Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pure Beauty and Suprise Visit!

There he was standing so silent, looking on as I transcribed doctor orders in a chart. I was so focused on my work, I had no idea that he was there. Soon, I felt a pair of eyes on me, beaming right on me. Suddenly, I smelled a familiar scent in the air. Images were soon flooding my memories. Oh, those wonderful memories. My head shot up...I gasped.

I saw the most wonderful sight...

I saw the love of my life, Jim, holding these wonderful roses, while standing RIGHT in front of the nurse's station. JIM WAS HOME! Jim had drove from Monterey after just working a 16 hour shift, to bring something so beautiful to me (Jim is a Correctional Officer and works almost 3 hours from where I live, and on top of that he works alot of overtime, some mandated some coveted. But I don't usually see Jim for weeks on end. Jim and I are waiting for the transfer freeze to be lifted one day. Just to give you WHY this moment is so special.). But, instead of having them delivered, he choose to hand carry them up to me on my floor where I work at the hospital. I was moved to tears. I literally jumped up from my chair into his waiting arms. We hugged as if our souls depended on it. GOD, how I have missed him (and his warm feet *wink*). We moved away from the desk, so as not to bring anymore attention on us. I brought Jim into my breakroom where I could give Jim a passionate kiss. That kiss recharged both of us. We needed each other, we craved each other. (yes, ladies and gentlemen this is where is gets past this if you must). He touched my face so tenderly, brushed my hair away from my eyes. He bent down a bit, looked me square in the eyes and said..."God, how I have missed you!". Hugh tears were slowly making their way down my cheeks. I was happy...truly happy. The space where I was standing was fuzzy around the edges, as we were the only two around. As quickly as he appeared, he quickly slipped away, with a kiss on my forhead...mouthing "I love you" to me as the door slowly shut behind him.

WHAM! All the sounds of the hospital came rushing around me once again. I was out of my fog, but not totally done walking on cloud nine. If I could have skipped back to my desk (and not look retarded doing it) I so would have. As, soon as I got back to my front desk. Man, did those nurses let me have it. All of them hating on me because I thought I was so deserving. I just smiled like a Cheshire Cat, which made them more resentful. I knew they all wanted a good,decent man like my Jim. But, this crew that was on (not one of my favorites as you can tell) WOULD NEVER get to experience something as beautiful as what Jim and I have because of just that...being such hateful people.

Hours before that I had a wonderful visit from my darling niece. First, I heard these darling words...."Is this where my Auntie Ra Ra works...she has the funnest ride (refering to the elevator in the hospital)". I jumped from my seat to go investigate. What should I see when rounding the corner, but my niece in the prettiest party dress and my sister holding my youngest nephew. As soon as my niece saw me, she was in a full run. I got down on both knees and waiting for the impact of her hug. She squeezed me around the neck so was lovely! She then began to talk so fast I didn't think her little mouth would be able to keep up. My niece presented me with a handmade card (that her and her older brother made) and a fantastic chocolate covered strawberry! What more could a girl ask for...(see beginning of the this :) post).

Yes, friends Valentine's Day this year will always hold a special spot in my heart. I was truly blessed on Feb. 14th, not only did I get to see my sweet baby niece but my darling husband as well. It was a wonderful Day. Hoping that all of your Valentine's Days were just as fulfilling and rewarding.

P.S. I want to thank each of you who have come here and posted comments on my blog. I truly love seeing and visiting with each of you. I have enjoyed very much the comments. I am inspired by you all. I hope to continue to see you on my blog. I wish you happiness and love!

With much love,


Gig said...

Dear Robyn,
I came for a hug and got goosebumps! I am so glad that Valentines Day was so wonderful. You deserve it!! Glad that you chose to share it with your blogging family.
You have a wonderful way with words, don't stop writing.
Have a great mystery trip, will be watching for details.

Love and hugs,

Suzanne said...

Hi Sweetie,

Oh course I'm here. I wouldn't miss it for the world. And yes, I have tears in my eyes. What's new! The love you share with Jim is beautiful and true. You remind me of my friend Cielo and her husband. They've been married a long time, but are still so romantic and so in love. You are all lucky and blessed. I wouldn't want it any other way for such dear, dear friends.

