Sunday, July 6, 2008

Everything is coming up Roses!

I had the wrong date...but WHO CARES! All of our birthdays should be celebrated all year long. Don't you agree, I personally think mine should be a national holiday! My blogger friend Suzanne, whom delivered a beautiful rose bouquet to my front door on my ACTUAL birthday, received a bouquet from me from all of US, bloggers! To celebrate what I thought was a birthday that had passed, but in fact still hasn't arrived. I ordered this bouquet from Rust Florist here in Sacramento to be delivered to Suze on a didn't happen! WHAT?! I was furious, but come Monday Marty Rust made all right as rain!

And it seems that the this rose bouquet had some 'extras' added to make up for the mistake from the florist. I see this bouquet and see what she meant that it was beautifully 'full' of all that is lovely! It is breathtaking to see it the photo of the bouquet in her foyer!

Isn't that painting behind it beautiful! Stunning dear Suze! You are such a talented artist. I for one am thrilled that roses arrived in perfect condition and it came on a good day. I just wanted to celebrate your wonderful existence on this planet. You cheered me up on the most dreary day (me turning 38) with the most beautiful roses from your 'secret garden'. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed. It will be etched on my heart forever dear friend. I am glad these roses brought you a bit of happiness. Just seeing your post brought me ALOT of happiness! Happy EARLY birthday dear friend!

After having the bouquet for a while Suze realized that not all the buds were going to open fully so Suze decided to make them shorter stems and made up these perfect little bouquets for around her lovely house. She has truly extended their staying power. She is also going to dry the baby's breath for her Christmas tree this year. What a lovely idea...more extending 'that happy day'! And of course Oh No had to get in on the deal! Isn't he the cutest! Sweet fur face!

And of course, I had to show you what Glacier decided to do tonight that I thought was so cute. He has been so hot (we have been blasting the Air for him) so he went and hid. I looked every where for him. And then I had a panicked moment...but soon found him in my guest bathroom, taking up ALL the tile space.

From my big guy...Glacier and I! Hope you all are staying as cool as possible! And for my friend in Phoenix...I don't know how you deal with 'Hades' heat...aagghh 114! Too hot for this girl!

With much love,


CSI Seattle said...

Happy Birthday to everybody!!! We all turned 40 today.

Hey, who brushes your dog, you or hubby? You should buy him one of those little kid swimming pools for him to sit in.

Just wandering around, looking at all the pretty flowers.


Robyn said...


We both's a team effort! Well, between his 'every 2 weeks grooming' he gets in the summer and once a month in the winter! Yes, he is a high maintance pooch...hmmm, that is because his mama is high maintance too! LOL!

Hey now wait a minute...don't rush me to 40 dear friend...heck I had a heck of time turning!

Aren't all the flowers just lovely! Glad you enjoyed them dear friend!

Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday to all!!
Thanks for visiting Robyn.
I will post some pictures for you.

Dot said...

What a wonderful and newsy post! Your dog is gorgeous :)

Kookaburra said...

Robyn, what a wonderful birthday gift that was for Suzanne :)
Terrific post and lovely photos of the bouquet. Glacier looks really content and cool. Stay cool youself!

Love to all,

~Kristen~ said...

Hi Robyn!!!
I do remember you!!! Thanks for coming to visit my blog!!! Glacier is just as handsome as ever!!! Bailey says hi!!! heehee :-) I will definitely come back more often. I see I have a lot of catching up to do!

Take care, and big hugs!
Kristen :-)

Terri and Bob said...

I was so happy to see you. I miss you on GLU and GF and so does everyone else.

I am glad you found Kristen! It's fun to be reconnected with ones that you love!

Charmingdesigns said...

What wonderful flowers...and animals!! Did you see how fuzzy my picture was of the lake (on my blog) thats because of all the smoke blowing up from Big sad, those fires! Laurie

PAT said...

Happy Birthday to all!

Beautiful post, Robyn. I've stopped by several times to see if you've posted something.

Have a great week!
We're off to the lake again!

Maija said...

It is hot as hades for 3 months, but the other 9 are pure heaven!! I love Glacier! My hubby had 2 huskies when we first met- they are magnificent creatures!

Sandra Evertson said...

So thoughtful of you! Beautiful roses and I Love your Fabulous Altered Clipboards below!
Sandra Evertson

My Paper World said...

What beautiful Roses!
Happy Birthday to Suze! and I Just adore the cute pic of Glacier! xx

a pink-bee said...

Happy Birthday to everybody :) Such a sweet post ~ am finally hoping to catch up on reading blogs and am back to posting :)
crystal :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Robyn, thank you for coming by! And what a sweet thing to do for your blog friend. I know she enjoyed her roses a lot.

What a cute dog you have....


Leah said...

Hi Robyn--Glacier is SO handsome. I'm glad he found a nice spot on the tiles. We've been upstate, so my dog Pippin has had a chance to go swimming in our lake, which he loves. Even at 13, he still chases the ducks...

Lovely roses!

Anonymous said...

The roses are GORGEOUS!!!
What a great idea to dry baby's breath for the holidays - such an inexpensive, easy and whimsical accent to have around the house!
I am sorry you guys are soooo hot, after having lived in Grass Valley for a few years and then moving to the melting pot of Phoenix - it was a HUGE adjustment to say the least!!
Glacier looks like he is just doing what he can do to get thru the day!!
Have a great week
Thanks for stopping by, I am getting ready for our BBQ eat fest!

Cottage At Dove Canyon said...

Flowers are a treat - birthday or not! I love the photo of your friend's cat - too perfect! And Glacier, well who could blame him for finding a "cool spot" to lay on.

Skeeter said...

This just means that we get to celebrate another birthday with Suzanne dear. It will be fun! Just gotta wait until August now. That's all!

domestic goddess said...

Hi Robyn, thanks for stopping by my blog, happy birthday to you all, love all those roses
hugs xx

Tom & Judy said...

Glacier is one handsome fella!

How're things going, Robyn? Hope all is well!


Julie said...

Uggghh - I am on my way to Pheonix don't remind me about the heat!

All Pink girl said...

Wow what gorgeous roses ,
happy birthday to everyone
thanks for stoping by Dawnx

sarah said...

here i am ..posting a comment....what comment you ask??? hmmmmmmmm


Skeeter said...

Hi Robyn,

That's a great looking dog. In Phoenix? Wow, I bet he must be really missing the ice and snow.

Best wishes,

Dawny P said...

Those flowers are too gorgeous xxx Hope the birthdays were just wonderful too xx

CSI Seattle said...

*Visual - Me running through blog

Here I come!!!................There I go!!


Niki Estes said...

Gorgeous dog, Robyn!

PALS said...

Happy Birthday??

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