Monday, July 14, 2008

Through the looking glass...

Through the looking glass I see the many faces and moods of Robyn. For all my blogger friends and those who are lurking in the back ground, I have come forth. I have posted pictures of other's is high time you all have a face with a name! I have taken a artsy spin on just a simple photograph. I had fun and played and posted those that I thought provoked the essence of Robyn. What do you think?!
Ok...besides being pre-color treatment for my premature greying (which I have inherited from my dear father who is snow white), and only having the master bathroom mirror to work with, since I had no other person here to capture my! Still had major fun and I can't tell you how much I laughed. Thank goodness no one walked in to me laughing uncontrollably. 911 would have been called and the 5150 call would have gone out for sure.

**UPDATE: And for the 21 emails wanting to know and getting my eye color wrong! As much as I got a giggle out of the odd requests, I am truthfully glad no one asked for nude shots...LOL! Here you go. My, are green my friends!

With much love,


domestic goddess said...

wohoo, hello Robyn!!! I am so proud of you for taking the plunge and doing self portraits, you are gorgoeus!!! i want to see more of the beautiful Robyn on your blog in the future
anna x

Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures! There is NO way mine would even come close to looking that great! ~~~~XXOO, Beth

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Hi Robyn!

You are beautiful! So happy that you are having some fun and enjoying the summer!


Natasha Burns said...

You're so gorgeous Robyn! So nice to see you!!!

Kookaburra said...

How lovely to see you :)
Beautiful photos of a beautiful lady.

Cheers and beers,
Mark xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn,

Lookin' good, chickie! Sorry I haven't been here very much - there's no excuse.

Glad to see that you've finally bitten the bullet and put some photos of yourself up - and very arty ones they are too! Lovely to see what you look like, eventually!

take care,
Peter x

Sandy said...

Hi Robyn,
GORGEOUS!!!! I have such a complex of my pictures that I don't know when I'd have the guts to print that many and could only hope that they look that good!!
Have a fabulous week.
Sandy ;)

twinkleshabbystar said...

Robyn, it's soo nice to put a face behind the name. Love the shots of your GORGEOUS self!!!!! :))) XO,Jenn

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Those are great pics!!! You look glamorous! and you skin is sooooo perfect!!!

I still struggle posting pics of myself on my blog. It's scary putting yourself out there!

Scrappy Jessi said...

Girl you are gorgeous!!!
im so glad you took some fun pics, and even better, you shared them with us.
to cute!!
Have a fabulous week.

calamitykim said...

Dear Robyn- Your hair is lovely! I am so gray that if I were to color it, when it starts to grow it would look like a skunk! I love your self portraits! Your inner beauty shines through and you look luminous! Happy Monday for heaven's sake! I am off to find Isabella and continue her adventure!

Terri and Bob said...

Good gracious girl... I love it! Thanks for telling me to check it out. Yeah, I couldn't have done this either... beautiful, my sweet girl!

I am also glad to hear that you had FUN doing it. Such an important thing!

meggiecat said...

Great Pictures! I tried mirror pics but the light wasn't good and I wasn't good so that was the end of that. You, on the other hand, look beautiful and have great lips.

Leah said...

WHAT a WONDERFUL post, Robyn. It is truly daring, I know. I've gone around about posting pictures of myself, and compromised on a back view. But it is so neat to get to put a face with the words. And you are absolutely beautiful.


cammyk said...

Nice to see you Robyn! The last one is my favorite.

Charmingdesigns said...

OOOOH You are soooo gorgous!!! And you wouldn't let us see you sooner WHY??lol I'm still in incognito, by now I think I would shock a lot of You did a fantastic job with that camera, but it had a good subject! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Laurie

just bob said...

Wow, what a cool choice of posts. Congrats on taking the leap!

just bob

Terri and Bob said...

I left you an award at my site... come and get it!

Rosemary said...

Hi Robyn,
I love it,you are so cute and adorable. If you go back to older posts I do have some pictures of me.
It is fun to see what people you talk to look like.
Chat soon,

scrapmomof5 said...

Robyn, those are great pictures. I don't think I have ever seen you with so much makeup on! LOL

Walker said...

Very nice pictures of a beautiful woman.
You photograph well and I am sure the fun you had only helped you the glow on your face become even brighter.

Tammy said...

So fun to put a face to the name!

kirsten said...

love it, robyn!! so good to see your delightful (and delighted!!) face in this space.

so beautiful. :o)

thanks again for stopping by!!

MJ said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Maija said...

It's so wonderful to put your beautiful face to your name!

PAT said...

Wonderful post, Robyn. I truly enjoyed seeing you in these photos. You're beautiful!


Natalea said...

Beautiful!! It's always nice to see the face behind the blog! Lovely, lovely shots! xo natalea

Sandra Evertson said...

How wonderful to see you! Love the hair cut!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

Love it! I am SO bad at putting my face out there....I don't like the mirror let alone a photo! In my heart, I am still I am shocked at what I see msot days! Cheers to you! Amy @ Poppy & Ivy

Tom & Judy said...

Awesome pics, Robyn!!!!

~Kristen~ said...

