Friday, April 10, 2009

What little Niece wouldn't love this...

Hello friends!
I put together this great SCRAP BOOKING tool box for my darling Niece! We share the same birthday month! Yes, folks another Hot-Headed-Passionate Aries in the family! My sister has clued me to that my darling niece loves to craft and is blooming into quite the artist! And since my sister doesn't SCRAPBOOK and it is one of my biggest passions, she wanted me to gift my darling niece with a scrap booking tool kit!
If anyone knows me...I always ALTER! I alter everything I can get my hands on. So, it shouldn't surprise my beautiful sister that I went one step beyond on creating the ultimate SCRAP BOOKING tool box for my darling niece! Isn't it to die for. All pink and purple, all sissy la la, just perfect for her! She is going to squeal with delight! Take a peek with how I filled it...

Now drum roll please, here comes the 'piece dela Resistance' (said with a French get my drift!

I will have to have my sister take lots of photos for me since my job is so hell-bent to make me work on Easter! We are celebrating my darling niece's birthday along with Easter, which also is my Mom's birthday! I know get out 5 Aries all in the same family...should prove to be fun in the up coming years!
So, tell me friends what do you think...will my darling niece just adore her new SCRAPBOOK tool box?!


Suzanne said...

You are such a gem. Any niece would be lucky to have you as an aunt. And yes, that's one mean tool box!!!

Baby, you know what? I don't think I'm going to be able to make it down on your birthday. I have an appointment that day which lands me right in the middle of rush hour to your house. Honey, I can't do rush hour!!! I'm a sissy!!! No joke. I'm going to try to figure out if I can get to the park early, make it to your house then my appointment. Yes honey, I do try to figure out stuff like this! How dare you be born on the same day I have a doctors appointment!

I love you so much darling. Thank you for always gracing my blog. And thank you too for voting for Brian. That's one lucky man!

I love you baby,

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

That's a fabulous box, Robyn. She's going to love it!

Leah said...

That is wonderful!!!! You know, I would freak out even now if I got a gift like that! Your niece will be so happy.

natalea said...

that box is the cutest Robyn! so fun for a crafty girl!
xo natalea

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there sweets,

aaahhh this is cute.
Happy Easter!!!

Natalie said...

YOU are a sweetie!! I love the box. The outside and inside. So cute and she is going to be absolutely in love with it!!


Cora Lynn said...

you are so amazing!!!! that turned out so great! way to go!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a great gift! She will love it! Hope you have a great weekend.

~Kristen~ said...

Uh, hell yeah she will love it!!!!!! Girl, that is AWESOME!!! You are the best auntie!!!!!!

Maija said...

Oh my yes!! She will adore it!!! I adore it and I'm a grown up!

Tanya said...

Robyn, that is just adorable. She will LOVE it!!!!! You are one awesome auntie!!!

Walker said...

I am sure she will flip over that for her birthday.

Happy Easter

paige said...

what a great box & i LOVE how you altered it all cutesy funky
xo to you

Dolly said...

Aw Robyn...will you be my auntie?
I'd love such a special treasure for my birthday!
I know your niece is going to love love love it!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Hugz & Blessings,

P.S. your blog makes me smile! :-)

Josh said...


Junie Moon said...

What a great gift! It's cute, clever, and super useful.

Suzanne said...

Will you be my "Auntie" too!

Okay, I'm not going to make it today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I'm glad I decided not to drive down because did you see the 5 on the news this morning? What a mess. I had no idea because I was rushing around like a mad woman. It took me about 15 minutes just to go a few miles from the 80 split to the park. Accident?

Here's what I did instead. Before leaving for the park this morning I picked some of my favorite roses for you and took a photo. Of course "Ohno" helped!!! I should have my post up in a few hours, so please check. No card. That'll be sent as soon as I come up for air. And yes, it will be late!!! Baby you know I do my best. And I can't post at the Wild Onion because Megan just posted and that would be rude.

You know we all love you at the Wild Onion.



Sarah said...

Love, Love this idea! What a great gift!

-Sarah from Create Studio

Mindy Walz said...

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Jennifer DeDonato said...

great box!