Friday, June 25, 2010

Life's a bowl of cherries...

Did I tell you all, how much I LOVE cherries!!! Well, I do! I love how perfect they are and how deep red they can get. I love how great they look in a crisp white bowl. And love they way they taste. I use them in decorating and in crafting! I love cherries as much as I do cupcakes! And a cupcake with a cherry on top...well let's just say...I think that is the bee's knees!

My BFF sent me a message through facebook that really made me think. My very first post of 2010 is all about the doom and gloom in my life. How sad and maybe not very good reading. I suppose I use blogging as therapy for me, so I jot down how I am feeling that day. And yesterday was 'I need everyone to know that life as been rough but we are adapting and coping!' After reading my BFF's message, I find myself thinking about the small things that make me happy...and a bowl of cherries makes me pretty darn happy.

My BFF, which by the way her name is Adrien...and yes, that is how she spells her name. I know....even that her name spelling makes me happy. It's different and suits her like a cute outfit! Maybe that's why we are besties, because we both have fabulous spelled, RobYn (with a Y instead of the normal i) and her, Adrien (with an E instead of the normal A). Or that she reminds me that it is the simple things in my life that are good...truly good. Yes, there have been some really great things that have happened to Jim and I...and it was those simpler times she reminds me of. Adrien and I still do our MYSTERY trips. It all started in 2006 and now we are in 2010 and still going strong! I think it brings the creative sides out of both of us. And we have yet, to double up yet! And most of them are BRAND new to us. Go figure, lived here (Sacramento) most of my life and still discovering new places and things to see and do.

My scrap booking makes me extremely happy as does my altering things. And I must say...I am one of a few friends who has their own CRAFT room...and it's done in ALL PINK! It is a completely happy room. It makes me smile every time I am in there...wish I could be in there more!

I am learning new things from a bunch of talented women in my 'inner' circle! From my Cosmic Twin - Robin! Who is my alternate method guru, she is a herbalist and a damn good one. She has helped us all with trying a more natural approach to our health. Jim SWEARS by her as I do! (a little secret...if you live in town and want to talk to her...she works at Nugget up in El Dorado Hills...look her up, promise you will not be disappointed!). The one in our group who is just a sweety...Laura, will give you the world! She is always putting others needs before her own, and for doing that she has a heart of gold!! She helps some of us put on fundraisers for some of our non-profit organizations. Laura has taken into 2 little girls (who are sisters) who needed a wonderful home...without hesitation! We all rely on her for expert advice in the area of scrap booking. She is the one who wears her heart on her sleeve and for all to see...she is our heart! And Anca, who is one of the wisest woman I have known. She has taught me much in the few years I have known her. She said something today that I found very profound..." we can't pick our families, but we can pick our friends. The friend's that are in my life are there because I have chosen them. They are my CHOSEN family." She lived in a Communist country for years and finally escaped and to see life through her eyes is invigorating!

So, friends my bestie is right...I should talk more about the simple good things in my life...I have much to be thankful for...much!
Much Love,


just bob said...

I thought life was like a box of chocolates.

Terri said...

Sometimes it takes a kick in the pants to know what we have. My kick came in the boobs, but hey, whatever works!

Maija said...

Thank God for our good friends!