, February 24, 2008

A small VICTORY!

Friday, 2/22/08 will be burned in my brain. That day was the most important day for me in my career at the hospital. I had to summons my union to lead me into battle. My reputation (and the simple fact that they broke my contact) was on the line. I had been accused of misspeaking to an employee. Which in turn upset a patient. I can't get in to all the details but trust me when I say. Once they pulled me in the office to explain things to me, I knew I had to get my union involved. It caused me great pain to be accused of certain things, and KNOW them to be so untrue. I did just that,pulled my ACE and called my union in and that was before Christmas.

Friday was my day to say what unjustices were brought upon me. I had organized my paperwork, retyped notes and tried to steady my nerves. I had to work Friday on top of that. Once, I got to work I jumped right in to my work with both feet. Soon, that tightening in my throat disappeared. The phone rang at 1230pm, I answered. It was Barb, my union rep. The lump reappeared. She said to come down to the cafe to go over things a bit. I did just that. Barb, instructed me to not over talk. And not over explain things. I nodded. She stood up and said...let's get over there.

My feet felt like lead weight. I began to make my way across the street to the HR office. The walk seemed long and full of dread, I thought to myself...this must be how a new prisoner feels on their walk to their cell! I too, felt this would be a make or break deal. Before I opened the door, I sighed so loud I am sure the people who were walking their dog turned around. The head of HR met us at the door, with a look that certainly was meant to intimidate. He shook my hand (thank god I just had wiped them on my scrubs). We moved past him to the conference room.

My union rep, Barb, began to set up her laptop to take notes. I sat like I was a school girl with my hands clenched together and sitting atop my typed notes, looking straight forward. I very thin bead of sweat began to form on my forhead. I was letting my nerves get the better part of me.

Then the head of HR came in to tell us, that one my manager had called in sick that day and the other manager would be 15 minutes late. I slumped back in my chair by then. I was deflated. I soon grew angry. They make me wait...NO WAY! I had to get a few things off my chest. Damn it I was going to say what I needed to say.

Soon the other manager emerged from her dark hole, she calls an office. She sat there all perfect and wearing too much perfume, it had my stomach churning. And on top of that it was cheap perfume. She looked relaxed. She began small talk with Barb. They were smiling. HR manager, cleared his throat and said, shall we begin. He spoke to Barb, Why are you here? And what actions are you trying push forward?

Barb said her thing, then the other manager said her thing. Then he turned to me...I was not done and I had to say what was on my mind. I didn't believe that I deserved a written warning for what had happened. It was a first in my 10 years at the hospital and it certainly wasn't started by me. And I should have never been PULLED out of my lawful, clocked out, lunch. To be given the written warning. When it did happened I was floored, just floored. And my manager speaks of RESPECT. He must not realise that for one to get respect, one must earn it first.

The Head of HR couldn't believe that they pulled me out of lunch to do this. He was very angry. He asked me point blank if I had signed a 'no break' voucher. I said had no idea what he was talking about. He made note. Soon the meeting was over. Head of HR said thank you for coming and he would let my union rep know what was deceided. She gave me the cue not to say anymore in that room.

We both walked out and I sucked in a big glup of fresh air. Barb turned to look at me, and gave me a hug. She were brillant in there, nervous my ass! She was right, I had held up my head high, I spoke firmly but pleasantly. I made the other manager uncomfortable. By the way she kept shifting in her chair and what she kept saying..."no way did I say that" "come on Robyn you know that was not the case!"
I never let my eyes cast downward, I laid them directly on the person I was speaking to. Barb, turned back to me and said these words to me..."we have had our small VICTORY today, remember Robyn, you ARE a person of value, not just another person who gets a paycheck....truly someone of worth, and today they KNOW IT too!"

I have missed you all, but kept you all close to me with all the kinds words you wished upon me. That night a doctor friend gave me free tickets to see his band. I took them gleefully, I knew I would need an outlet. Jim and I and my bestfriend, Adrien, went to the Folsom PO'Boyz Bar and Grill. What great music and great beers! I had dressed up and moved to the music and shared some great laughs with two (of many) wonderful, supportive people in my life! friends I was celebrating my small VICTORY that night!
With much love,


Suzanne said...

My dear, dear friend,

I'm so proud of you. I've missed you terribly, but I'm glad you got the job done and now you're back, better than ever. I would have warned your manager months ago, "Don't mess with my Robyn!!!" I know it's been a stressful time for you, but you needed to go through it, give your life a bit more thought, find courage and grow. And that you have my dear. Thank you for sharing this with us. It matters. Hell, I learned something too, "If Robyn shows up a-knockin' run for the hills honey!"

Glad you had so much fun Friday night. Go girl! It's late, so I'm going to say good bye for now because it's almost time to start my day. I slept from 9-12 and have been up since. Now it's almost time to start my day at 4am (my usual wakeup time). This is wacky! I'm going to live on 3 hours sleep today...I can almost see the wrinkles forming, or gettin' deeper! I don't deserve this crap!

