Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Mystery Trip - 2010

Blogging world is the latest Mystery Trip for Adrien and I. It was my month, and believe me, July I had alot of things to choose from. My mom gave me this idea, due to her taking my dad there from a prompting from the Sacramento Bee. Not only did we get to see the whole Aerospace Museum of California but also our tickets got us in to see the Star Trek Exhibit!!!! Hit the highlighted link to see what I am talking about. Now we couldn't take pics in the Star Trek Exhibit but they had two stations where we paid someone to take our pics...sitting on the Upper Deck of the Enterprise and the Transporter Room. Cute pics! We took in the static displays on the outside first since it would be heating up rather quickly. Here is what we saw!

Some really great static displays! I am just blown away how beautiful this complex is. I had no idea that they had rebuilt the Aerospace Museum of California...I was used to the dirty ol' hangers on McClellan. I am telling you if you live here or come visit! This my friends is must see! The whole complex is stunning, and the volunteers that work there, are beyond knowledgeable, some of them are the same pilots who flew some of those planes. Get yourself and your family over to this wonderful part of California truly was an eye opener!

After we took in this great museum it was off to lunch! I planned it out so we went to a brand new restaurant up in Roseville called: Dave & Buster's, it's the adult version of Chucky Cheese

They have some great specials...called eat & play! So, this was the chicken tacos plate YUMMY! And then we got our gaming on...seriously!

See! Since my best friend looks way cuter than me...I showed her getting her game on!

Then after all that gaming, we need a cold treat! Big Spoon was a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Much Love,


Monica said...

Robyn, you guys are SO fun! I love your mystery trips. We move back to the states in November and I can't wait to take the kids to see ALL the local stuff in whatever town we end up in. (It'll either be alamogordo, New Mexico or LAS VEGAS!)

Michael Lockridge said...

I have soooo missed your Mystery Trips. Thanks for sharing!

Terri said...

That looks like fun. One day I am going to surprise you and show up for one of these trips!

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