Monday, September 13, 2010

Afghanistan or Bust...

This post will be filled with mixed emotions! I have a very good friend named Cameron, who is going to be leaving at o'dark thirty on a military cargo plane headed to a hostile placed called...Afghanistan. He is with the 101st Airborne Division...he is a medic! Probably the most dangerous job in the Army, well as of right now, since snipers are trying to pick them off one by one.

I will pray every day till he is home safely, I will pray that he does his job well, I will pray for his family, I will pray that what he sees over there doesn't change his beautiful heart.

He chose to serve this great country of ours and he will do it with great honor and pride. We are very proud of Cam, and wish him the best, it's not good bye my dear's till next time!

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

I wish him well. As you might remember, my sister did exactly the same job in Afghanistan last year and came back no problem. It's a difficult situation, but hats off to him for doing it.

Maija said...

God Bless Cameron!!!!