Girrrlllll!!!!!! You are GORGEOUS!!!! I love love love these pics!!! so proud of you for going for it and showing the world the beautiful you!!!

Big hugs!!! :-)

My Paper World said...

Heck Robyn!
Why have you been hiding for so long?! You are flippin gorgeous!!!
Love the pics loads! Thanks for sharing with us! xx

Suzanne said...

About near fell off my damn chair! FINALLY!!! Honey you're so beautiful. Your eyes are expressive, your lips are gorgeous and grey hair to boot! Yippie!!! Thanks for being brave and for thinking so much of us you decided to take the plunge. ;) I love the format too. Great idea ~ sorta like a photo booth, but in the bathroom. Of course I'm laughing.

I want to jump through the screen and give you a big old hug, but think only my head will fit. Just know that I love you to pieces.

One more thing. I read all the comments and they're amazing. What wonderful friends.

Love you sweetie,
Suze XO

bindhiya said...

Dear Robyn,
hope you having a good day..

beautiful pictures...
you are absolutely beautiful..
love and ((hugs))

Gig said...

Robyn, I love this post, you are absolutly gorgoeus!! I really like the black and white...then going to the color at the end was awesome!! It is so nice to be able to put a face with a name. Thanks for doing this...and having fun at the same time is great.
Oh, and the haircut is GREAT!!!

love ya, Gig

Anonymous said...

Robyn, you are GORGEOUS, girly!!!!!!!!! You go, girl!!!

Hugs from TammyS

Ruthann said...

Robyn! Robyn! Robyn!! you are absolutely gorgeous!!! Love those photos! so adorably sassy and cute!! Love the lipstick, love the hairdo! Darling! And you are just as beautiful on the inside too! God Bless you cutie-pie! And thanks for always stopping by with ever-so-sweet comments!
Love Ya!
Warm Pie, Happy Home

Gig said...

Robyn, I meant to tell you earlier, when I owned my Salon, the name was...The Looking Glass!!
Great choice of words!! Plus, I need to learn to spell, gorgeous is the correct spelling...

meet ya at the "Onion"

Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

Ooh Hot Mama!!! Fun photos!!! :)

Holly Loves Art said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog! These self portraits are fantastic. I have a whole serioes I've done with me and my beloved four-legged! It's fun.

Hope you're having a great week!

Take care,

CSI Seattle said...

Hey!!!!!! I'm running a bit late, but I made it.

Look at you and what a fun post! Best post of the year. Love it. And what an attractive lady you are. The next time I see Jim, I will bow down and tell him what a lucky man he is.

Good for you and look at the responses you are getting. You Rock!


Skeeter said...

Hi ya Robyn!

It was very brave and thanks for inviting me over! The images are really great dear. Now I will have to do something along these lines too. It only seems fair I suppose.

Wonderful pictures. You look great.

Best wishes,


great pics!!!! love em!!! it is indeed nice to put a face to the "name"... good on you!!! thanks for always stopping by!!!

Cora Lynn said...

those are freakin' awesome! i don't know how i inspired that, but boy am i glad! super fun and super beautiful. way to go.

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. Just read your comment on my blog and want you to know I love you so much. And hugs? Yes, how could I ever, ever forget. This was brave and I'm proud of you. Look what you recieved for such little effort. It's funny how just opening up generates this sort of response. And Brian's comment made me smile. Have we ever seen him use "!!!!!"? Nope! Too funny. That made my day and made me also realize we've come full circle. We all met on 1Pic and we're all still here. Seeing your photo today brought us closer together. We've been through so much since last year, yet here we all are, still adoring one another. As difficult as this year as been, I wouldn't change a single thing. I am so grateful for all of you and for 1Pic because he helped us find one another.

I love you and you're beautiful honey. Never doubt that.


daisy cottage said...


You are BEAUTIFUL! Just beautiful!

Daisy Cottage

Naturegirl said...

Robyn first of all I named my daughter "Robin" love the name!
It's interesting how we all at one time or another "out" ourselves on our blog with our self portrait and then feel :liberated: ...
that's how I felt when I first "outed"
it's always nice to put a face behind the words and photos.
You have lovely eyes and the grey..well I for one let it all go grey..YUP no more color and I must say I look marvelous as a silver they say!I came in by way of Sandra's. :)NG

Leah said...



Gypsy said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog. I see my good friend Walker is here so I assume that's how you found me and it looks like I came by just in time for the big reveal.

What a lovely series of photos. you are beautiful.

Rebecca said...

Oh Robyn, you're gorgeous! But I knew you would be. :)


Kim said...

Beautiful...just as I suspected!!!!

So put a BEAUTIFUL face...with a BEAUTIFUL name...and a BEAUTIFUL person!!!!

Suzanne said...

I do believe I'm number 52!!! Drinks on me over at the Cafe baby!


jen duncan said...

I wish I could photograph MY self that well! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours has a bunch of groovy reads by the look of things! ;-)

Lori said...

you look beautiful!!! i am laughing to myself, because the one time i tried to post a pic of self to blog, i did it through a mirror too...i was concentrating so hard that i came out looking very stern...i wish i had been laughing like you:)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Robyn, how cute these pics are! So glad you let us see you now. You're adorable. Those must have been fun to take!


paige said...

so nice to see you my dear!
you are too fun & big hugs comin' at ya

Dolly said...