I was thinking of you today when I came back from the park and stopped at Safeway for a couple of items. "Keep Holdin' On" started to play and the biggest lump formed in my throat. It was as if you were walking down the isle with me looking for fresh zucchini and tomatoes. I smiled big and wide and the produce guy said "Are you having a good day?" I replied "The best."

I love you, you know. I don't know how we all met in this place, at this time, but we did and I'm forever grateful. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with all of us. And don't even get me started on nieces and nephews. All of mine are back on the east coast and it breaks my heart because I love them so. You've lucky to have yours close enough to hug way too tight! My niece, Alison, just wrote an email the other day to remind me she loves me and sent a card a few weeks ago. She sent a "Thank You" card to thank me for being her aunt and for loving her!!! Can you imagine? How lucky can you get?

I love you honey. Visit my blog...I posted and you'll laugh! And yes, it was fun to go after Bri while you weren't around, but it didn't really matter because he barely responded. Yes, it's are #1 and I think you're all he sees!!! :) God, do we have fun or what? Okay, okay, okay...I'm #1b, but don't tell him because he'll never let me live it down.

I LOVE YOU!!!! Happy Belated Valentines Day to you and Jim,
Suze XO :)

Leah said...

Oh.My.Gosh. Robyn, that is the very essence of romance. How lovely. I know from personal experience how hard it is to live apart from your man, and how it feels when all your senses are engaged at once at his appearance...but the fact that this was unexpected makes it all the more overwhelming! You certainly do deserve that fantastic Valentine's Day, lady. Your post took away my cynicism. Thanks so much for sharing this personal event with us!

all the best,


Leah said...

Just wanted to post a p.s. I laughed when I read your follow-up comment to my golf comment on CSI's blog. I've known many folks who have loved golf--not a single one of them rich! Anyway, we're in agreement...Now I think I have to try it...

'54Bomber said...

Hi Robyn,
A beautiful, beautiful post. I haven't read anything so heartfelt and honest in ages.
Now, i know I'm a bloke; but i was crying . . .crying happy tears.
You've got yourself a good man there.

Love and best wishes to you both,

Suzanne said...


I love you. I think that's why we all love you. And yes, she does have herself a good man. We don't have to worry about her! Do we?

With love,

Terri and Bob said...

Neat post! I am so glad Jim got to visit!

Junie Moon said...

What beautiful Valentine surprises for you! It's ever so lovely to be married to your very best friend.

PAT said...

Ahhh...there is just something about a fella named Jim!

Lovely post Robyn!


Rosemary said...

That was the nicest story I have heard in awhile. So romantic!!
I loved it, and I am so happy for your. Plus you got the see your niece as well.
What a great Valentine's Day!!
I am so glad that we have become blog buddies.

a pink-bee said...

How sweet- that your husband was so wonderful to deliver the beautiful roses to you in person :) Glad you got a special moment together :)Hope you get to see more of each other soon :) And what a fun visit from your little niece :)

CSI Seattle said...

Hi Robyn,

Just a quick stop in to say hello. Excellent story. You and Jim sound like the coolest people.

Gotta run, but I'll be back,


Kim said...

What a sweet Hubby you have!!! You are truly...a BLESSED beyond measure girlie!!!

bindhiya said...

Dear Robyn,
What a beautiful Valentines Day you had!
I am so glad to see you had a wonderful day....all filled with ♥

Take care
♥ and ((hugs))

My Paper World said...

Oh Robyn!
What a wonderful day you had! I'm so happy for you!
Big hugs!
Nicola xx

Tanya said...

Oh Robyn, how wonderful. That is such a beautiful story. A true Valentine Story!!!!

Sandy said...

How sweet!
Gorgeous roses! So glad Jim made it home on such a special day.
Have a wonderful week.
Sandy :)

Mr. Shife said...

Wow Robyn that is awesome. I am glad to hear that you had such a wonderful day. Hope you and the hubby got to enjoy some time together.

Suzanne said...

Hey you! Thanks for the visits. I love you and Jim. We'll chat soon. I'll respond to your comments in due time! I'm forever playing catch-up now.

