Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review: A Year with God

A Year with God is a book that can be used as a daily devotional or as a devotional as needed. Even if one doesn't pick up the Bible daily, I highly suggest reading one devotional a day from this well written book.

The great thing is that the book numbers the days (ex. day 1, day2, so on) rather than dating them (ex. Jan 1, 2010). It allows the reader to start at any calendar date. Another good aspect to this book, is it's content pages. Say for example, the reader, needed to find something on fear, all you would have to do is look it up and go directly to that devotional.

Therefore, I highly suggest this book for the reader who either wants to tackle it as a daily devotional or the reader who needs to focus on a particular devotional.

Much Love,

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Holly said...

Sounds like a great devotional tool! :)