Sunday, June 15, 2008

All that is Altered...

Hello blogger friends...yes, I know it has been about a week since my last post. Unfortunately, my work is working me to the! Actually, it has been rather pleasant at work. Working on new friendships and staying in my happy spot!!!! Friends, I have been getting a ton of emails wanting me to showcase my altered work. So, with out for hesitation, here are some examples of my ART! Enjoy!
This peice is titled 'SeaTangle'. She rocks! Isn't she just gorgeous. I took an image of the net, used blue and green papers, rhinestones, glass pieces, Stickles, paper flowers, loads of different shades of green and blue ribbons and lastly a clipboard. Yes! I said clipboard! This is one of my altered clipboards altered art. I made her for a special lady who is ga-ga over all that is Mermaid! It was for a swap called 'Enchanted Swap'. To send things that meant enchanted to us, but to alter for our partners. She sent glowing reports once she opened the swap box. I am so glad she loved it. It meant alot for me to make 'SeaTangle' for her. I know she will treasure it. I love this piece, because one can use it as a traditional clipboard (but why would you), but I am sure she choose how it was really intended as a altered piece of wall art!

Here is a simplier version of a altered clipboard. But this one was made for a very special bestfriend, Adrien. She loves everything Princess. And NO GLITTER! Which is extremely hard for a glitter-o-holic! But, I came up with a pretty design where she (wanted) can had a special photo. And use it as a altered frame as sorts. Fab idea!

Here are a couple of my altered tablets...these two were for swaps. Of course, everything was coming up CUPCAKES! Can I tell you, to me cupcakes are so delish but so darn cute as well. I have a fairly great collection thus, far. I love that I used loads of ribbon. I ADORE ribbon!

I also did a law enforcement tablet for a swap buddy as well. As, soon as I get those photos from her, I will post those as well. I loved the way it turned out. And guess what?! I forgot to take a photo....aarrghghhh! So, maddening for me. I forget to take photos of finished products. But she is a doll and will send them to me or I will take a peek in her flicker account and then post from there.

Here is one of my many altered journals, that also made it's way to a swap buddy. This was a simple design, due to the paper choice. I added the ribbon marker and page turner as bonus embellishments. I thought it turned out darling. And these are so fun to make also!

Here is one of my altered lil' lunch boxes. I made this at a scrapbook retreat and this was the first piece that started my journey to altered arts. I then was approached by a lovely woman. She is a Girl Scout Administrator, and she was hosting a get-together for the older young ladies in Girl Scouts (whom I assume will move on to be leaders or something along that) and she approached me to make about 20 of these boxes. The color scheme changed to all shades of green/soft golds. And used the Girl Scouts emeblem on the box and put each young ladies name on the box. Added TONS of ribbon and sprakle. What was so fantastic about this deal, I made a pretty penny on those 20 boxes. Enough to pay for my 1st OVERNIGHT Mystery Trip with my bestfriend, Adrien. YES! you heard right...Adrien! I actually took your advice AFTER all these many years and LET SOMEONE PAY ME for my art. Instead of always giving it away. This was a fun project and she loved them and so did her young ladies."...squealed with delight when they arrived at the luncheon.", she wrote. I was thrilled. Sooner than later I will launch my ETSY business.

Altered Art just isn't just about paper projects, they are also mantle pieces or tablecenter pieces as well. As in this altered Bunny Topiary. Look at all those lovely colors, and then the plush green. This too was a big hit!

This piece has been a HUGH success for me as well. I have now sold over 30 of these little guys (Big Clothes Pin Clip). I love these as well. They are handy and look fab anywhere in the house,office,car (yes...I said car...someone wanted one for her car).

I love these little guys so much. My Artist Trading Cards are now starting to get some recoginition not just locally (within in the U.S.) but now Internationally. I am thrilled to bits about this. I really do love these little pieces of art, which are just lovely expressions of our world around us, that fits in a pocket...LOL! I too, have collected some beautiful pieces.

Thank you all for indulging me. I just couldn't answer all the emails I have received about my ALTERED ART pieces. My only way too, was to do make a post about it. It is nice to showcase my art, it is like showing you a part of my soul. To some this might seem a simple art form, while others look upon it with awe. That is the beauty of's in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER!

With much love,


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Robyn, you are really talented with the altered art! I just have never gotten into to any of the paper crafts, but you make it look amazing. Wonderful!


Cora Lynn said...

those are great! i'm so glad you're finally getting some moola for your hard work. you deserve it.

Maija said...

Hi Robyn!!
It was so much fun to look at all your beautiful and clever altered art! Who knew playing with paper could be so much fun!!

Rosemary said...

Great job Robyn!!
I couldn't be so restrained about the glitter.
Thanks for visiting me.

Robin said...

ummmmh, wow! Sea Tangle left me mesmerized and wanting more! Please shoot me an e-mail and tell me how that came to be! And the original print, where, when, who? That is so beautiful! You are my heroine!!!!!
~Robin with an "I"

Cecile said...

All of this stuff is wonderful. Have you ever visited my friend over at Splendid Design? She is on my blog roll. Check her out, I think the two of you would find alot in common. Have a great week, and don't work too hard.

Paul Sears Photography said...

very very cool!

Skeeter said...

Hi Robyn,

Yes, "Sea Tangle" is an interesting piece. I especially like the color scheme that you wove into this one. It's very appealing. You know, a few bucks for your work really hits the spot. Congrats! You've earned it.

Best wishes,


Terri and Bob said...

Neat! i love your work, but you already know that!

Rebecca said...

Wow! Sea Tangle is amazing! Really! And all your other items are just adorable, I love th big clothes pins!

Thanks again for my fabulous Paris swap! I love everything. I did forget to ask you what the fragrance is of the tea lights you sent, it's divine!!

Leah said...

Robyn, I love these. You really should open your etsy shop soon--then your blog readers (including moi) can purchase some of your wonderful work. I love them all, and especially Sea Tangle and all the fantasy ones.


PAT said...

Robyn, Sea Tangle is amazing! What beautiful pieces you've created!

You are a wonderful artist!

Junie Moon said...

What fun artwork. When I saw the first picture, I immediately thought "mermaid" and it seems I was right. The sea is my favorite passion.

All Pink girl said...

Oh wow what fabulous creations ,love your work ,Dawnx

My Paper World said...

Wow! Robyn! I LOVE ALL of your wonderful creations! especially your stunning mermaid creation! she is gorgeous!
Have a great weekend!
Nicola xx

Leah said...

Hi again Robyn--I just wanted to tell you to check the link on my blog to a swap I'm hosting on Swap-bot--it's for a crafted pair of something--anything at all as long as it's a pair--you probably don't have time for anything extra but check it out anyway!


Suzanne said...

Hey you! We've been missing you terribly. Your work is beautiful, but you already know I love it. Like Leah, I can hardly wait for your shop to open, so please keep us updated. By the way, the mermaid is amazing.

Do you realize not a day goes by that you aren't mentioned by one of "The Gang." I was just at Gig's and you were part of the conversation. We love you sweetie and hope you're really fine. I worry about you and work, but it sounds as if you've found a way to deal with the stress.

Take good care of yourself and give my love to hubby and animal companions!

I love you baby,
Suze XO

P.S. I'm off to Leah's to learn about her swap. I've never swapped. Perhaps I should start!

Skeeter said...

Hi ya! Just stopped by to see what was up and say "Hi!".

Best wishes,