Robyn you are beautiful!
Inside and out!!!!

Hope you are having a great summer!


Julie said...

Great job and adorable photos! I do not like corasponding (sp??)with someone to whom I can not put a face just creeps me out!

Junie Moon said...

You look positively beautiful! I've posted a picture here and there of myself but I'm always, always uncomfortable doing so.

ShutterSpy said...

It's nice to see you! :-D

I've done loads of self-portraits, but I'm not going to publish them.

It's good to be back.

I had no idea that there'd be sooo much catching up to do after the computer broke.

Must go to bed now. See you around! :-D

Suzanne said...

I do believe I'm #61! And there's Shutterspy. How wonderful! Was wondering what happened to him/her. Now we know.

Look how poopular you are!!! And to think, you were worried. See what happens when you open up. Magic.

Love ya honey,
Suze XO

P.S. RC is back from her cruise. Her posts are a hoot. Take a peek. Oh, and she posted at the Wild Onion. You might want to lend your voice! Holy crapper. Do you know how to help built a niche?

Leah said...

Suzanne, "poopular"?!

62 comments! Your gorgeous self is bringin' 'em out in droves!!!!


Robert said...

hi robyn-

wow truly beautiful pics and you are a lovely lady!!! ty sooo much for your kindness on my page glad you came by!!! You have a talent for pic taking :)

sarah said...

ohhhhh are y ou naked!!!! Fabulous as always!! you are such an awesome person!!!

Suzanne said...

Leah, that is not a typo! Yup poopular! A running joke in our family, so thought I'd share the fun.

I do believe I'm #65. Robyn, if you responded to every comment your total will be 135. That is insane! Well stop throwing darts, eating skittles and drinking Lowenbrau over at the Wild Onion and focus girl. FOCUS.

And Sarah, is she naked too? Holy crap. I didn't catch that. I'll have to go back and enlarge the photos. Zack, where are ya baby???!! Free peep show.

Okay, I'll stop. Love you girly.

Suzanne said...

Honey, where did your email go? I just read something over at Skeeters and want to know if you're okay. The "C" word scared the hell out of me. I'm going to go back through my email to find your address, if you find me first, please let me know you're okay. I felt complete panic. So please let me know if it's past or present.

Love you,

Gypsy said...

Hi Robyn
I hope you won't mind, but I've added you to my blog roll. You are such a sweet lady and I have very much appreciated your kind thoughts.

LisaLaughs said...

Hey, you gorgeous gal!! These photos are lovely, and you should be proud at your awesome job of capturing a beautiful, inspiring and joyful creature!! Keep smiling, baby!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn!!!

Suzanne told me to visit and see the GORGEOUS photos of you. Yay!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll definitely be one of your regulars now.

You're HOT!!!

Suzanne said...

#70! Wow! I'm impressed. I think I'm going to put my real photo up and see if I get lucky too. ;)

Random Chick, how did you know Robyn was HOT? Did you watch the news girlie? It's about 100 degrees here already, so of course she's HOT! *Turns PPT around and head back over to The Wild Onion to make a management decision.*

Cecile said...

I guess a little late is better than never, hopefully. Sorry, been off having a pity party for myself this week and haven't been in the right frame of mind to blog. May still not be in the right frame of mind, but here I am. I think you are beautiful. It is so nice to be able to put a face with the name. Hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up.

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

You are a brave soul for taking all of these pictures...and they are just LOVELY! I admire you for taking the plunge! What a great job!

Walker said...

I come here all the time looking for a new post, gezz. LOL
It's already hot here and this post is only making it hotter ;)

Anonymous said...

Robyn, I love you pictures. I could stare into your beauitiful green eyes for hours on end. XOXO Yummy

Suzanne said...

#75! Hurray for me. I could stare into your beautiful eyes all day too, but I gotta make a livin' baby!


P.S. You still look as good as the day you posted. As fresh as a daisy. Did you use floral preservative?

Skeeter said...

Hi Robyn,

Gosh, I read through all of these postings and it made me so happy to see what Suzanne wrote. You know ... it sounds good, let's wander over to the Wild Onion Cafe and ... do all the things she said not to ... you know, like throwing darts, eating skittles and drinking Lowenbrau ... maybe another beer choice is on tap ... i hope!

Hezzy Magee said...

Ooh really creative, Robyn ^.^ you look really pretty too

LisaLaughs said...

Hey you!
I've nominated you for an award. Check out my blog to get the details!!

Niki Estes said...

What great photos, Robyn! It's great to see your pretty face! Have a great day!

a pink-bee said...

What a fun post ~your so very pretty :). Maybe one day I'll have to try this ~ maybe :)
hugs, crystal :)

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Robyn, great photos of beautiful you. The eyes are outstanding. My dd has eyes that look really green when she has on green clothes. The eye doc said he has never seen eyes her color.

Brian said...

Great pics...I love your eyes!