Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 Times Tagged! Come play...

Well friends I have been tagged twice *rubbing arm where I got tagged*! These are sometimes very funny to read so I will do my best to humor you all! Here goes it:

Tagged from Suzanne over at Rose Cottage Studio. A wonderful, gifted artist, who brings great beauty and joy into my life! Here is her tag to me!

Interesting Facts about Robyn!

1. My nickname is Raven (hence the black hair).
2. I used to be able to sing 2nd Alto until I had surgery to remove my cancerous Thryroid (not once by twice). It changed my voice 2 tones deeper. So, I do alot of humming now! :)
3. I have what ear specialists call acute hearing in my left ear! I can hear very high range tones (it is very rare in most people). Hmmm...maybe that is why I also stop when I hear dog!
4. I can type 59 words a 10-key eyes closed! But in current job really only need to be able to pick up the phone and write clearly!
5. I have a secret collection of Crowns(tiaras)I can't help it I see something shiny and so beautiful I have to have it. My collection consists of large size (as in wearing on your head) and pins and push pins, stationary, paper, cut-outs, I could go on and on!

Tagged by Terri over at Lakewood Manor. Lovely lady who has inspired me and I think we are kindered spirits! Here is her tag!

Five Weird, Random Things about Moi!
1. Don't like eating anything black (candy or otherwise)!
2. I always have to put on my shoe on the left side first...always.
3. I dyed my hair blonde when I was younger(just once)...couldn't stand my black hair, not now though, I adore my hair color!
4. Love office products almost to an obsession.
5. Will only eat All White Alabcore Tuna...ONLY!

Now I am to pass this along to fellow bloggers...but I know so many lovely friends! That I am passing this on to EVERYONE! So, if you choose to play 'tag-your-it', then copy the photo above and post that you were tagged from Robyn over at Happy House of Haas! It will be fun to see all the interesting,werid and random facts about people!
With much love,


Arthur Dent said...

Nice place you've got here, Robyn. Fenchurch and I also have two cats, as well as two Siberian Huskies, I have one child who lives 1200kms away, and Fenchurch has one child who lives with us.

We are also renovating a house, my very first house.

Rhondi said...

Hi Robyn I am way behind inchecking my emails. Thanks for leaving a comment on myblgo. It is always so exciting for me when someone takes the time to comment. Thanks :)Rhondi

bindhiya said...

I love this we know a bit more..
Thank you
Talk to you later

Dolly said...

Hi Robyn,
your vintage heart swap partner, Jennifer is trying to contact you via email!
Please check your email spam folder for her emails or email her asap!

Thank you dear,
Hugz, Dolly

P.S. I don't eat anything black either! :-)

'54Bomber said...

Hi Robyn,
I found one thing we have in common - office products. "OFFICEWORKS" is my favorite place to be on a Saturday afternoon :)
Also, I lace my right shoe differently to my left shoe.
See ya,

Terri and Bob said...

Robyn, you know I love you, girl, right?? You crazy thing. I love that you only eat certain tuna.

Kim said...

I'm with you Robyn...concerning the tuna!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend friend!!

Rosemary said...

Interesting Robyn!!
I love the crowns and tiaras as well.
I would like to see your collection sometime.

Suzanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
All Pink girl said...

Wow its so great to know you ,love your comments .Dawnx

Suzanne said...

Comment Deleted...yup, that was me!

Sandy said...

Hi Robyn,
Love learning new things about my bloggin' friends.
Great Post!

Have a wonderful week.

Suzanne said...

Where the heck did your email go. I'm trying to access it to get in touch with Der K. You said this was the yellow brick road. So?

XO Suzanne
P.S. Der K if you're reading this, I'm tryin' honey!

CSI Seattle said...

Hated the black hair, dyed it. Loves the black hair, leaves it alone. Hates foods that are black. Insists on white tuna as long as it American.

I am noticing a pattern here. The left shoe thing was just thrown in to mess with us.

Actually, you have a fun list(s).

Looking forward to more.


Julie said...

Too funny!