Friday, January 11, 2008

I found LOVE...inbetween the storms!

Here he is friends! The 'old man' of the bunch! He is 18 years old and doesn't look a day over 3...and still acts like in his teens. He has all his wonderful pin-like teeth (hasn't lost a one) and his beautiful coat. I for one am convinced he is part human! He looks at me with those bright blue siamese eyes...all knowing. I am telling you friends...he can read minds! He is that GOOD! LOL!

I call my husband in Noah's Ark! Why? you ask. Because every time that man walks through the front door. There he is...meaowing like crazy for some type of attention. And if my husband lies down to sleep...thunk...there he is jumping up onto my husband's chest. Purring like a Mac truck...rubbing his sweet face all over my husband's hand. And then there is me...who is in love with this little guy. And love his wet little nose...I am always rubbing it, until he gives me a 'kitty kiss' with that sandpaper tongue...licking my finger!

Then he looks at me cross-eyed as siamese do! I adore my little man...and the man of the house! Friends...I want you all to meet my first love in life...!

P.S. Siam was a rescue when he was 6 months old from the SPCA! And now look at him...18 years the younger! Taking a break inbetween rain storms, catching some rays! He loves the sun...when it is 114 here is will find him right out there basking in it. While mama hides inside with the air on! :)
With much love,


My Paper World said...

Awwwwww! He is gorgeous!

Rosemary said...

He is just like the cat I had. We had ours for 18 years.
He is a beauty!!

domestic goddess said...

beautiful cat robyn

Jennifer P. said...

Our cat is 12 and looks to stick around a lot longer too! He's getting a bit finicky in his old age, but we'll keep him!

So, you're interested in adopting my lampshades are you :)? They are chandelier sized, so they won't fit on standard lamps (just those candle-like bulbs). Is this what you were expecting? If so, let me If I get a bunch of interested people, I may end up doing a drawing for them--but if there's only a few, I'll remember that you were first!

Have a lovely day! -Jennifer

Terri and Bob said...

I love cats. Did you know that about me? He's beautiful!

Rhondi said...

Hi Robyn This is my first visit. Love your cat. He's beautiful. Our oldest cat made it to 17 years. I happen to have a post about cats on my blog at the moment. You might like it. Rhondi

der K said...

Hi robyn
thanks for your nice comment and the honour of being awarded. You have a nice cat. My girlfriend's mom has a crosseyed siam too. I didn't know that they always look in that weird way.
Since they have a new dog - a small great dane - the cat doesn't want to leave the wardrobe. The 4th day they decided to feed him inside of it. Anyway, he wouldn't have found his food in the usual place for the dog (Frieda) ate all of it...

Suzanne said...

What? You think I'd miss this?!

Wow, he's a stunner at 18 and sounds like a sweetie. You and hubby are very lucky he found you. And he's lucky you found him.

I love quotes and a few I think you and Honey Hunk will enjoy are:

"One small cat changes
coming home to an empty house
to coming home."
~Pam Brown

"There are no ordinary cats."

and finally...

"Cats have an infallible
understanding of concentration -
and get between you and it."
~Arthur Bridges

Thank you for sharing Siam with us. I love visiting your blog and love when you wander over to mine! Talk to you soon.

XO Suzanne :)

'54Bomber said...

Siam is a very handsome fellow, Robyn.
I can't believe that he is eighteen!

bindhiya said...

Hi Robyn,
I found you from Suzanne's blog.
loved reading your blog..
Your Siam is beautiful!!!
belated birthday wishes to your best friend.
Have a good night

Jennifer P. said...

Hey Robyn--you won the lampshades :)! Come on over to my blog to see, and then email your address at Congratulations, and all the best for your week ahead!

Gig said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Loved the pictures of Siam, he is beautiful. I love cats and have a very fluffy one named Maggie.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, 18 years old. That's amazing! He is beautiful.

Peter said...

I have to echo everyone on here, and say that Siam is an absolute stunner - so cute!!!!

Hope you're well,
take care,
PJ xx

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Gorgeous cat!

Junie Moon said...

How adorable! Lucky him and lucky you in having him join your family.

Suzanne said...

Honey, where'd you go! I'm missin' you.

CSI Seattle said...


Just an observation: As of this writing, your good friend turns 40 (see January 7th post) and she scores 12 comments. Your kitty turns 18 and he scores 18 posts.

I'm not sure what this means, but I wouldn't recommend leaving your good friend alone with your cat until this is straightened out.

Just a thought.

'54Bomber said...

Hello Robyn,
I have been over at Suzanne's place where I see that you have just come off working 3 12 hour shifts! Jeez you must be zonked out. How do you keep going? I hope the Triage Sister or whomever appreciates your efforts and that you get some down time to fully recover. Here's hoping that you are feeling better soon. Take care.
Kind thoughts,

Terri and Bob said...

I tagged you for a meme...

Julie said...

I think I own your cats short haired twin!

ShutterSpy said...

Lovely cat! Lovely photos!

Dot said...

Siam is beautiful!! I want to smooch his nose!! (am a besotted cat mama myself)..

Please tell him Ronnie and Essie from Australia wave their kitty paws at him!!