I do love you, you know. Honestly. How'd we get so lucky?

XO Suz

bj said...

What an absolute charming and romantic posting! Just fabulous!
hugs, bj

Tom & Judy said...

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day, Robyn! Sounds like a truly special day for you!

Anne F. said...

robyn, my dear friend I have tears in my eyes reading that post. I am so happy you got to see your sweet Jim. What a truly loving man he is and you are truly blessed to have each other in your lives.

What a wonderful niece too and sister to bring those beautiful children to see you. It does my heart good to hear you so happy right now.

Happy belated Valentines day my sweet friend.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Fabulous! The best surprise ever!! That site is a mempry that will stay with you...a happy snapshot of time! is the SURPRISE BLOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY for Kari's 40th birthday...hop on over for a little cake, diet coke, and birthday cheer!!!


daydreamstudios said...

Awwww... what a swee post.

You're invited!!!!

What: A Blog Party


When: Now thru next Tuesday

Why: Becuase I made it to 100 posts (wasn't sure I'd make it past 3)

Time: My blog never sleeps, so come when you can.

Who: You of course, bring a friend too.

P.S.: I have a present to give away!

Suzanne said...

Honey you're still up, if you see this write! I was just on Skeeter's blog reading about his kitty and dying! OH-MY-GOD. Then I went to Teri's blog and saw you. We're just a few minutes apart. Like twins! Are they hilarious or what?! I knew you'd love um. Did you take that test. It's addictive. I just tried again and got to only 13-something seconds. I stayed up in the left hand corner until I got hit. It takes about 13 seconds! Too funny. I'm going to use a new stategy tomorrow (like moving!).

Honey, I love the new photo. It's gorgeous. You know me and roses.

I saw you on Brian's blog and you cracked me up. Do we have fun, or what!? I love you to, just in case you don't already know! Have fun in Old Folsom. Rob's mom lives there. It's a beautiful community.

Oh, I have to tell you something sweet. I come to your blog every morning to watch the Free Hugs video. It makes me happy and it's a wonderful way to start the day. Please don't ever remove it, I'd be lost.

Love you honey. Have a good 3 days on. I'll be thinking about you and waiting for you to arrive.

Huge hug and kiss,

Suzanne said...

Oh sweetie, I forgot to ask. How do I get to Derk now that you have my email. I haven't forgotten!

Love you.

paige said...

oh robyn, what a wonderful story. honestly, it sounds like something right out of a sappy beautiful movie! i love how you tell your stories--you make us feel like we are right there with you....well maybe not right there with you & your sweetie, wink!

Monica said...

Awee what a special day , I am sure you will always remember!
He's a keeper thats for sure :)

Cecile said...

This was such a beautiful story Robyn. I can completely relate to your love of nurses. I work in a clinical lab and have to deal with them on a daily basis. And yes, some are better than others, but that goes for all people I suppose. Anyway, I loved this post, I'm just sorry it took me 4 days to get over here and read it. Thanks for you visits to my blog.


yes, very sweet story, well put. there is love reserved just for that day i suppose...

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I appreciate them!

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing that very special experience with us!!! I know that roses are impracticle and all - but I love getting them too...and what a special gift it was because of all the effort put into it!

Suzanne said...

Good luck with your meeting today. I'll be thinking about you.



kick some ass!!!

My Paper World said...

Hi Robyn,
Just popped by to wish you a great weekend! xx

Gig said...

Hope everything went good with your meeting, miss you. Glad that Jim was able to go with. Always remember what a great person you are, and how many friends here in blogworld you have.
I always look forward to visiting "The Happy House of Haas".

Hugs and love,
p.s. to suzanne and robyn,
I think you both are #1's in supporting people, so don't ever quit!!
Now don't let your heads get so big that you can't see the keyboard to type, lol,!!! luv ya both

Skeeter said...

What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing the roses with us Auntie Ra Ra :-)

Best wishes.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh write so well...this is a wonderful...wonderful post...I am so glad I stopped by...I just wanted to say thank you for all of the sweet birthday truly made my day!

smiles, kari (& kijsa)

Heart4MyHome said...

Oh what a beautiful post. I am so happy that you were able to share this precious and treasured moment.