Love you baby. Have a beautiful day.

Hugs and kisses, Suze

p.s. I'm not going to spell check ~ forgive me.

Leah said...

God bless unions, and union reps. Really. But even more important, it sounds like you were so brave and stood up for yourself admirably! Good for you, Robyn! That is so hard to do, and you did it.

Thank you so much for the cherries. They are just what we needed over here in Plagueville. I adore cherries, how did you know?

And hi Suzanne!


FF-ING ACE!!! right on, its nice to hear people sticking up for themselves these dyas!! kudos to you for following through and going through the right channels!!! rock on! *cheersing you with my coffee!*

Anne F. said...

I am so happy for your small Victory my friend. I guess they don't realize who they were messing with did they. I am so happy for you. Now take that deep breath and relax a bit now.

Rosemary said...

Good for you Robyn. Congrats on your Victory. So glad you stood up for yourself. Don't mess with Robyn.
Glad you had a fun night out, I'm sure your really needed it.
Hugs to you,

Suzanne said...

Jeasus Christ...look who followed me!

Leah. Hi Sweetie. Thought you didn't even know who I was. Never heard you utter a word. I am honor!!! I am not Jewish, but considered converting b/c I think it's a beautiful religion. Imagine that!!! Most of our friends are Jewish and the most beautiful wedding I EVER ATTENDED, was Jewish. Two lawyers...they divorces about 5 years later of course! But I think what makes me Jewish most, is my uncanny ability to worry.

And Inner Voices. Are you following me around? I don't even care because you're the greatest support system to Robyn and all of us. You are who you are, but you so aren't who you are. Ya know what I mean? I like that.

This is a good place to be Robyn. People love you and that matters. You did good girl!!!! We're obviously very proud of you.


Suzanne said...

Sweetie, Helen's birthday was the 25th. If you could pop on over an wish her a HaPpY I'm sure she would be delighted. Most of us forgot or were too busy to blog, and so I'm hoping we make amends. I'm going to try to send her and e-card, but don't know if I'm able to send it to a blog. Well...we'll see! Guess what? Her Mom also started her own blog! Isn't that terrific!?

Love you honey. We'll chat soon.

bindhiya said...

Dear Robyn,
"Congrats on your victory"..
am so happy for you
Unions are the best...even though I have different opinion about the things my hubby with him for unions...we are just crazy trying to spend every penny for unions, even union made groceries only.. :)
People lie shamelessly! but now they got a time they will think twice before act..
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

I just read your post on Brian's blog and I'm worried. I'm going to go to Web MD to search cellulitis bilater...

I hope you feel better soon. If you need me, I'm just up the highway. You have my email and I'll give you my phone. I'm serious. I don't have enough on my plate. I need more! (Well of course I'm laughing.) I know you're in pain, but I hope you are taking something for it that helps a wee bit. You told Brain you can't type because you have to elevate your legs. Elevate them to the key board and type with your toes. That should work.

I love you sweetie. Tons and tons. That's what I tell my nieces and it always works for them, so hopefully it works for you.

Feel better soon,
XO Suze

Leah said...

Robyn--I'm so sorry to hear about your infection! That sounds really painful. I'm with Suzanne on the painkiller--do you have something that helps? I guess you've been working insanely hard and been stressed out--do you get to take some time off now to relax and feel better?

I'm sending you a little bouquet of Gerbera daisies tucked in a bright blue pottery pitcher!

Junie Moon said...

Congratulations on your victory! It's always, always the right thing to do to stand up for honor and truth.

Julie said...

Wow - that is a stressful situation and believe me - I understand. I used to be a Surgical Tech. Hospitals can be the worst place to work..which is really sad considering the environment needs to be quiet and calming for the patients!

((((((((cyber hug)))))))))

Cecile said...

I think I'm a little bit behind in bloggerland. I haven't had the time to stay caught up. I am glad to hear that you stood up for yourself and even more glad to hear that you celebrated the victory afterwards. Way to go girl. I hope the cellulitis heals quickly too.

sarah said...

WHAT????????????? Girl fill me in!!!!!!!!


Skeeter said...

This statement alone is why the american labor movement still has life. " ... you ARE a person of value, not just another person who gets a paycheck ..." I'm glad that you defended yourself successfully Robyn. No matter what happens from here on out, it's absolutely TRUE that you (and everyone too) has a fundamental worth and dignity. It's the part of us all that makes life worth living. Best wishes!

Sandy said...

Oh Robin,
I'm so sorry you've had to deal with all of that and since before Christmas. Glad you had your Union to help you out and it sounds to me like you ROCKED in there! You described it so well I was imagining it in my head as you explained it.
Hope it is settled soon and of course in your favor! The TRUTH always prevails.

have a wonderful day.
Sandy :)