Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Found some BOO-tiful things...and there is a GIVEAWAY!

Well friends my day started out with me waiting in line at the supermarket and turning around and seeing Martha dressed like you know I had to pick this magazine up and add to my basket. As I stood there I was so tempted to peek inside! NO! my mind kept saying, WAIT! I did just that. I bought my goodies and started my day out with goodies in a crisp brown bag with Martha peeking out, in one hand, a Starbucks in the other. I set to go thrifting! It was lovely this morning here in Sacramento a very cool 68 degrees, starting to feel like Autumn. YEAH!

Onto my little shops that I frequent and came across this for $6.00 dollars, and Partylite crystal holders for $2.00, the pair. Couldn't pass those up. I think I am going to use, the enamelware outside by my faucet to wash my hands after gardening. And keep the crystal candle holders on the mantle, to add a bit of a twinkle. I know...ME! Gardening...get out. Ever since moving into this house I have this primal need to dig and plant and feel cool, damp earth between my fingers!

Ok, now my Blog Friends. I wanted to do a giveaway, because I found these great cookbooks when out at my shops and wanted to celebrate. So, I thought and thought. What could I do to celebrate something on my blog. Well I noticed yesterday Sept 10th was my 25th post! I shouted...REALLY?! I couldn't believe it. I have posted 25 posts with pictures and feelings from the heart. SO, that being said, today is the start of the giveaway. I will add all the people names from yesterday's post and todays through the 14th into my enamelware strainer. To celebrate me being BRAND new at blogging and meeting such wonderful people and that I have posted 25 posts...I want to do a giveaway of one of those wonderful, vintage (at least one is original, other 2 are reprints of older vintage Better Crocker cookbooks) choice! So my wonderful friends each of you please post and I will let everyone know who the winner is on the 15th!
Isn't this going to be so FUN! I can hardly stand it! Take a peek to see which one you might get to pick!


Terri and Bob said...

Well, I am hooked! Count me in!

Junie Moon said...

That same Martha Stewart magazine came home with me the other day, as well as Country Living, etc.--anything with Halloween on it. I'm soooo easy!

I love your blog as it has all the things I find fascinating: fun as well as thoughtful posts, great pictures, creative ideas, caring and creating your perfect home, and just generally loving life.

Julie said...

Too Cool - Please please add my name in too! I thought that I would do something for my 100th post ...but opps - I looked and I have already passed that mark! Thanks! BTW - I added your blog to my fav's. If that is not okay - just drop me a note and I will pull it.

Nunnie's Attic said...

I found your blog through Terri and Bob who so sweetly told everyone about your giveaway. And while I'm thrilled to be entered in the giveaway - I'm more excited about meeting a new blogging friend. You have some great stuff here and I'm so glad that I found you.

Stop over and visit if you have a chance.


Rosemary said...

I need to go and get that magazine today. I love all Halloween!!!
Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

I had not seen that magazine yet. You can bet i will be on the lookout. Your finds are wonderful that enamel ware will look wonderful outside for you to use and those candle holders are so pretty and will add such wonderful twinkle to your mantel.

PAT said...

Great cookbooks!!

I was just browsing along your blog, when the towns of Lebanon and Waynesville popped up in the post about the Country Living Article. That got my attention...I grew up in Lebanon Missouri, which is just a hop skip and a jump from Waynesville Missouri! What a coinkydink the towns of Lebanon and Waynesville are sort of near each other in Ohio!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hello never been here before...but enjoyed it. That mag cracks me up! Love your Cherry finds..I am partial to those as well considering my name. Looks like you like to thrift as much as I do! cherry

Cynthia said...

Please add my name! Welcome to blogging. I'm new as well. Come visit me sometime!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I just love a giveaway! Count me in!

Terri and Bob said...

Robyn, I got my labels and I just had to laugh! I think they are totally adorable! Even with Lakewood Manor on them! VERY cute idea!

Lisa said...

I bought that magazine the other day! It is great! I am planning on doing the raccoon pumpkin! Congrats Robyn! isint blogging great fun? Hubby does that same schedule! Have a great day! Lisa

Sandy McTier said...

My Marhta mag hasn't arrived in my mailbox yet ??? Can't wait to get it and look inside. Have 25th post! You'll have 250 before you know it. It's been so much getting to know you through your blog and now having a piece of your mother's art makes me feel extra special!
Have a wonderful weekend. Awesome finds!
Sandy ;)

paige said...

i always love what martha does for the holidays...need to go grab me one too.
happy 25th!!