Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A thing of beauty...

I wanted to share a product that Hunky Hubby and I just installed in our home. On the recommendation of our friend - Jake Mason - we made the plunge to purchase a Levolur Cordless Cellular Shade in the color of Sand. Both of them went to Lowe's last night and picked it up...and as easy as I throw in a load of laundry, Jake and Hunky Hubby had the old one out and new shade installed!

Today, the house is much cooler and we are now able to watch television during the day. The house we are renting was built in the 1940's so not the most perfect design placement of the big picture window. The window is fully exposed in the early afternoon sun all the way till the sun sets. The sun just pours in the window which in the summer is not something you want when it is 105 out. My house at one time would run as high as 90 degrees inside. Now it is a beautifully cool 71...RIGHT NOW and it is almost 90 degrees outside! And we watched some television this morning with no sitting in a weird angles to see the screen due to a glare on the screen!

I am pleased as punch that WE have a wonderful, wise friend as Jake Mason! What a blessing that man is to our little family! Jake we love you and are blessed to call you our friend, thanks for helping us!
Much Love,


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